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    MSC Development Newsletter: Spring 2015

    Welcome!In this Issue:

    From the President

    Mi Casa Es Su Casa

    Do What You Love,

    Love What You Do

    SCONA 60: An Outside


    Luke J. Altendorf

    Leadership Award

    MSC Bethancourt

    8th Annual MLK Breakfast

    A FISH Story

    The Association of Former


    MSC Abbott Leadership


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    From the MSC PresidentHowdy! Its hard to believe another academic year is coming to a close in Aggieland. In retrospect, what an excellent and change-filled year it has been! From the selection of a new university president to the demolition of the west side of Kyle Field, our campus continues to adapt and grow. We are fast pursuing our goal of becoming not only the premiere university in the state of Texas, but also an institutional leader in preparing students to contribute to the global society in which they live and work.

    Amidst such change, the Memorial Student Center has continued to provide truly outstanding programs to the student body and surrounding community. This year alone, we hosted Willie Nelson, Laura Bush, Diane Nash, General Martin Dempsey, and Jerry Seinfeld on campus. Several traditional programs were again cited among students most cherished memories of the year, such as MSC Student Conference on National Affairs, FLO Bowl, and the films in Aggie Cinemas Blockbuster Series. In addition to these and other annual programs, the MSC produced some brand new programs as well. MSC FLI brought Tales of Tibet, a program that housed Tibetan monks and let students interact with their art, meditations, and culture within the familiar setting of A&Ms campus. MSC CAMAC presented Las Posadas, which allowed students to experience a unique Mexican holiday tradition. All in all, it was another excellent year for campus programming provided for the student body and produced by students through their involvement in the MSC.

    Our organization also experienced changes of its own this year. During the fall semester, a group of students and staff members met to explore opportunities the MSC has to adapt to the changing campus environment to produce even better programs for campus. This task force spent many hours to brainstorm, research, and write a report that included over 100 pages of evidence in support of adopting a new organizational structure and programming processes. We are excited that these changes have been approved by the MSC Board of Directors and will begin being implemented during the 66th MSC Officer term beginning April 21st, 2015.

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    From the MSC Presidentcontinued from Page 1

    As I look back on my year as MSC President, I am so incredibly thankful to have had the opportunities I have experienced during my four years within this outstanding organization. I have learned powerful lessons about how to be a better leader, critical thinker, problem solver, businessman, family member, manager, and member of society. Through my participation in the MSCs programs, I have grown into a better man; I am sure the same can be said for the rest of our officer team and I hope that our committee members and program attendees have shared in that growth this year. As I pass the reins to Zach Rozinsky and the rest of the 66th Officer Team and transition to the next phase of my life as a medical student at Baylor College of Medicine, a part of my identity will forever remain with my friends at the MSC. Like each of you, I am ready to become a lifelong supporter of the Memorial Student Center, this time as a former student. Thanks for a great year, and Gig em.

    Ryan Trantham 1565th President of the MSC

    Guests to the Reynolds Gallery enjoyed #selfie an exhibit and social commentary on how students see themselves.

    Mi Casa Es Su CasaMi Casa Es Su Casa is a program sponsored by the MSC Committee on the Advancement of Mexican American Culture (CAMAC) with the purpose of developing a support system for Texas A&M students, especially freshmen and transfer students. Several times a semester, Texas A&M faculty members open their homes to students and provide a home-cooked meal. This program serves as an opportunity to break the barrier between students and professors and provide an opportunity to create a professional relationship between the two.

    Dr. Victor Arizpe, professorof Hispanic Studies, has been participating in the program since it was established 2005. When the students are in our home, it is like having our family home, he commented. Throughout our involvement, we have delighted in hosting students and providing a

    supportive family-like environment.

    MSC CAMACs goal of Mi Casa is for it to serve as a retention tool for students that participate. The program continues to grow as more professors open their homes to students. All students are welcome to sign up to participate in the Mi Casa program. Through the generous support of the Association of Former Students and donations from MSC supporters, MSC CAMAC is able to host opening and closing ceremonies for Mi Casa as well as ensure the program is free of charge to students and provide transportation if needed.

    Mi Casa participants celebrate the end of the year.

  • MSC Development Newsletter: Spring 2015

    Do What You Love, Love What You DoThe MSC congratulates 19th MSC President, Ray Daniels 69, on his recognition in the 2015 Chicago Tribune Dining Awards the citys best in a city of bests. After earning a biochemistry degree from Texas A&M University in 1969 and going on the Harvard Business School for an MBA, Rays career led him to Abbott Laboratories as a product manager and on to his own Chicago-based PR firm in 1990. It was when he became so successful with his hobby that he decided to make it in to a full-time gig. Starting as a home brewer on the side, he has taken his passion and developed it into a career.

    Cicerone: [sis-uh-roh-nee, chich-uh-]; noun, plural cicerones; 1. a person who conducts sightseers; guide.

    In 2008, Ray launched the Cicerone Certification Program for beer sommeliers. Since then, it has become the gold standard for brewers, servers and distributors with more than 45,000 Certified Beer Servers, 1,500 Certified Cicerones and nine Master Cicerones. Each level of certification requires more rigorous levels of education and exams.

    I always viewed business as a creative outlet. I chucked everything to work on something I love. The passion that started in the basement of his condo has turned into overwhelming success in the $8.7 billion craft beer industry. Some days, its work, Daniels says. Most days, its still absolute pleasure.

    The same union of passion and work exists in the MSC. The opportunity to produce programs highlighting their passions and interests brings student together from diverse backgrounds and fields of study. Engineers, pre-medical students, English majors, and business scholars can unite to bring concerts, art exhibits, service opportunities, or lecture programs to their peers across campus. Whether through Town Hall, SCONA, or FISH our students work together toward programs that give life to their passions and gain invaluable experience for their life after the MSC.

    We hope all of them are as successful as Ray Daniels in building a bridge between their personal lives and careers.

    Kaley Gross 15, international studies major and MSC VAC chair shares her love for art during the opening of #selfie. Kaley has turned her passion into a budding photography business.

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    SCONA 60: An Outside PerspectiveThe MSC Student Conference on National Affairs (SCONA) has provided a forum for students from across the nation and world to discuss issues of national and international importance for 60 years. This years conference, Surviving Ourselves: Ignite the Human Potential, addressed topics from environmental policy to immigration to health care. Over 100 students from universities across the country attended and worked with experts in the field to develop policy proposals that addressed specific facets of the topic. In addition, students heard from a variety of speakers, including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey.

    Sam Speer, a junior cadet at West Point attended SCONA 60. Cadet Speers interest in SCONA was peaked through his involvement in coordinating SCUSA, the West Point conference which provided the original inspiration for the model of SCONA. The campus, the students, the staff and faculty were all incredible and didnt hesitate to open their doors to us. Its a kind of hospitality that isnt found so regularly on such a large scale. The SCONA staff was incredibly dedicated, and it showed in the quality of the conference, said Cadet Speer.

    One of the most powerful aspects of SCONA is its ability to bring together delegates with diverse experiences and backgrounds. It was great to be able to talk to and work with students from many universities. I enjoyed learning about the backgrounds of the students at my table. Those backgrounds, paired with the individual interests and personalities of each person, made for great discussions and served to make the process more interesting and productive, Speer said. It is always a challenge entering a situation where I have to meet and work in a group of people when I am not familiar with their background or skills. That diversity served to enrich the SCONA experience.

    As Aggies, we take immense pride in our school and in its global impact. MSC programs like SCONA are one of the most powerful ways the university is able to change the world. The students who participate in SCONA gain invaluable insights and skills that translate to success in careers in a variety of fields.

    Luke J. Altendorf Leadership AwardRyan Trantham 15 was the inaugural recipient of the Luke J. Altendorf Award. The award recognizes a student for loyalty, service and excellence through involvement with the MSC. Students who have had significant involved in the MSC are selected primarily based on the quality of their leadership record, as evidences by substantive contributions to the MSC and MSC committees. Nominees must intend to purse an advanced degree or training program following their undergraduate career. The recipient is awarded $2,000 toward their post-graduate studies.

    Drs. Catherine and Brent Lacey 05 made the award possible through an endowment to the MSC. Brent cited his involvement in the MSC as instrumental in his life choices and sought a way to give back. Luke has impacted so many students in their leadership path. I wanted to do something to help the students of the MSC and recognize his legacy, Brent commented.

    Brent and Catherine practice medicine in San Diego. They welcomed their first child to the world recently.

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    MSC Council Development Newsletter: Fall 2009 MSC Development Newsletter: Spring 2015

    MSC BethancourtIn 2013, Debbie and John Bethancourt created an endowment for a new MSC student leadership program. After collaboration between the Bethancourts, MSC students, staff, and director, MSC Bethancourt was created as a professional development organization to provide students with diversity of thought and exposure to a variety of fields in order to construct a holistic educational experience. The 2014-15 school year was MSC Bethancourts inaugural year of operations.

    During the organization vision-casting phases, the inaugural Executive Staff identified an opportunity to augment the educational experience students receive at Texas A&M. While the education the traditional classroom delivers is highly regarded and academically praised, it is easy for students to overlook cross-discipline studies or experiential learning opportunities that help attain distinction beyond college. MSC Bethancourt was created to allow students from all backgrounds to develop holistically through engagements with leaders from various fields.

    MSC Bethancourts internal development provides several opportunities for its members (Associates) to learn in a hands-on environment about different fields of interest. MSC Bethancourt hosts multiple Professional Development Evening (PDE) a semester with experts or professionals from various disciplines to encourage interactive learning. Along with PDEs, MSC Bethancourt hosts Texas A&M professors for a Last Lecture series on their respective area of expertise. Associates also have the opportunity to attend a Vision Trip during the year one-day trips to Texas cities for Associates to observe and learn about an individuals personal and professional background in the context of their workplace.

    As part of the MSC, Bethancourt aims to cultivate Texas A&Ms educational landscape through intellectually stimulating campus programs. These events provide an outlet for MSC Bethancourt and its members to extend and apply the insights they have gained through internal development events during the year. MSC Bethancourts inaugural campus program was a discussion on global education with distinguished guests Former First Lady Laura Bush and Afghan-American activist Razia Jan. The event was a great success, setting a precedent for exciting Bethancourt programs of all shapes and sizes to come.

    MSC Bethancourt is thankful to the Memorial Student Center, the Bethancourt family, and all Texas A&M University donors for providing students with unique co-curricular opportunities. Looking forward, MSC Bethancourt is excited for continued success and engaging the hungry minds of college students.

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    8th Annual MLK BreakfastThe Carter G. Woodson Black Awareness Committee (WBAC) presented the 8th annual The MLK Breakfast in January. This capstone program has played an important role in educating students, faculty members, and members of the community on the Civil Rights Movement playing host to Civil Rights leaders such as Harry Belafonte, Angela Davis, and Mary Frances Berry and creating a forum for our community to hear their stories and learn about the movement.

    With support from the Association of Former Students and others, this year WBAC brought Diane Nash to campus to share her insight on the Civil Rights Movement. During the movement, Ms. Nash was a student leader of the sit-in movement in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, Nash was a founding member of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) in the 1960s.

    More than 500 guests attended the breakfast this year. Discussions examined current relevant issues such as police accountability and reflected on how Academy Award-winning movie, Selma, portrayed past events and lessons. This flagship event of Campus with a Dream is instrumental in illustrating that Civil Rights leaders did what they did, not for themselves, but for the genera-tions to follow them.

    Currently, students must purchase a ticket to attend the breakfast. WBACs goal is to increase diversity and unity on campus by making this event free for all students. Contributions to the program, like those of the Association of Former Students, several campus departments and colleges, and individuals, are vital in order to achieve this goal. WBAC thanks those that have contribut-ed and continue to contribute each year. We model our efforts on those that came before us ensuring the future of the MLK Breakfast not for ourselves, but for the many generations of Aggies to follow.

    A FISH StoryIn a College Station apartment fifteen years ago, a few seniors to-be reminisced about their past year within the MSC. They were executives for MSC Hospitality, where they made great friendships and served campus through the Memorial Student Center. As they reflected on their last year, they wished it would never end and wondered how they could expand the experience to include more people. They developed an idea to create an organization that helped students gain leadership skills by serving both on and off campus communities through organized events and daily service. MSC Freshmen in Service and Hosting, FISH, quickly took shape, ready to raise the bar for freshmen development on the Texas A&M campus.

    Fast-forward 15 years and over 50,000 combined hours of service hun-dreds of freshmen from the classes of 04 to 18 have experienced an amaz-ing and fulfilling year within MSC FISH. Through their involvement, freshmen learn and develop valuable leadership and professional skills they will use throughout college and the rest of their lives.

    To reconnect current and past mem-bers, FISH hosted a FISHteen reunion last November. Before dinner, alumni MSC FISH members mingled and rem-inisced about their past experiences in MSC FISH. It was amazing to see how far reaching the MSC FISH community has become in just fifteen short years of being an MSC committee. Follow-ing dinner, Karen Lippe 00, founder ofMSC FISH, and past

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    MSC Council Development Newsletter: Fall 2009 MSC Development Newsletter: Spring 2015

    The Association of Former StudentsGifts to The Association of Former Students help support the MSC. They impact programs throughout campus like the MSC helping ensure success for our programs such as the MLK Breakfast, CAMACs Mi Casa and the MSC Champe Fitzhugh Seminar. Any and all levels of gifts are accepted and welcomed through The Association of Former Students. In fact, the average gift is only about $12 a month, so even new graduates can contribute. The Association of Former Students is also your lifelong connection to Texas A&M University. Be sure your contact information and business information is up-to-date with Texas A&M view your Aggie profile by logging in to

    Proudly supported by:

    MSC Abbott Leadership ConferenceThe foundation of MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference (AFLC) lies in helping students establish their own value system that will allow them to positively face any life situation as they journey through college and beyond. The conference is divided between impressing and exploring the importance of leadership and values. This year the conferences were held in Houston and San Antonio. The success of each conference is dependent on the generous Aggies who give considerably of their time and support to assist in the personal development of our students.

    Jenna Diven, a 2015 Director of Delegates and former delegate, shares her perspective on the conference.

    My favorite part about being an Abbott Delegate was experiencing something unlike anything I had done before. Not only was I surrounded by genuine, intelligent, caring people, but I also had the chance to listen to prominent business men and women speak about how they had become successful while maintaining their morals and values. The messages and advice the speakers gave us was so valuable as we face the challenges of starting careers and striving for success in our lives. They told us that through honest business practices and forming real relationships with customers, they were able to achieve personal significance rather than the simple definition of success.

    As a director, my favorite part was getting to watch the delegates experience what I did. I had the chance to listen and help the delegates find their purpose during the conference, which also allowed me the chance to learn more about them and their families. It was amazing to be on the other side of things.

    A FISH Story contd.

    MSC FISH chairs, Colin Laden 10, Jessica Licarione 12, and Tyler Stewart 13, shared memories, stories, and lessons learned during their time in MSC FISH. Some of the most amazing stories came from how both the FISH and Kyle Field Day went from grandiose ideas that seemed unreachable idealizations of that would be so cool to do to coming to a drawing board and becoming actualized in a matter of months. It illustrates both the potential of dreaming big as well as the determination found in this organization.

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  • MSC Development Newsletter: Spring 2015

    Name: ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Address: ................................................................................. City: ...................................................... State: .......................... Zip: ......................................

    Enclosed is my contribution for the amount of ___ $500 ___ $250 ___ $100 ___ $Other Please select the committee of your choice and make the check payable to the Texas A&M Foundation.

    *General contributions should be made to MSC Enrichment Fund. All contributions are tax deductible as defined by law. For information about endowments, please contact Catharine West (979.845.1914). Please include company gift matching information if applicable. Thanks & Gig Em!

    Return to: Memorial Student Center1237 TAMUCollege Station, TX 77843-1237 979.845.1914

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    300460-30601 MSC Committee for Awareness of Mexican-American Culture

    (CAMAC) 0575329

    Through time, talents and treasures, our former students and supporters help the MSC achieve our mission of promoting leadership development through campus programs and service opportunities while preparing students to engage in a global society. Thank you!

    To contribute online, please click on the name of the program below you wish to support. If the fund field is not automatically populated, select Contribute to a fund not listed online and use the information below to specify how to direct your gift in the Gift Fund Name or Number field. If you prefer to donation by check, please include a completed copy of the donation form below.