Second Grade Adjective Worksheet Sentences 1

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Second Grade Adjective Worksheet Sentences 1


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    Grammar Worksheet

    AdjectivesAdjectivesAdjectivesAdjectives Circle the adjective(s) in each sentence below. Underline the noun it describes.

    1. The kitten drinks warm milk from her bowl.

    2. I ate a juicy apple for lunch. .

    3. The chirping birds woke us up.

    4. We had a picnic in the green grass.

    5. My friend has curly hair.

    6. Bears sleep in warm dens.

    7. Tigers have dark stripes on their bodies.

    8. The car had four flat tires.

    9. I tasted the sweet ice cream.

    10. We sat in the cool shade of the trees. Now it is your turn to write a sentence of your own. After you write the sentence, circle the adjective(s) and underline the noun(s) it describes.



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