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Putting Principles into Practice: BASF internal Code of ConductD G E Colloque Nanomatriaux15 janvier 2008Maurice ZinsiusCoordination Responsible Care FranceBASF at a glanceBASF The Chemical CompanyThe worlds leading chemical company Sales 2006: 52,610 million Income from operations (EBIT) 2006: 6,750 millionEmployeesat year-end 2006: 95,247Our portfolio ranges fromchemicals, plastics, performanceproducts, agricultural productsand fine chemicals to crude oiland natural gas.adhesion eco-efficiency self-cleaningdirt-resistance bioavailability sun protectionSales products: nano makes the differenceNanotechnolgy: Focus area of BASF researchCross-platform developments in growth clusters: 2006 2008 of approx. 920 million18010080400160White biotechnologyPlant biotechnologyEnergy managementRaw material changeNanotechnologyRegulation &Public PerceptionForecastAnnual growth of 10-15% Market volume 2010 about 500 billionMarket potentials [billion ] 500500.05Value-adding chain0.55Materialse.g. organic and inorganic particles, ...Componentse.g. modified thermoplastics,formulations, ...End productse.g. for automobiles,displays, solar cells, textiles, ...Source: Growth forecast: European Commission, DG Bank, BCC Consumer Market Data from Sal. Oppenheim,In Realis and Evolution Capital.White biotechnologyPlant biotechnology Energy managementRaw materialchangeNanotechnology90100180150270Innovation MarketsProduct Safety & OHSSuccessThe plenty of faces of nanotechnologyAn integrated nanotechnologies innovation management includes a proactive environmental health & safety management. The success of nanotechnologies will also largely depend on public perception and the political framework How about regulation and public perception? NGOs and consumer groups call for a strictregulation of nantechnology. However:Regulation prevents innovation and progressA regional limited regulation restrictscompetitivenessTo-date toxicological results do not legitimateregulationA Code of Conduct is the tool of choice, that maintains thenecessary framework conditions for innovation and competitiveness. It is an option, where regulation is notpossible and a commitment that makes a company accountabletowards society and politics. Self-commitment instead of regulation: Code of Conduct NanotechnologyThe Code of Conduct gives guidance to all employees worldwide. It is published on the internet at: www.basf.de/dialogue-nanotechnology The Code of Conduct is a voluntary commitment to responsible action based on our Values & Principles to:protect employees, customers and business partnersprotect the environmentparticipate in safety researchcommunicate transparently and contribute to the dialogue Implementation of the Code of Conduct Nanotechnology: Occupational SafetyWe identify sources of risk for our employees in ourlaboratories, production plants, packing facilities and storagefacilities and eliminate these using the appropriate measures.to work as far as possible in closed systemsif this is not possible, technical and organisationalmeasures are takenworking areas subject to nanoparticle emissionsare monitored by exposure measurementsBASF contributes to the development of measurement methodsTo implement the occupational safety principlesof our CoC, BASF has introduced a Guide to safemanufacture of nanoparticles at workplaces. Ourapproach is: Central helpdesk for questions relating to the toxicology of nanomaterials:Newly introduced in 2006Helpdesk for all BASF units globally Initial risk assessment through experts from products safety and occupational health and safetyRecommendations to the responsible business unitsImplementation of the Code of Conduct Nanotechnology: Nano Contact PointFinal riskassessmentNano Contact PointInitial risk assessmentProductSafetyMedicalDepartmentOccupationalSafetyrisk identified no risk identifiedno risk identifiedHandling / manufacturing nanomaterialFeedback to the inquiring unitNo risk under the current situation expectedrisk identifiedFeedback to the inquiring unitRisk under the current situation expectedImplementation of the Code of Conduct Nanotechnology: Communication in the supply chainAs established tool the material safety datasheet (sds) is appropriate for thecommunication in the supply chainBASF started to include nanoparticlespecific information into the sdsExample Mincor TX TT: BASF excludesspray applicationsThe German Chemical Industries Association (VCI) is developing a guidancedocument for the handling of nanomaterialsin sds.Implementation of the Code of Conduct Nanotechnology: Safety ResearchWe are actively involved in the ongoing development of a scientifically based database for the assessment of potential risks as well as in improving and refining product-based testingand assessment methods.NanoCareEfo NanoTox and method developmentEfo Aerosol CharacterizationNanoSafe 2CellNanoToxHESI / ILSI Nanomaterials EHS ProgramACC NanomaterialsVoluntary Programhttp://www.ivy-league.de/Johannes/Bilder/BASF_LOGO.jpgImplementation of the Code of Conduct Nanotechnology: Safety ResearchResearch issues:SkinLungsBodyGenetic MaterialEnvironmentTest MethodsCan nanoscale materials penetrate skin?How are nanoscale materials uptaken by the lungsand which effects do they have?How are nanoscale materials distributed in the bodyand which effect do they have?Can nanoscale materials damage the genetic material?Do have nanoscale materials effects on animals and the environment?How can the toxicity of nanomaterials be tested?www.basf.de/dialogue-nanotechnologyBASF is proactively contributing to the political and public debate e.g. Kirchentag in 2007. The company is communicating transparently about its progress via inter-net, scientific publications, conferences and other multi-stakeholder events.For 2008 we are planning an stakeholder-dialogue with NGOs. Implementation of the Code of Conduct Nanotechnology: Transparency and DialogueThe way forward: European Code of ConductCode of Conduct is a suitable means behind the current economic,scientific and regulatory situation. Currently there are different Codes applied or under development. Goal must be: One Code for Europe jointly developed by all stakeholdersEuropean Code of ConductGerman NanoDialogUK Responsible Nano CodeEuropean Code for R&DBASF Code of Conduct....Thanks to...Stefan EngelKarin WienchElmar KessenichMelanie SteigelmannChristoph OberlinnerRobert LandsiedelJutta KisselCarolin Kranz... and you for your attention!Putting Principles into Practice: BASF internal Code of ConductD G E Colloque Nanomatriaux15 janvier 2008BASF at a glanceNanotechnolgy: Focus area of BASF researchThe plenty of faces of nanotechnologyHow about regulation and public perception? Self-commitment instead of regulation: Code of Conduct NanotechnologyImplementation of the Code of Conduct Nanotechnology: Nano Contact PointImplementation of the Code of Conduct Nanotechnology: Transparency and DialogueThe way forward: European Code of Conduct Thanks to...