Mission, vision and core values

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Developing Strategy using Mission Statements, Core Values and Vision


1. The MAANZ MXpress ProgramDeveloping Strategy Mission, Vision and Core ValuesDrBrianMonger Copyright February 2013.This Power Point program and the associated documents remain the intellectual property and thecopyright of the author and of The Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand Inc. Thesenotes may be used only for personal study associated with in the above referenced course and not in anyeducation or training program. Persons and/or corporations wishing to use these notes for any other purpose should contact MAANZ for written permission. 2. MAANZInternational MAANZInternational,isaNotforProfit,internetbasedprofessionalandeducationalinstitutewhichhasoperatedforover25years. MAANZInternationaloffersProfessional Memberships; MarketingCourses(FormalandShort) AndMarketingPublications www.marketing.org.auMarketingInBlackandWhite 2 3. Dr.BrianMonger BrianMongeristheCEOofMAANZInternationalandaProfessionalmarketerandconsultantwithover40yearsexperience. MarketingInBlackandWhite3 4. OrganisationalDirection Strategy should begin with a clear concept and vision of what business the organisation is in andwhat path its development should take. The mission statement specifies what activities the organisation as a whole intends to pursue now and in the future; it says something about what kind of organisation it is now and is to becomeand, by omission, what it is not to do and not to become. It depicts an organisations character, identity, and scope of activities.MAANZInternational 4 5. Coreideologyandvisionarygoals The mission statement communicates the firms core ideology and visionary goals. Vision Statements are often seen as different to Mission statements, although they can in fact becombined. Vision Statements should be more immediate and inspirational. The visionstatement expresses the desired destination of the organisation within a certain time-frame. MAANZInternational 5 6. MissionandVisionstatementsfrommost organisationsusuallylackinspiration Mission and Vision statements from most organisations are usually run of the mill/ordinary . They lack inspiration and a realunderstanding of what is needed. They tendmake obvious statements about "putting customers first, valuing employees;making profits"; etc. MAANZInternational6 7. MissionandVisionstatementsfrommost organisationsusuallylackinspiration Good Mission and Vision Statements aremeant not only to provide direction, but shouldalso be inspirational to those who follow them.MAANZInternational 7 8. CoreValues Corporatevaluesstatements Core values reflect the deeply held values ofthe organisation and are independent of the current management fads. MAANZInternational8 9. SimilartoMissionandVisionStatements,CorporateValuesStatementsprovide: a vision for your future; a mission that defines what you are doing; values that shape your actions; strategies that zero in on your key successapproaches; and goals and action plans to guide your daily, weekly and monthly actions.MAANZInternational 9 10. Examplesofvaluesthatsomefirmshave chosentobeintheircore: excellent customer service pioneering technology creativity integrity social responsibility All fine as basics, but they need to be stated in an inspirational and creative way that will stand out and mean something MAANZInternational10 11. FormoreinformationaboutMAANZInternationalandarticles aboutMarketing,visit: www.marketing.org.au http://smartamarketing.wordpress.com http://smartamarketing2.wordpress.com . http://www.linkedin.com/groups/MAANZSmartaMarketingGroup2650856/about Email:info@marketing.org.au Linktothissite http://www.slideshare.net/bmonger for furtherpresentationsMarketingInBlackandWhite11 12. ENDMAANZ International 12


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