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Request for Specialization_26 Jun 15


NATIONALUNIVERSITYof Computer & Emerging SciencesoBlock-B, Faisal Town, Lahore, Pakistan: (042) 111 128 128 Fax: (042) 35165232SPECIALIZATION REQUEST FORMBS(Electrical Engineering) - BATCH 2012Students Section:Name: Roll No.: Credits Earned: CGPA: Choose your specialization preferences from Computer, Electronics and Telecomm.PreferenceSpecializationFirst PreferenceSecond PreferenceStudents Signature: Date: NOTE: Rules of specializations allocation (if conflict arises)1. Credit Hours2. CGPADepartments Section:Final Specialization Category: Computer Electronics TelecommunicationHead of Department Signature: Date: Final Year Four Electives for Batch 2012 TE/Comp/ Electronics Specializations (In light of PEC / HEC Curriculum)Common core (spring 2015): 1. Analog & Digital Communication2. Digital Signal Processing1. Electives for Telecommunication Specialization A. Breath Core (Choose Both)Electronic Circuit DesignData Communication NetworksB. Choose any Two**Telecomm. SystemsWave Propagation and AntennasWireless & Mobile Communication** One course may be chosen from Computer or Electronics stream2. Electives for Computer SpecializationA. Breath Core (Choose Both)Computer Architecture and OrganizationData Communication NetworksB. Choose any Two**Embedded SystemsData Structures and Algo. Fundamental of Databases ** One course may be chosen from Electronics or Telecommunication stream3. Electives for Electronics SpecializationA. Breath Core (Choose Both)Electronic Circuit DesignPower ElectronicsB. Choose any Two**Digital DesignIndustrial Processing ControlIntegrated Electronics** One course may be chosen from Computer or Telecommunication stream