Niagara Falls - Sharing Niagara Falls Wonders With The World!

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Niagara Falls Canada, Ontario: Find Niagara Falls tourist information and create your travel guide for events and attractions in Niagara Falls Canada, Ontario. View Niagara Falls Hotels, Niagara Falls Motels, Niagara Falls Bus Tours, Niagara Falls Aerial Tours, Niagara Falls Transportation, Niagara Falls Wineries, Niagara Falls Weddings and more.


<ul><li><p>Niagara Falls - Sharing Niagara Falls Wonders With The World! </p><p> Niagara Falls Canada, Ontario: Find Niagara Falls tourist information and create </p><p>your travel guide for events and attractions in Niagara Falls Canada, Ontario. View Niagara Falls </p><p>Hotels, Niagara Falls Motels, Niagara Falls Bus Tours, Niagara Falls Aerial Tours, Niagara Falls </p><p>Transportation, Niagara Falls Wineries, Niagara Falls Weddings and more. </p><p> Niagara, Falls, tour, tours, Ontario, bus, mist, winery, wine, hotel,motel, </p><p>reservations, Niagara-on-the-lake, holiday, winterNiagara Falls, Info Niagara, Niagara Falls </p><p>Information, Niagara Falls Tourism, Niagara Falls Tourist Information Guide. </p><p>Welcome to Niagara Falls Premiere Destination Guide! </p><p>Welcome to INFO Niagara Sharing Niagara Falls Wonders With The World - the most </p><p>dependable On-Line Booking Service in Niagara Falls, Ontario. INFO Niagara has been </p><p>assisting travelers for over 15 years, helping them with up-to-date Travel and Tourist </p><p>Information so that their stay in Niagara Falls, Canada is exactly what they want. INFO Niagara </p><p>provides visitors with detailed descriptions for accommodations, attractions, sightseeing, </p><p>shopping, golfing and a variety of other services. Place your confidence in INFO Niagara to </p><p>ensure that your visit is both safe and enjoyable. Rest assured that INFO Niagara only deals </p><p>with properties offering excellent service and very competitive rates. </p><p>Take your time going through our site and discover the TRUE Niagara - the world's most famous </p><p>address. INFO Niagara has been helping visitors from all over the world discover all those </p><p>special, less known treasures of Niagara - all those wonderful little gems that make any trip </p><p>memorable. </p><p>Niagara Falls Deals and packages are diversified and fun for all ages and pocket books - INFO </p><p>Niagara helps the visitor discover all that Niagara has to offer. Get to know everything about </p><p>Niagara Falls before you arrive - things to do, attractions, hotel packages, tourism, getaways, </p><p>events and more. </p><p>Niagara's great variety of accommodations reflects the needs of the 12,000,000 visitors who visit </p><p>this world wonder every year. Intimate B&amp;Bs, star hotels, family style motels, fully equipped </p><p>campgrounds and vacation rentals abound in Niagara. </p></li><li><p>The abundance of accommodations in Niagara Falls means that there are plenty of unbelievable </p><p>Sightseeing Specials, Packages and Attractions! BOOK ON-LINE NOW. Our site gives you the </p><p>opportunity to book your entire vacation from the comfort of your own home. Discover all there </p><p>is to know about the History of Niagara as well as the fun and excitement that is part of </p><p>Niagara Falls today - plan your trip around all the activity that exists in Niagara Falls all year </p><p>long. </p><p>Explore the entire Niagara Region through the Niagara Falls Official Destination Guide - INFO </p><p>Niagara. See for yourself the captivating splendor that is Niagara with all the various flora and </p><p>fauna that makes Niagara Falls one of the most beautiful destination in the world. </p><p>Niagara Region </p><p>Niagara Region, a 'location of wonder' with breathtaking cataracts, nature trails, lush </p><p>vinyards, events and festivities is located at the southern part of Ontario in Canada. The </p><p>world famous Niagara Falls, which has been recognized as one of the 'must see' tourist </p><p>destinations in the world, the man-made wonder Welland Canal, wine regions, its </p><p>proximity to the United States all that made the Region of Niagara a destination for </p><p>travelers for hundreds of years. </p><p>The Region of Niagara is surrounded by threee lakes - Lake Ontario, the River Niagara and </p><p>Lake Erie. Find known and less known treasures of the region. Rivers, cataracts, parks, </p><p>historical sites, farmlands, casinos, shopping, festivals and shows, the entire Niagara Region is </p><p>beautiful and vibrant that entice any visitor. </p><p>To know the Niagara Peninsula in detail, you need to know the twelve municipalities. Each of </p><p>which has its own distinctiveness, history, geographical differences, culture that together make </p><p>the mosaic that is Niagara Region. </p></li><li><p>Niagara Falls Niagara-On-The-Lake Fort Erie </p><p>St. Catharines Pelham Grimsby </p><p>Port Colborne Lincoln West Lincoln </p><p>Thorold Welland Canal Wainfleet </p><p>Services in Niagara Falls, Ontario </p></li><li><p> Niagara Falls and surrounding area is well known for the fine quality of services and </p><p>unparalleled level of hospitality . Whether it's your first visit or a return visit, the majestic </p><p>beauty of the world's most famous Falls, the luscious greenery of our parklands and our many </p><p>unique attractions are sure to make your visit to Niagara Falls a memorable one. </p><p>Special Events </p><p>If you're planning a special event, perhaps a wedding, anniversary, family reunion or </p><p>corporate outing, we can assist with the planning, location, catering, entertainment, </p><p>photographer, flowers, transportation and even the invitations! Our service providers will </p><p>exceed your expectations and work within your budget to make your event one whose memories </p><p>will last a lifetime. Below is a list of hotels and motels in Niagara Falls offering meeting rooms, </p><p>services, convention centres and conference facilities. </p><p>Admiral Inn by the Falls Conference facilities, special arrangements for meetings and parties, golf, dining, indoor </p><p>waterpark and tour packages Reserve </p></li><li><p>Americana Resort Over 20,000 square feet of function space, corporate and parlour suites, ballroom apt for </p><p>convention and special events Reserve </p><p>Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre 10,000sq ft. Conference Centre, business class guestrooms, gateway ballroom and meeting </p><p>rooms Reserve </p><p>Embassy Suites by Hilton 42-story luxury hotel, over 19,000 square feet of meeting space overlooking Niagara Falls </p><p>Reserve </p><p>Great Wolf Lodge Impeccable in both comfort and convenience, convention services, culinary excellence, </p><p>supplemental activities Reserve </p></li><li><p>Marriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel 10,000 square feet of banquet and meeting space, wedding chapel overlooking the Falls, spa, </p><p>dining, special events Reserve </p><p>Marriott Gateway on the Falls 40,000 square feet of customizable function space ideal for conference, corporate meetings and </p><p>other large events Reserve </p><p>Old Stone Inn Historical boutique hotel, facilities to accommodate small groups as well as larger groups up to </p><p>hundred Reserve </p><p>Peninsula Inn &amp; Resort Cater to the shortest or longest conference - business conference, breakfast meeting, one-day </p><p>event, multi-day conference Reserve </p></li><li><p>Ramada Niagara Falls Corporate functions to small intimate meetings, executive board meetings and formal dinners up </p><p>to a group of 85 Reserve </p><p>Sheraton Four Points Fallsview Over 5300 sq.ft of flexible meeting and banquet space with full services, accommodating groups </p><p>of up to 350 Reserve </p><p>Hilton Garden Inn Niagara on the Lake Nearly 4,000 square feet of flexible meeting rooms, best for corporate and social function, 24-</p><p>hour Business Centre Reserve </p><p>Niagara College Residence and Conference Residence &amp; Conference Centre, sports teams, weddings, whole group to stay together and relax </p><p>Reserve </p><p>Niagara Falls Tours &amp; Sightseeing </p></li><li><p> Niagara Falls, one of the most visited travel destinations in the world is abundant with </p><p>everything that required for a wonderful holiday time to any visitor. The awe-inspiring cataract, </p><p>nature trails, wine country, events, getaways, local festivals and attractions all together make </p><p>Niagara Falls, a wonderful place to tour with your entire family. Travel with your sweetheart, </p><p>kids, friends or with your whole family, Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world </p><p>has everything for a wonderful vacation! </p><p>INFO Niagara, the one stop place to know and reserve your entire vacation in Niagara Falls, </p><p>brings a list of tour packages, guides and information that easily makes you go ahead with your </p><p>tour. </p><p>The best way to see Niagara Falls Ontario Canada is by taking one or more of the many types </p><p>of tours that are offered at various Hotels in Niagara Falls. Else, start your Niagara Falls Tour </p><p>by taking a boat tour, and we recommend everyone's favourite Maid of the Mist. You will see </p><p>the majestic Falls from the very base and get an up close view of its beauty. If you're more </p><p>adventurous, take a jet boat tour of the mighty rapids along the Niagara River. </p></li><li><p>Tour along the Niagara Parkway and see the many sights. There are plenty of opportunities for </p><p>sightseeing in Niagara Falls. The entire area provides visitors with a wide variety of </p><p>attractions, dining, shopping, wedding, night out packages and getaways. </p><p>You can also find guided sightseeing tours in and the surrounding areas of Niagara Falls </p><p>including wine tours, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Welland Canal. If gaming is your style then </p><p>take a casino tour of the Fallsview Casino Resort or Casino Niagara. If you are looking for a </p><p>professionally guided and licensed tour in Niagara Falls, find Fall For Niagara day tours . </p><p>If you're travelling with a group then a bus tour or a double deck bus tour might be a good fit. </p><p>Our sightseeing companies can create a customized itinerary to suit your group's needs and </p><p>budget. Complete your visit with a helicopter tour of Niagara Falls. You'll get a bird's eye view </p><p>of the Whirlpool Rapids, American and Horseshoe Falls. Go through our website. Choose the </p><p>best from a variety of tour packages available in Niagara Falls with discount coupons to popular </p><p>attractions. </p><p>Niagara Falls Lodging </p><p>Variety is the keyword in describing Niagara Falls Lodging. There is something to suit every </p><p>budget and taste. Niagara Falls hotels range from smaller, family style accommodations to </p><p>some of the finest luxury full-service resorts. </p></li><li><p> There is an abundance and variety of motels in Niagara Falls as well; many of which have </p><p>beautiful grounds, gardens and outdoor swimming pools to make your stay casual yet </p><p>comfortable. If camping is your things, Niagara Falls campgrounds are located close to the </p><p>action but remote enough to really give the visitor a sense of being away from it all. </p><p>There are over forty Bed &amp; Breakfasts in Niagara Falls, providing the B&amp;B patron with some </p><p>of the most diverse and interesting experiences they are likely to have. Niagara Falls is a </p><p>historically rich area and many of the lovelier, older homes have been converted into taste and </p><p>luxurious Bed &amp; Breakfasts. </p><p>Vacation Rentals in Niagara Falls continue to grow in popularity. Those wishing to stay a while </p><p>and enjoy all there is to see in the Niagara Region can select from a variety of Niagara Falls </p><p>Vacation Rentals. </p><p>Accommodations in Niagara Falls can be found in every corner of this interesting and historic </p><p>area. </p></li><li><p>The Fallsview area hosts a number of high end flag properties, boasting wonderful views of the </p><p>cataracts these Niagara Falls hotels offer the visitor all the glamour and glitz they desire. The </p><p>mist of the Falls occasionally wafts through this area giving it a peaceful yet romantic feel and at </p><p>the same time there is every opportunity to enjoy Niagara's nightlife which abounds in this area. </p><p>If the visitor loves fun and wants to play, then Clifton Hill is where you want to look for your </p><p>stay in Niagara Falls. A great place to party yet be only a few steps to the beautiful Niagara </p><p>Parkway and the Niagara Falls themselves. </p><p>Family friendly Lundy's Lane is a favourite for families visiting beautiful Niagara Falls. Many </p><p>motels and campgrounds in Niagara Falls are located on Lundy's Lane, which hosts an </p><p>abundance of restaurants, attractions and shopping. Lundy's Lane is also the location for a </p><p>variety of entertainment venues for children of all ages. </p><p>Make your Niagara Stay an unforgettable experience with On The Lake Lodging. Niagara on </p><p>the Lake is one of the prettiest towns in Canada known for its historical setting, hotels, spas and </p><p>dining facilities. </p><p>Looking for a Pet Friendly Hotel in Niagara Falls? We know how incomplete a vacation can be </p><p>without your pet's company! </p><p>Niagara Falls is unique in the number of accommodations available for visitors. As the World's </p><p>Most Famous Address, Niagara attracts visitors from all over the world and provides something </p><p>special for everyone. </p><p>Shopping Niagara Falls </p><p>Niagara Falls shopping has it all. Bargains abound in our outlet mall where designer clothing, </p><p>brand name shoes, linens, giftware, leather and much more can be found seven days a week. </p><p>Shopping at the mall provides visitors with a wide variety of clothing, accessory, kitchenware, </p><p>shoes, jewellery, electronics, giftware and pet items. Shopping in Niagara Falls Ontario </p><p>Canada provides unique Canadian made souvenirs for visitors worldwide. </p></li><li><p>The official "Honeymoon Capital of the World" has long been the place to find that special </p><p>gift. Clifton Hill and Ferry Street are lined with specialty shops offering everything from </p><p>postcards to collector items. Lundy's Lane is home to the outlet mall and specialty shops. Our </p><p>historic downtown showcases local artists, trendy bistros and antique shops. One of the largest </p><p>souvenir stores in Niagara Falls can be found along the Niagara Parkway. Hand blown glass, </p><p>homemade fudge and chocolates as well as souvenirs of your visit to Niagara Falls Ontario </p><p>Canada can be found there. Don't forget the great shopping that is available at both casino </p><p>locations. Clothing, giftware, crystal and unique jewellery are just a sampling of the many shops </p><p>that can be found at both the Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara. </p><p>Whether you're simply browsing or have a gift in mind, you'll find it here in Niagara Falls. </p><p>Niagara Falls Weddings </p><p>"The Honeymoon Capital of the World" is one of the many descriptors for beautiful Niagara. </p><p>Historically, Niagara was described as a romantic getaway of unparallel delight - and today, </p><p>young honeymooners agree. Let Niagara Falls be your dream place for wedding. Whether it's the </p><p>effect of the positive ions spraying out from the mist of the Falls or the beautiful weather in </p><p>spring, Niagara has become the honeymoon and wedding destination of choice for millions of </p><p>lovers from all over the world. </p><p>Info Niagara brings a list of wedding packages, venues, services and chapels available in the </p><p>entire Niagara Falls, which include luxurious wedding venues to cheapest weddings. There are </p><p>innumerable options, choose the best wedding venues and wedding packages. </p><p>If it's a Fallsview wedding that catches your fancy that too can be arranged at one of Niagara's </p><p>elegant Fallsview Hotels. The Konica Minolta Tower offers two delightful wedding packages </p><p>in Niagara Falls. The Embassy Suites and the Fallsview Sheraton Hotels both cater to the </p><p>Bride and Groom with packages including ceremony, reception and honeymoon suites. Over 50 </p><p>hotels in Niagara offer wedding packages in keeping with the tradition. </p><p>For the unconventional and smaller wedding celebration the charming little Wedding Chapel </p><p>on the Lane or the Fabulous White Wedding Chapel at the Inn provide that intimate ex...</p></li></ul>


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