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Paintings, drawings, prints, by GeorgePaintings, drawings, prints, by GeorgeGrosz : The Museum of Modern Art, NewGrosz : The Museum of Modern Art, NewYork, October 7 to November 2York, October 7 to November 2AuthorGrosz, George, 1893-1959Date1941PublisherThe Museum of Modern Art, Departmentof Circulating ExhibitionsExhibition Museum of Modern Art's exhibition historyfrom our founding in 1929 to the presentisavailable online. It includes exhibition catalogues,primary documents, installation views, and anindex of participating artists. 2017 The Museum of Modern ArtMoMA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, NEW YORKPAINTINGSDRAWINGSPRINTS BYGEORGE GROSZOCTOBER 7 TO NOVEMBER 2 1The retrospective exhibition of the work of GeorgeGrosz, now being shown in the Museum of ModernArt, demonstrates the extraordinary versatility ofthis distinguished painter and caricaturist. Now oneof the most brilliant American masters of watercolor,Grosz's work has elicited high praise from our critics;some of his oils command attention throughout thecountry; but it was his satirical drawings done inGermany during the 1920s which brought him worldwide fame.Born in Berlin in 1893, Grosz was educated inDresden and Berlin art schools where he earned aliving by drawing illustrations for hook jackets andhumorous magazines. Dissatisfied with the routinetraining of drawing from plaster casts, he searchedfor other and newer inspiration. A visit to Paris in1912 familiarized him with the work of Picasso andChagall which proved to be a great impetus to theyoung artist. But it was the large Italian Futuristexhibition held in Berlin in 1913 which actuallyturned Grosz onto the path he was to follow. Thedirect influence of the Futurists is apparent in theearly works included in the Museum's exhibition.Except for two furloughs, Grosz served in thetrenches from 1914 to 1918, but he neverthelessmanaged to produce so many drawings that he foundhimself famous upon his return to Berlin. For thenext ten years, as Europe's most renowned caricaturist, he produced one volume of drawings afteranother. These caricatures combine angry satire withferocious ridicule. The discouragement and desperatepoverty in Germany following the close of the firstWorld War moved the artist to protest against bothmilitary leaders and war profiteers. He lashed attheir arrogance, callousness and stupidity with aneven fiercer hatred than that of Dean Swift whoseimplacable satire is at times close in spirit to that ofGrosz. Like Swift, too, he was fascinated by themost sordid and bestial qualities of mankind. "Wewere young men in our formative years," saysGrosz. "Perhaps unconsciously we became accusers,and fighters for a better humanity." So inciting werehis vitriolic attacks that Grosz was actually jailedfor a brief period in 1923 on fabricated charges ofindecency and sacrilege.Early in the rise of the Nazi movement Groszturned his insulting attacks against this new outrage. By 1932 Grosz realized that he would have toleave Germany. On invitation of the Art StudentsLeague in New York, he came to the United Statesto teach and has returned only once to Germany tobring his family here.This migration was, in a way, a fulfillment of ayouthful dream, for even twenty -five years beforeGrosz had developed a romantic interest in America.He followed the American movies, read our comicstrips and wore American ready-made clothes. Although he continued to depict the sordid and corruptin some of his American work, he has neverthelesstried to forget the bitterness of his lost battle inGermany. In recent years his work has been largelyin oils and watercolors rather than in caricature, andhis vitriolic assaults upon human baseness havebecome less and less apparent. His satirical skill,however, may be seen in the recent drawings whichillustrate Ben Hecht's "1001 New York Nights."The current exhibition comprises 54 oils, drawings,watercolors and theatre designs from the years 1914to 1940. This is one of the exhibitions which has beenassembled and sent on tour through the country bythe Museum's Department of Circulating Exhibitions. This is its first showing in New York City.Arrive1914 Pandemonium at the Outbreakof the WarInk drawingLent by Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. ReisWild WestLithographLent by Associated American ArtistsMemories of New YorkLithographLent by Associated American Artists1915 Prisoners of WarLithographLent by Associated American ArtistsStreet CornerOil on canvasLent by Erich Cohn1917 "Kleine Grosz MAPPE"Three lithographs from the portfolioPublished by Malik-Verlag, Berlin, 1917Lent by J. B. NeumannCard PlayersOil on canvasLent by Dr. Victor SteinerBig CityOil on canvasLent by Herman Shulman1918 A Piece of My WorldWatercolor and inkLent by Associated American Artists1919 BerlinLithographLent by Associated American Artists1920 Street Scene, BerlinInk drawing (published in the portfolio"Ecce Homo," 1922)Lent by Associated American ArtistsThe Engineer HeartfieldWatercolor and collageLent by A. Conger Goodyear1921 "Methusalem, the EternalBourgeois''Four designs for dummies for the playWatercolor and inkLent by Associated American Artists"He'Ink drawing (published in the portfolio"Ecce Homo," 1922)Lent by Erich Cohn1922 "Die Rauber''Four lithographs from the portfolioPublished by Malik-Verlag, Berlin, 1922Lent by Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Reis"Die Rauber''A portfolio of nine lithographs tosentences from SchillerPublished by Malik-Verlag, Berlin, 1922Lent by Erich Cohn"ANDROCLES AND THE LION''Costume design for the playWatercolor and inkLent by Associated American Artists"Ecce Homo''A portfolio of one hundred lithographsand watercolorsPublished by Malik-Verlag, 1922Lent by Erich CohnTwo Old MenInk drawingLent by Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Reis1924 CassisWatercolor and inkLent by Associated American Artists1926 Portrait of John ForsteOil on canvasLent by Erich CohnPortrait studyPencil drawingCollection the Museum of Modern ArtGift of Paul J. Sachs1928 Ten Pounds Too MuchWatercolor and inkLent by Erich CohnThird Class FuneralWatercolor and inkLent by Associated American ArtistsNocturneWatercolorLent by Associated American Artists1930 The Fat RelativeWatercolor and inkLent by Associated American ArtistsAfter the BathInk drawingLent by Associated American Artists1932 The Butcher ShopWatercolorLent by Associated American Artists1933 NunsWatercolorLent by Erich Cohn1934 In the SubwayWatercolorLent by Erich CohnAfter the TheatreWatercolorLent by Herman ShulmanThe Tired BootblackWatercolorLent by Associated American ArtistsLower ManhattanWatercolorLent by Associated American Artists1935 Morro CastleWatercolorLent by Associated American Artists1936 New York HarborWatercolorLent by Associated \merican ArtistsCentral ParkWatercolorLent by Associated American ArtistsThe WandererWatercolorLent by Associated American ArtistsStreet FightOil on canvasLent by Associated American ArtistsThe Rider is Loose AgainInk drawingLent by Erich Cohn1937 A PIECE OF MY WORLD, OR TlIELast BattalionInk drawingLent by Associated American ArtistsThe Tiji^ and the FatInk and watercolorLent by Erich CohnStanding NudeOil on canvasLent by Harold GoldsmithThe TrampOil on canvasLent by Associated American ArtistsStill Life with WalnutsOil on canvasLen t by the Metropolitan Museum of ArtA Piece of My World, or TheLast BattalionOil on canvasLent by Associated American ArtistsPORTRAIT OF ERICH COHNOil on canvasLent by Erich CohnDunes at TruroWatercolorLent by Herman ShulmanCape Cod, 6Chalk and watercolorLent by Associated American ArtistsCape Cod, 12WatercolorLent by the Art Institute of ChicagoWatson F. Blair Purchase Prize1940 NudeChalk drawing on tinted paperLent by Erich CohnNudeOil on canvasLent by Associated American ArtistsA Little Child Shall Lead ThemOil on canvasLent by the artistSelf PortraitOil on canvasLent by the artistDEPARTMENT OF CIRCULATING EXHIBITIONSTHE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART11 WEST 53 STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y.Paintings, drawings, prints, by George Grosz : The Museum of Modern Art, New York, October 7 to November 2


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