Ms. Frizzles Geometry Field Trip! Today class, we are going to be going on a math geometry field trip around town. During our field trip if you see any.

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Slide 1 Slide 2 Ms. Frizzles Geometry Field Trip! Today class, we are going to be going on a math geometry field trip around town. During our field trip if you see any object or shape that has to do with geometry then tell me and we will stop and observe. Okay are we ready to go??? Bus, do your thing! Slide 3 First stop! Erkkk! Hold on. The bus stopped. Carlos says Hey, I see an object. The bus stopped because there is a cone blocking off this street. Ms. Frizzle says, Correct Carlos, but what is a cone? A cone is a solid 3- dimensional object that has one base and one vertex, says Carlos. Yes, good eye Carlos. Janet interrupted, What is a vertex? A vertex is a point where two or more straight lines meet. But if there is more than one vertex, we call them vertices. Slide 4 Second stop! Okay class. We are going to go into this toy store and tell me if you spot anything. Arnold says I found a cube. This jack in the box is a cube. Good Arnold. Explain to the class what a cube is. A cube is a box shaped, solid object that has 6 identical square faces, said Arnold. Yes, thats correct and a cube can have a base which is the bottom of any object or the surface and object stands on, said Keesha. Cube Slide 5 More about the cube A cube is also measured in cubic units, said Keesha. Keesha what are cubic units? said Ms. Frizzle. Well, cubic units is a unit or system of units to measure volume or capacity. A cube can also be known as a prism. Anyone know what a prism is??? I actually know this one, said Tim. A prism is a solid object that has two identical ends and all flat sides. Good lets move on now, said Ms. Frizzle. Slide 6 What is this??? Dorothy do you see anything in this toy store? Ms. Frizzle asked. Umm, yes I actually just spotted something! I see that fire truck. It is a rectangular prism, said Dorothy. And what is that? said Ms. Frizzle. A rectangular prism is a solid that is 3 dimensional and that has 4 rectangular faces and 2 square faces. WaitIm confused, "said Dorothy, What is a face? Slide 7 Rectangular Prism Oh thats easy! said Wanda. A face is any of the individuals surfaces on a solid object. Oh I also know what an edge is. An edge is a line where two surfaces meet, said Wanda. Also another example that I saw of a rectangular prism is our bus! Awesome Wanda!!!! Good use of knowledge, said Ms. Frizzle. Everyone ready to go? Lets move out! Slide 8 Third Stop! Hey look Ms. Frizzle! I see a geometric figure. Okay, Janet. What do you see? said Ms. Frizzle. Isn't that a baseball field? Yes Janet. Why do you ask? Thats a diamond. A diamond is a four-sided figure in which all sides are the same length. Diamond Slide 9 Pizza Shop! Okay class we are going to stop here for lunch. Now, Im going to give you a hint in here. There are going to be a lot of geometrical vocabulary that we have studied in class in this pizza shop so look closely! Pizza Shop! Slide 10 Pizza for me please! Okay class we are going to order a pizza. There is some vocabulary so hopefully you spot them. Hey Ms. Frizzle isn't a straight line going through the middle of this pizza called the diameter?said Valerie. Yes, said Ms. Frizzle. Show me an example please. ----> This is what Valerie drew. So if the diameter is a straight line across the middle isn't the radius half of the diameter? YES! Exactly Valerie! Good Job! Yummy! Radius Diameter _______________ ________ Slide 11 What shape is a soda can? May I order a soda please? said Phoebe. Wait, wait, wait, said Ms. Frizzle. If you want a soda tell me what shape it is. Okay. Im not positive but I think it is a cylinder, said Phoebe. A cylinder is a solid 3-D object with 2 identical flat, circular bases and 1 curved side. Yes! Correct, said Ms. Frizzle. And dont 3-D objects like cylinders have surface area and volume? asked Wanda. Yes maam! said Ms. Frizzle. And I already know what your going to say. Surface Area is the total area of the surface of a 3-Dobject. And volume is the amount of space a 3-D object occupies. Slide 12 More about surface area and Volume There are different formulas you can use to measure surface area and volume. But for a cylinder, the volume formula is (Pi x r x r x h) And to measure surface area the formula is 2(Pi x r x r) + (2pi x r x r) h For surface area you can also find lateral surface, said Phoebe. Lateral surface is the sum of the surface areas of all its faces excluding the base of the solid. Slide 13 Apple= Sphere Now class, I have an apple in my hand. An apple is a sphere, which I havent taught you yet, said Ms. Frizzle. A sphere is a 3-D object that is shaped like a ball. Every point on a sphere is the same distance from the center. A sphere also does not have any vertices, faces, or edges, said Ms. Frizzle. Slide 14 Fifth Stop! Okay class. We are going to leave the pizza shop and look for one more object in the town, said Ms. Frizzle. Ms. Frizzle.I have a question, said Mikey. What shape is the top of a roof to a house? Well, Mikey... Thats great. You brought up our last shape. A roof on a house is a pyramid. And a pyramid is what? said Ms. Frizzle. A pyramid is a solid object in which the base is a polygon, and the sides are triangle which meet at one vertex. Good Mikey! said Ms. Frizzle. The food pyramid can also be an example of a pyramid, said Molly. Slide 15 Back to School! We are going to head back to school for discussion. Hopefully you all learned what some shapes were and what some example are, said Ms. Frizzle. Slide 16 Discussion Time All right class. Today we traveled around town and reviewed and learned new vocabulary. Now, I just wanted to explain two more new vocabulary words and then you all are going to do an activity, said Ms. Frizzle. The first one is: polygon. Some of the shapes we saw today were polygons. A polygon is a plane 2-D shape that is flat and has straight sides that are closed in. Then, a polyhedron is a solid with flat faces where each face is a polygon, said Ms. Frizzle. So some of the objects we looked at today were polygons and polyhedrons so I thought you might want to know those. Slide 17 Activity The activity I want you to do is very easy, and fun. We are going to make nets of some of the 3-D figures we discussed today! Who can tell me what a net is? said Ms. Frizzle. A net is a pattern that you can cut and fold to make a solid 3-D shape, said Liz. lets get to work, said Ms. Frizzle, Slide 18 Result of nets Pyramid Triangular Pyramid Cube Rectangular Prism Combination of Nets Slide 19 THE END!!!! Magic School Bus Geometry Field Trip. By: Nicole Period- 4/5 Math Class Slide 20 Vocabulary Review WORDS: Cone Diameter Radius Cylinder Vertex Volume Cube Surface Area Base Lateral Surface Cubic Units Sphere Prism Pyramid Rectangular Prism Polygon Face Polyhedron Edge Nets


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