Monday, January 13, 2014 Warm Up:

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Monday, January 13, 2014 Warm Up:. Write the Formulas: Sodium/Chlorine Calcium/Sulfur Aluminum/Nitrogen Write the Names: BeBr 2 K 3 P B 2 O 3 Write the Formulas: Lithium Phosphide Cesium Sulfide Barium Bromide Where do you find the transition metals?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Naming Ionic Compounds with Transition MetalsMonday, January 13, 2014 Warm Up:Write the Formulas:Sodium/ChlorineCalcium/SulfurAluminum/NitrogenWrite the Names:BeBr2K3PB2O3Write the Formulas:Lithium PhosphideCesium SulfideBarium BromideWhere do you find the transition metals?Naming Ionic Compounds with Transition Metals Transition Metals:Metals found in the D-block on the periodic tableGet there name because most do NOT have only 1 oxidation state like the metals in S and P blocks. Most have 2 or more oxidation states that they transition in and out of.Fe+2 and Fe+3Common Oxidation Numbers for Transition Metals:Rules for naming Transition Metals:The name of the metal ALWAYS comes first:The metals name is as it is on the periodic tableIdentify the metals charge with Roman NumeralsThe name of the nonmetal ALWAYS comes second.Change the ending of the nonmetal to ideUnswap and UndropBring the subscripts back up to the opposite element (the elements should now have their actual oxidation number)Double check the nonmetals (anions) oxidation number to make sure it is what it is supposed to be.FeCl3Lets Practice:Compound:Metals symbol and original oxidation numberNonmetals symbol and original oxidation numberIs the nonmetal oxidation number correct?Name of the compoundAg3NAg+1N-3YesSilver (I) NitrideCoBr2CrI6Ti3N4Hg2OZnF2Naming transition metals:Name the metalName the nonmetalUnswap and UndropCheck the oxidation numberFeO Fe+1 O-1 Oxygens oxidation number is -2. 5. Multiply to get Oxygen to its -2 oxidation number- multiply both Fe and O by 2 to get: Fe+2 and O-26. Now name it:Iron (II) OxideWhat is Oxygens oxidation number?Lets Practice:CompoundMetals symbol and original oxidation numberNonmetals symbol and original oxidation numberIs the nonmetal oxidation number correct? If no, what do you need to multiply by to fix it?Name of the compoundNiONi+1O-1No (by 2) Nickel (II) OxideCrO3Ni3N2CuOMnNCu2OPtS2Writing Compounds from the Name with Transition Metals:Write out the ions and their charges for each elementRemember the charges for the transition metals is written in Roman NumeralsDrop the signsSwap the numbersSimplify if neededCopper (III) NitrideCu+3 N-3Cu3N3 CuNLets Practice:Name:Metal Symbol and chargeNonmetal symbol and chargeCompoundSimplified compoundIron (III) OxideFe+3O-2Fe2O3N/AMolybdemum (II) PhosphideVanadium (I) SulfideChromium (IV) ChlorideSilver (I) Sulfide