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<ul><li><p>Features Vitreous china Under-mount With overflow Without faucet hole(s) Includes 1193643 clamp assembly 17-1/4 (438 mm) x 13 (330 mm)</p><p>Codes/Standards ApplicableSpecified model meets or exceeds the following:</p><p> ADA ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1 ICC/ANSI A117.1</p><p>UNDER-MOUNT BATHROOM SINKK-2882</p><p>Colors/Finishes 0: White Other: Refer to Price Book for additional colors/finishes</p><p>Accessories</p><p> CP: Polished Chrome Other: Refer to Price Book for additional colors/finishes</p><p>Specified Model</p><p>Model Description Colors/FinishesK-2882 Under-mount bathroom sink 0 Other_____</p><p>Recommended AccessoriesK-8998 Adjustable P-Trap CP Other_____</p><p>Product SpecificationThe under-mount bathroom sink shall be made of vitreous china. Bathroom sink shall be 17-1/4 (438 mm) in length and 13(330 mm) in width. Bathroom sink shall be with overflow and without faucet hole(s). Bathroom sink shall include 1193643 clampassembly. Bathroom sink shall be Kohler Model K-2882-_______.</p><p>VERTICYLTM</p><p>Page 1 of 21109225-4-E</p><p>USA/Canada: 1-800-4KOHLER(1-800-456-4537)</p></li><li><p>Technical Information</p><p>Fixture*:Basin area 17-1/4 (438 mm) x 13 (330 mm)Water depth 3-1/8 (79 mm)Drain hole 1-3/4 (44 mm)* Approximate measurements for comparison only.</p><p>Cutout template 1109226-7</p><p>Included components:Basin clamp assembly 1193643</p><p>Installation NotesInstall this product according to the installation guide.NOTICE: Countertop manufacturer or cutter must use thecurrent product template available at, or bycalling 1-800-4KOHLER. Kohler Co. is not responsible forcutout errors when the incorrect cutout template is used.</p><p>Will comply with ADA when installed per section 606Lavatories and Sinks of the 2010 ADA Standards forAccessible Design.</p><p>For under-mount installation, countertop thickness cannot begreater than 1 (25 mm) for ADA compliance.</p><p>9-15/16" (252 mm)</p><p>7-3/4"(197 mm)</p><p>19-13/16" (503 mm)</p><p>6-3/4"(171 mm)</p><p>1/2" (13 mm)</p><p>24" (610 mm)</p><p>Recommended ADA Installation</p><p>11"(279 mm)</p><p>3-1/4"(83 mm)</p><p>34"(864 mm)</p><p>27"(686 mm)Min</p><p>8" (203 mm)Min </p><p>9" (229 mm)Min</p><p>12-3/8"(314 mm)</p><p>15-5/8"(397 mm)</p><p>14"(356 mm)</p><p>3/8" Hot 3/8" Cold</p><p>4" (102 mm)</p><p>Product Diagram</p><p>VERTICYLTM</p><p>VERTICYLTM UNDER-MOUNT BATHROOM SINKPage 2 of 21109225-4-E</p></li></ul>


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