Peer editing for the editorial

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<ul><li> 1. Peer Editing forthe EditorialWriters Name: Editor ONE: Editor TWO:General Reaction:Write a few sentences addressing your first impression about it.Is it well organized?Has it fulfilled the assignment?Audience:Does the writer create a sense of audience and purpose?Is there a consistent point of view or perspective from which the writer composes?Does the writer communicate their feelings toward the subject?Elements of PersuasionHas the author utilized strong, persuasive language?Has the author presented an argument with solid points based on solid evidence?Has the author used vivid examples to play on the emotion of the reader?Did the author present both sides of the issue and illustrate why their viewpoint is more valid?What are the editorials strengths in conveying its position?Which parts of the editorial detract from the purpose?What is unnecessary? Explain why. </li> <li> 2. Suggestions:Offer at least (2) specific suggestions that might help him/her improve the editorial.Language Use/ Conventions:Has the writer proofread for spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors? Are there proper transitions at thebeginning of each paragraph organizing the editorial?Are there run-ons and fragments in the piece? </li> </ul>