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  • Movie Making and Podcasting Movie Makers and Editors: Jumpcut- Be Good to Your video. The easiest way to edit, create, remix, and share your videos and photos. Unlimited upload. Nice People. Online Editing. Free. Windows Movie Maker (preinstalled on most Windows machines) Free. Windows Movie Maker makes digital home movies amazingly easy and fun. Download it today and see for yourself. Video Sharing Sites: Blip. Tv is a leading videoblogging and podcasting service. They take care of the servers, the software, the workflow, the advertising, and the distribution. You focus on creativity. Record, Upload, and Broadcast your Videos. Free Hosting. YouTube- YouTube is an online video streaming service which allows anyone to view and share videos that have been uploaded by members. Free Hosting. TeacherTube- Launched on March 6, 2007. An Online Community for Sharing Instructional Videos. An educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners. Free Hosting and Services.
  • Podcasting Resources: Audacity A free open source audio editor and recorder for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and other operating systems. Online Tutorials: Podcasting: How to Podcast Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters Podcasting Yahoo- Publish a Podcast Apple iTunes: Podcasting Online Video: Learn about VideoBlogging- a Tutorial Everything You Need to get Started Videoblogging
  • Books to Browse (These are just a small selction of what is out there): Secrets of Videoblogging Written by: Michael Verdi Content: "If you're ready to graduate from blog to vlog, and start creating your own video blogs, this is the book for you. After explaining what video blogs are and how to view them, the book introduces you to the range of vlogs that exist today. From there, it's on to actually creating them. With chapters on assembling the right vlog toolbox (including camera, operating system, editing software, jukeboxes and Internet connection), finding a story, shooting that first video blog, editing your video blog, preparing it for the Web, posting your vlog, and getting an keeping an audience, you'll learn how to: Sort out the legal, ethical, and creative issues involved in vlogging. Apply compression Get the right lighting and sound Apply transitions and effects Choose a blog service Work with RSS feeds Promote audience interaction And more! Filled with real-world tips on both the technical and creative aspects of vlogging, this fun, fast, full-color guide provides all the instruction you need to get going with your own video blog. "-From the Publisher Secrets of Podcasting, Second Edition: Audio and Video Blogging for the Masses Written by: Bart G. Farkas Content: "Whether you want to create your own podcasts, listen to audio programs, or even delve into the world of video podcasts, this book has everything you need to
  • enjoy the world of podcasting from both sides of the microphone! In Secrets of Podcasting, Second Edition, author Bart G. Farkas provides: Advice on how to download and enjoy podcasts with any portable media player. Detailed lists of the best equipment and software for creating and listening to podcasts. Fascinating interviews with podcasting celebrities, creators of popular podcasting software, and pioneers in the podcasting field. Step-by-step tutorials on how to create audio and video programs from start to finish on both Mac and Windows computers. How to publish and distribute your show. In addition, Bart includes alternative strategies for listening to and creating podcasts using nonstandard equipment. He also offers dozens of recommendations for software to use for finding and subscribing to shows. "-From the Publisher Creating a Movie in Movie Maker: Visual QuickProject Guide You've seen your friends' camcorder-shot, digitally edited home movies-and you're pretty sure you can do better! However, that doesn't mean you want to spend days (or even weeks) learning everything there is to know about the free video editing software at the heart of your Windows XP OS. You learn by doing-and this guide delivers. In these pages, veteran author Jan Ozer gets right to the point, using simple project- based instruction and big, colorful screen shots to guide you through the process of editing your very first video project with Movie Maker. Movie Magic: A behind-the-Scenes Look at Filmmaking Written by: Robin Cross Content: "Describes how movies are made, examining such areas as camera work, production design, location shooting, special effects, and animation. " -From the Publisher Great ideas for producing special effects and sounds.