Secondary Writing Strategies and Resources

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Secondary Writing Strategies and Resources. November - Teacher Leader Meeting. Writing today is not a frill for the few, but an essential skill for the many. The National Commission on Writing, 2003. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Secondary Writing Strategies and ResourcesSecondary Writing Strategies and ResourcesNovember - Teacher Leader MeetingWriting today is not a frill for the few, but an essential skill for the many. The National Commission on Writing, 2003Cubing: A pre-writing strategy that has students examining a topic from six different perspectives. Department of Education Middle School Writing Modules Cultural InstituteVisit the site: ProjectHistoric MomentsWorld WondersNCWise OwlWhat is New?E-booksAP Images**Remember the password is wiseowlReadWorks great resource for non-fiction pieces that are on different grade levels.Each passage comes with multiple choice and constructed response questions.bookrA tool to create and share your own photobook using Flickr images Writing AssignmentsPicture it With PoetryThe students will have begun a unit on Poetry and will apply this knowledge by creating multimedia videos on After conducting research online, they will select a poem of their choice and create a visual representation of it, which includes visual and auditory imagery. The students will present their final videos to the class.Sharing of Writing StrategiesStorybird RMHS Storybirdwww.storybird.comNCHSThree Argumentative Appeals,Aristotle's methods of convincing: Reason (logos), Ethics (ethos) or Emotion (pathos)Quote Responses ParkerStudents were to find quotes about money by famous people and tell why they agree with them. The next stepis to comment on a peer's quote...\Money83block_Parker.docxWriting - EMSDifferentiating Between Modes of Writing_EMS.docxCheck list for elaboration_EMS.pdfExamples of Transitions_EMS.docxPeer Editing in ver 2003_EMS.xlsxAudio Feedback and Story Reflections - NNHSShort Stories Project Reflection.docProviding Audio Feedback for Students about Their Writing.docSharing Table - SNMSPeriod4SharingTable.docxWrite to Learn - ROMThis program allows teachers to use the pre-made prompts or lets a teacher create their own prompts.This is Pearson product that Felecher has used with a lot of success with her students.Evernote and Creative Writing Activity SNHSUse Evernote as a tool for note taking and keeping information organized for research assignments.Creative Writing activity using google form and a radomizer. Students complete the form identifying character, setting, and conflict. Students randomly select from each category and have to develop a short story using the information selected.Creative Writing Links


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