Maryland Environmental Literacy Action Plan

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Maryland Environmental Literacy Action Plan. TRAINING & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT STUDENT-FOCUSED ACTIONS POLICY & RELATED ACTIONS. Training & Professional Development. Introductory E-Lit Regional Workshops: Introductory E-Lit info County ELP Status Initial connection btw LEAs & providers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


E-Lit Roadtrip 2012Maryland Environmental Literacy Action PlanTRAINING & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTSTUDENT-FOCUSED ACTIONSPOLICY & RELATED ACTIONSTraining & Professional DevelopmentIntroductory E-Lit Regional Workshops: Introductory E-Lit infoCounty ELP StatusInitial connection btw LEAs & providersIdentify issues & challengesTop Issues & ChallengesRecognition of challenges, pressures on schoolsAwareness of available provider services: clearinghouseLack of funding for transportationFacilitating continued communication, collaborationAlignment of provider offeringsTeacher preparationChallenge of interdisciplinary e-lit in high schoolCoordination2. Continued Support for ImplementationMSDE E-Lit Summit for county ELP teams-Summer 2012 Identify regional liaisons (LEA & Provider)Facilitate collaboration, communicationCo-facilitate next round of regional E-Lit sessionsRegional E-Lit Planning Sessions: Fall 2012, Spring 2013Training & Professional Development4. Improve Coordination w/Higher Ed Establish contacts @ institutions of higher learning Forum (Fall 2012): Teacher prep and professional development programs in environmental literacyTraining & Professional DevelopmentStudent Focused ActionsAddressing Every Student Every Year (ESEY)Develop written recommendations for providing a meaningful outdoor EE experience for ESEY. Includes guidance for schools, EE providers, sites, etc.Develop effective tool to collect and report numbers of quality experiences. 1. Coordinate w/MD Green Schools Program Integrate schoolyard habitat with MDGS program Support U.S. Green Ribbon Schools ProgramGreener school construction guidelines as policy.Policy & Related Actions2. Support, cooperate with federal/ national E-Lit initiatives as appropriate.Policy & Related Actions


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