Motivating learning with teens2

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1. Motivating Learning inteens.Sue NaylorNovember 2014 2. Teens can suffer lack motivation andengagement in the language learningclassroom. This workshop explores the notionof a learner centred classroom and gives tipson how to promote learner self-confidenceand increase motivation with learner centredclassroom activities and ICT use. 3. Teens Low self-esteem and confidence. High levels of social anxiety. Preoccupied with identity development. All kinds of..changes.Hostility towards the language classroom.The need to feel valuedThe need to feel accepted. 4. Weve all been there. 5. Develop initial relationshipsTalk to your partner for 2 minutes about your lives.Say hello Do you have a teenage (Junior or senior level class) class? Where do you teach them? What is the classroom / school like? What is your teenage class like ? What do you think is the biggest challenge teaching inteaching teenagers?Etc.Who in this class? 6. Seating Arrange pupils into learning groups Minimise behaviour issues in the classroom Ensure peer-peer learning occurs Remember names of pupils Avoid arguments about student seats 7. Provide boundaries 8. Think - Pair ShareKagan (1994)Fisher, R. Teaching children to learn 2005 p.96 Stages: 1. Students Listen while the teacher (oranother) poses the question or problem. 2. Students are then given time to think 3. Students then collaborate 4. Students share their work with the rest ofthe group. 9. Collaboration 10. StagesThink pair - share Teacher input grammar / Vocabulary Individual work. (homework) Student created collaborative material (story /script / presentation). Teacher led error correction. Students review work and create material toshare or display (Dfilm/ presentations/collaborative stories etc) Final error correction focus (whole group) 11. Online tools 12. Reflection 13. Collaboration can. Enable peer assisted learning. Reduce anxiety Increase in self confidence and self esteem Increase motivation Create positive attitudes towards languagelearning. 14. Questions