Secondary High School Teachers

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Secondary High School TeachersTeacher Mr. ABNER GORIOQualification - Bachelor of Science in Secondary EducationTeacher Mr. RUSLAN GATINQualification - Masters degree in Education -Mathematics & Computer ScienceTeacher Mr. ANTHONY GREARQualification - Bachelor of Science in Education:Math & Social Studies- Master of Science in Education:Curriculum & InstructionsTeacher Mr. STEPHEN STRUBQualification - Bachelor of Science (Biology)- Certification in Secondary Science- Masters in International EducationTeacher Mr. DANIEL HOLMESQualification - Bachelor of Arts (Honors) English Literature- Post Graduate Certificate in Education English Literature and ICT- Teaching English as a Second LanguageTeacher Mr. NG ENG SENG BERRYQualification - Diploma in Civil Engineering- Certificate in Education (Secondary)Teacher Mr. TAMIR RATZONQualification - Bachelor of Science(Mechanical Engineering)- Master of Science (Secondary Education in Mathematics)TeacherMr. ROBERT BRANTINGHAMQualification - Masters in Educational Administration- Bachelor of History, minor in Geography EducationTeacher Mr. Toby McfarlaneQualification - Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)- Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Management & Business StudiesTeacher Mr. BRUNO GEIGERICHQualification - Master of Arts (Honors) the First Class in Social Science- Cambridge CELTATeacher Ms. MARIA BATACQualification - Bachelor of Education (Mathematics)- Masters in MathematicsTeacher Mr. MATTHEW PHILLIPSQualification - Bachelor of EducationTeacher Ms. ROXANNE HOLMESQualification - Bachelor of Science in Botany and Zoology - Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Secondary education.Teacher Mr. HUGH COLEQualification - Bachelor of Science (Biology)- Masters in Science (Microbiology)- Teaching Certificate High School ScienceTeacher Ms. TARRYN HALSALLQualification - Bachelor of Education (Secondary)- Honors in History EducationSecondary High School TeachersTeacher Mr. BRETT GRANTQualification - Master of Teaching (Secondary)Teacher Ms. JENNIFER BEELSQualification - Masters in Occupational & Organizational Psychology- Bachelor of Psychology- Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)- TEFL Certificate Level 4Teacher Ms. JUDITH JOHNSTONQualification - Bachelor of Arts- Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)- Post Graduate Diploma in Special Needs Resource Teaching- Certificate of Adult TeachingTeacher Mr. DANIELE BUGLINOQualification - Bachelor of Education- TESOL CertificateTeacher Mr. ALEX ONGQualification - Masters in Business Administration- Bachelor of Science(Economics)- Certificate in EducationTeacher Mr. SEAN STOKESQualification - Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)- Bachelor of Arts (Hons) International Business- CELTATeacher Ms. ERIN ROETKERQualification - Bachelor of Integrated English Language Arts Teacher EducationTeacher Mr. Michael von BardelebenQualification - Post Graduate of Education History and Drama- Bachelor of Arts (Hons) - DramaTeacher Ms. SARAH SCHAFFQualification - Bachelor of Elementary Education (Specialization inEnglish as a Second Language and English Language ArtsOther Specialist TeachersTeacher Ms. ALIN MAPUTOLQualification - Bachelor of ElementaryEducation (Major in English)- TESOL/TFL certificateTeacher Ms. DAU THI QUYNH THOQualification - Bachelor of Arts in MusicTeacher Mr. YOANN LABRUEQualification - Masters in Sport & EducationEFLTeachersTeacher Ms. CINDELIN ALIPIOQualification - Bachelor of SecondaryEducation (Major in English)Teacher Mr. DON HICKERSONQualification - Master of Arts (Sociology)- Honors Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)- TEFL Master CourseMusicTeachersTeacher Mr. MARTIN BEELSQualification - Bachelor of Science(Psychology)- TEFL Certificate Level 4PhysicalEducationTeachersTeacher Ms. BROOK WHITEMANQualification - Bachelor of Education (Human Movement)Teacher Ms. IRENE THOMASQualification - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Teaching)- Teaching English as a Second Language Graduate DiplomaArtTeachersTeacher Ms. KIRSTY NIEKERKQualification - Bachelor of Social Science Honors in Clinical Social Work- Bachelor of Social Work- Diploma in Make-up Artistry & Special EffectsChineseTeachersTeacher Ms. YU MING LIQualification - Bachelor of Arts in Chinese LanguageTeacher Ms. Xiaoyn HuangQualification - Bachelor of Chinese Language & Literature- Bachelor of Business- Certificate of teaching Chinese as a foreign languageReliefTeachersTeacher Ms. KIM SCOTTQualification - Master of Science Educational Administration- Bachelor of Arts Liberal Arts/Black History Concentration- California State CertificationTeacher Ms. TRAN THI THU THUYQualification - Bachelor of Arts in Modern ChineseTeacher Ms. CHELSEA ANN KERBAUGHQualification - Bachelor of Musical Education- K-12 Instrumental and Leadership Vocal Music Education SVIS Secondary TeachersTeacher Ms. LE THI MY NHANQualification - Bachelor of MathematicsTeacher Ms. TRAN THI THUY VANQualification - Masters Degree in GeographyTeacher Ms. DOAN THI THANH HAQualification - Bachelor of Arts in Vietnamese LiteratureTeacher Mr. TRAN THE TUANQualification - Bachelor of Arts in ChemistryTeacher Ms. PHUNG THI LANQualification - Bachelor of Arts in HistoryTeacher Mr. DUONG DUC DUYQualification - Bachelor of Arts in Vietnamese LiteratureTeacher Ms. PHAM THI THU THUYQualification - Masters Degree in BiologyTeacherMs. NGUYEN THI HUYEN ANHQualification - Bachelor of Arts in PhysicsTeacher Ms. NGUYEN THI THU THAOQualification - Masters Degree in MathematicsTeacher Mr. VU DINH LAMQualification - Masters Degree in MathematicsTeacher Ms. DAU THI QUYNH THOQualification - Bachelor of Arts in MusicTeacher Ms. DO THI HIENQualification - Masters Degree in Vietnamese LiteratureTeacher Ms. DO PHUONG MAIQualification - Bachelor of Arts in Vietnamese LiteratureIntegrated Primary School TeachersTeacher Ms. NGUYEN THI QUYNH TRANGQualification - Bachelor of Arts - PrimaryYear 1IntegratedTeacher Mr. WILLIAM PARSONSQualification - Master of Science in EFL Education- Bachelor of Arts in English- Bachelor of Arts in Music- TEFL CertificateTeacher Ms. PHUNG THU HUYENQualification - Bachelor of Arts - PrimaryYear 2IntegratedTeacher Mr. NOEL GEOGHEGANQualification - Ph.D in Mathematics Education- Master of Arts (Mathematics Education)- Graduate Diploma in Teacher Librarianship- Bachelor of Education- Diploma of Teaching- Certificate IV in Vocational Training and Education- Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareTeacher Ms. PHAM THI DIEM MYQualification - Bachelor of Arts - PrimaryYear 3IntegratedTeacher Ms. PHAM THU HAQualification - Bachelor of Arts - PrimaryYear 5IntegratedTeacher Ms. NGUYEN THI KIM THANHQualification - Bachelor of Arts - PrimaryYear 4IntegratedTeacher Mr. JOHN KANEQualification - Master of Arts in Education- Bachelor of Elementary Education K-9Teacher Mr. WILLIAM PARSONSQualification - Master of Science in EFL Education- Bachelor of Arts in English- Bachelor of Arts in Music- TEFL CertificateTeacher Mr. JOHN KANEQualification - Master of Arts in Education- Bachelor of Elementary Education K-9International Primary School TeachersTeacher Ms. MARELI BOOYSENQualification - Bachelor of Education (Honors)- Bachelor of Education in General Education and TrainingYear 3InternationalYear 4InternationalYear 5InternationalTeacher Mr. MICHAEL WINKELMANNQualification - Master of Teaching Primary EducationTeacher Ms. MARENKE JANSE van RENBURGQualification - Bachelor of Science Human Movement Science & Physiology- Postgraduate Certificate in Education


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