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    ED 025 660 VT 007 604By- Shirley, Wayne, Comp.Selected Bibliography.South Carolina State Committee for Technical Education, Columbia.Pub Date [66]Note- 38p.EDRS Price MF-$0.25 HC-$2.00Descriptors-*Bibliographies, *Bookf;sts, Instructional Materials, Library Materials, Manuals, Reference Books,Reference Materials, Supplementary Textbooks, *Technical Education, Textbooks, *Vocational Education

    This bibliography lists approximately 1,100 titles of technical and vocationalpublications in the following areas: Accounting; Agriculture; Air Conditioning andRefrigeration; Aircraft; Architectural and Building Technology; Arts; Automobiles andDiesels; Biography; Body, Health, and Nutrition; Business; Chemistry; Civil Engineering;Computers; Drafting; Economics; Electrical Engineering; Electronics; English; Fashion;Fiction; Government; Handbooks; Humanities; Industrial Engineering; MachineTools-Machine Shop Work; Manufacturing, Industrial Processes, and Power; Mar-riageand the Family; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Metallurgy; Musics NaturalSciences; Physics; Pstchology and PsycKatry; Reference; Science; Secretarial;Sociology; Textiles and Textile Machines; and Welding. (CH)

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  • The State Committee for Technical Education in South Carolina seeks todevelop quality lib,^aries

    in each Technical Education Center in the belief that an appreciationfor and use of books and journals

    is of great importance in the education and training of skilledworkers and technicians for industry.

    Moreover, the future advancement of graduates and their ability to remain currentin a rapidly changing

    technological world will depend to a large degree upon their continued study oftechnological books and


    Good technical and vocational bibliographies are scarce, and the StateCommittee has used all the

    conventional approaches to secure or develop reliable book lists.During the summer of 1967, the State

    Committee employld Mr. Wayne Shirley, Librarian of Wentworth Institute, as aconsultant to develop a

    list of outstanding works that should be in every institution.

    Mr. Shirley's bibliography of approximately 1,100 titles proved quitehelpful to our librarians,

    and news of its existence began to spread. The supply of internal working copies wasquickly exhausted

    by requests from institutions throughout the Southeast.We have replenished our supply of working

    copies in order to share this worthwhile bibliography with other institutions.We hope that you will

    find it helpful.



    Curtis, Arthur B. & J. H. Cooper. Mathematics of Accounting. 4th ed. Prentice Hall

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    Finney, Harry A. & H. E. Miller. Principles of Accounting; Advanced. 5th ed. Prentice Hall, 1960

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    (10-12 Chester Street, Champaign, Illinois 61820)

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    Latest ed.

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    Basic Science for Aerospace Vehicles. 3rd ed. McGraw, 1963

    Electricity and Electronics for Aerospace Vehicles. McGraw, 1961

    Powerplant for Aerospace Vehicles. 3rd ed. McGraw, 1965

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    American Concrete Institute. Formwork for Concrete. latest ed. (Box 4754 Redford Station,

    Detroit, Michigan 48219)

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    Babbitt, Harold E. Plumbing. McGraw, 1960

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  • Materials and Methods of Architectural Construction. Wiley, 1958

    Peurifoy, Robert L. Construction Planning_gAmiment and Methods. McGraw 1956

    Estimating Construction Costs. McCraw, 1958

    Plum, S. M. Plumbing Practice and Design. Wiley, 1943

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    (1520 18th Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 20401)

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    Snibbe, Richard W. Small Commercial Buildings. Reinhold, 1956

    Southern Pines Association. Modern Timber Engineering. (National Bank of Commerce Building,

    New Orleans, La. 70112)

    Sweet's Catalog Service Division. (This work comes out in two parts. Architecture and

    Industrial. Very difficult to buy direct. Can usually be obtained through an architectural

    firm. A basic work which should be obtained.)


    Ahlberg, Gudrum. Block and Silk Screen Painting. Sterling

    Bell, Clive. Art. Putman (Capricorn) 4. 1959

    Bethers, Ray. Composition in Pictures. Pitman, 1949

    Deschin, J. 35 mm Photography. Camera Craft, 1959

    Dominy, Eric. Beginner to Black Belt. Sterling.

    Eastman Kodak Company. How to Make Good Pictures. Latest.

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    Sketching and Painting Out of Doors. Pitman, 1961

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    FZaidenberg, Arthur. Anyone Can Paint. Crown. rev. ed.


    Crouse, William H. McGraw (This author writes volumes on various parts of automobiles such astransmission and electrical equipment. The full set should be purchased.)

    Glenn, Harold T. Glenn's Auto Repair Manual. Chilton (Purchase volumes as they appear.Retain all old volumes.)

    Kates, Edgar J. Diesel and High Compression Gas Engines. 2nd. ed. American Technical Society.latest ed.

    Lytel, Allan. Automotive Electronic Test Equipment. Sams, 1962

    Electronic Motor Control. Sams, 1965

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    Ritchen, Ralp. Wehman. (Wehman publishes a number of works by this author. A typical title is"Motor's Auto Repair Manual". All should be purchased and the set retained.)

    Stodola, Frank H. Steam and Gas Turbi ,s. 2v. Peter Smith

  • Taylor, C. F. & Taylor, E. C. Internal Combustion Engines. International Text. latest ed.

    Toboldt, Bill. Goodheart. (Goodheart publishes a number of works by this author, more or less

    annually. They have the title "Fix Your (name of car)". All should be purchased.)

    Venk, Ernest A. American Technical Society (American Technical Society publishes a number of

    works by this author. All should be purchased)


    Bolitho, William. Twelve Against the Gods. Viking (Compass C21) 1957

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  • F

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    1965 (This set of 7 volumes should be in any center where electronics is taught.)

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