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Oprah Winfrey Learner Profile Biography and background info : Oprah Winfrey has had lead an extremely successful life and her troubled childhood shows the depth of strength in her character. During her childhood, she suffered unspeakable abuse. She first lived with her grandmother but at the age of six, she was sent to live with her mother in Milwaukee. She was molested by her male relatives and visitors to her house between the ages of nine and thirteen. She tried to run away from this abuse but she was sent to a juvenile detention home. At the fourteen, she moved out of her mothers house to live on her own while she was pregnant but her child was stillborn. She was seventeen when she won the "Miss Black Tennessee Beauty Pageant" and was soon offered a job on-air job WVOL radio. Later, she was also won a full scholarship at Tennessee State University. In 1984, she was offered a job in Chicago to become a hostess for an half-an-hour program. Then in 1985, the show was renamed to the Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah displays the learner profile risk taker because at a young age, she was willing to take risks to pursue her career . She was willing to move around for at jobs for example, she moved to chicago to take a jobs to host a television program. She is also a risk taker because despite her childhood, she was able to take a very public position ins-spite of the difficulty she would have carried from her youth. She shows that she is willing and able to take risks in life.

Oprah is also universially caring. On her show, she often tells the stories of the less fortunate people and tries to bring publicity to their causes. She has also setup her own charities to try to help. (The Oprah Winfrey Foundation which helps fund various charities and The Oprah Winfrey Operating Foundation which was setup to fund a leadership academy for girls in South Africa) She is also a strong supporter of many other charities. For instance, The Angles Network which helps with giving education, developing leaders, protecting basic human rights, and creating communities of support. Moreover, part of her character on tv is to be caring and sympathetic to everyone. The public and the audience responds to this and that is one of the things that makes her so popular on television. http://charity.lovetoknow.com/Charities_of_Oprah_Winfrey http://www.essortment.com/oprah-winfrey-biography-20819.html

http://www.oprah.com/pressroom/Oprah-Winfreys-Official-Biography http://www.achievement.org/autodoc/page/win0bio-1


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