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<ul><li> 1. Section C Exam advice Do the Critical Review/Writing question or the Specific question. This is easier than the Critical Approaches question (feminist film theory (psychoanalysis) narrative theory genre theory auteur theory (the idea that the director is the sole creative force upon a film and thus the film reflects some of the directors principle beliefs.) Vertigo the key debates about this film are: - A film about film: identification / obsession / misrecognition? - A film about film: the gendered look, the female object - The significance of this as a Hitchcock film - Recurring motifs and the possible symbolic patterning of the film - Interpreting the Madeleine / Judy split - The spectator relationship to Scottie as the film develops - The use of locations </li> <li> 2. - The success or otherwise of the film as a thriller - Difficulties in taking the film seriously from a narrative realist perspective and problems of audience response that result from this - The films undisputed status - The films critical reception </li> </ul>