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To Empower the consumers to become Mobilepreneur....


<p>House</p> <p>Travels</p> <p>Car Time Freedom Savings</p> <p>SECURITY &amp; EXCHANGE COMMISSION ( SEC ) No. CS200830476</p> <p>Planetbiz is an e-Marketing firm that distributes word-class products via social marketing strategy Supported by advance Internet Distribution system partnered with Third-party secured e-Payment process. Planetbiz is a global marketing and sales specialist with the mission to spread the benefits of our healthy beverages.</p> <p>Electronic Banking &amp; Online Payment</p> <p>Toll Manufacturing Partner</p> <p>Delivery System Partner</p> <p>Prepaid</p> <p>GCASH</p> <p>What if TELCO will do like this BASIC SERVICES OFFERED:</p> <p>Pre &amp; Post Paid for Cell phone Internet Broadband Connection Landline</p> <p>TRADITIONAL SYSTEMRequirements To Become A Territorial Dealer and Sub Dealer</p> <p>THE NEW SYSTEM</p> <p>SEC / DTI BIG CAPITAL ITR / FS BANK ACCOUNTS PHYSICAL OFFICEMonthly Operation expense</p> <p>UTILITY BILLS SALARY &amp; WAGES RENTALS EQUIPMENTS How Much They Spend To Put Up The Company? HOW MUCH? We will share it to you later.</p> <p>E-LOADING Business using GLOBE gateway Provide Business Solution to all SME Like WIRELINE &amp; WIRELESS internet, POSTPAID/PREPAID Products &amp; GLOBELINES GCASH is electronic money, a mobile service that turns your cellphone into an electronic can BUY LOAD,PAY BILLS, SEND MONEY &amp; PAY FOR SHOPPING, its also the official ELECTRONIC CASH WALLET of PLANET MOBILE.</p> <p>Provides POSTPAID &amp; PREPAID products to All OFW worldwide</p> <p>Exclusively Available for Mobilepreneurs</p> <p>Some people who were able to take advantage Of a PRE PAID business and made MILLIONS Of earnings but were you able to CASH IN?</p> <p>For sure this going to happen, the question to you now is? DO YOU WANT TO BE</p> <p>PART OF IT? OR SIMPLY REGRET IT? ITS YOUR CHOICE!</p> <p>Whats inside the package?Authorized Mobilepreneur Tarpulin Globe &amp; Smart Brochures Planet Mobile Plastic ID w/ Holokote Security Sets of Application forms ( Planet Mobile,Smart) Accidental Insurance Package Worth P50,000 for 1 year Personal discounts on GLOBE &amp; SMART products Fully E-Commerce Personal Virtual Office A Globe Retailers Sim Pack for E-Loading A box of ALCAFE with AUTOMATIC UNILEVEL INCOME credited to REFERRER</p> <p>GLOBE POST PAID PLAN SAMPLE COMPUTATION: (Base on GLOBE BUSINESS SME RATE )</p> <p>PLAN 599</p> <p>= P509.15 (85%) X 30 clients in 30 days</p> <p>PLAN 1,299 = P1104.15 (85%) X 30 clients in 30 days</p> <p>P15,274.50 / Mo= P509.15 X 60 clients in 30 days</p> <p>P33,124.50 / Mo= P1104.15 X 60 clients in 30 days</p> <p>P30,549 / Mo</p> <p>P66,249 / Mo</p> <p>NOTE: Retail Profit Commission Will be Released on a monthly basis For All Approve SME Application Plan</p> <p>Dapitan Ilo-Ilo Davao</p> <p>Palawan</p> <p>Cagayan de Oro</p> <p>CEBU</p> <p>Leyte Zamboanga</p> <p>Bohol</p> <p>SALES TEAM A</p> <p>SALES TEAM B</p> <p>With 50% strong leg retention features</p> <p>CEBU</p> <p>DUMAGUETE</p> <p>2 4 8</p> <p>5 10 30 40 45</p> <p>NO FLUSH OUT!With 50% strong leg retention features 200 X 500 = 100,000/wk 254 - 200 = 54 / 2 = 27 Carry Over</p> <p>1632</p> <p>64128 254</p> <p>3238 200</p> <p>MONTH</p> <p>JOB SALARY</p> <p>No. of People</p> <p>PLANET MOBILE</p> <p>P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P12,000 P144,000</p> <p>2 4 816 32 64 128 256 512 1,024 2,048 4,096</p> <p>P500 P1,000P2,000 P4,000 P8,000 P16,000 P32,000 P64,000 P128,000 P256,000 P512,000 P1,024,000 P2,047,500</p> <p>This bonus enables you to take part of any Stockist program the company has. By referring a product stockist and automatically credits floating points through the Matching Bonus Income.</p> <p>3% Royalty Income for referring a Stockist Investor e.g. Territorial and Mobile Stockist NOTE: the referrer will get royalty every repeat purchase of the investor</p> <p>LEVEL</p> <p>AMOUNT</p> <p>ASSUMING YOU START WITH 8 PEOPLE AND THEY MULTIPLY TO 8</p> <p>NOTE: MONTHLY UNILEVEL income will be base on all the purchases of our beverage product from your network organization, NO PERSONAL PURCHASE, NO UNILEVEL INCOME we also base our computation on the AMOUNT not in POINTS VALUE.</p> <p>LEVEL</p> <p>PERCENTAGE</p> <p>ASSUMING YOU START WITH 8 PEOPLE AND THEY MULTIPLY TO 8</p> <p>LEVEL</p> <p>AMOUNT PERCENTAGE ASSUMING YOU START WITH 5 PEOPLE BUY $35 AND THEY MULTIPLY TO 5</p> <p>1.) Income 2.) Effort 3.) Accident 4.) E.R.</p> <p>ACTIVE SOLO STOP INCOME65 years old</p> <p>PASSIVE DUPLICATION</p> <p>2 5 years</p>