Major forces driving enterprise mobility as a service

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  • 1. Major Forces Driving Enterprise Mobility as a ServiceToday, most of the enterprises are lagging from providing devices, tools and applicationsthat can match up the latest technology trends used by the employees in their personallives. This at the end offer a poor experience to the employees within the enterprises asthey found their own personal technology is more engaging and productive than that offeredby the enterprises or organizations. This leads to the rapid emergence of enterprise mobilitysolutions within the enterprises to enhance the productivity of the employees whileinteracting with them seamlessly.In recent years, enterprise mobility services have seen a great rise and demand from theorganizations willing to mobilize their business process to leverage from the concept ofAnytime, anywhere access. With the immense popularity of the various mobile devicesincluding Smartphones, tablets etc. has pushed the organizations to mobilize in order toovercome the issue of reduced custom spending. Apart from this, there are many otherfactors or forces that are driving the enterprise mobility as a service for the consumer-oriented organizations.Lets take a look at the factors driving enterprise mobility as a service: Exponentially rising demand of the mobile devices. With the technology convergence,uninterrupted connectivity and increasing affordability, industries have seen a greatdemand of mobile devices across the world. According to the ITU (InternationalTelecommunication Union), there are almost 5.3 billion mobile subscribers with 3Gtechnologies across the 143 countries. Whopping use of the mobility by the consumers & employees within the organizations.There is no doubt that consumers are one of the major driving forces of the SAPenterprise mobility solutions. Ease of accessing information anytime, anywhere has

2. empowered consumers in a different ways. These devices have changed the way news,media and games are consumed by the users. On the other hand, employees within theenterprises have started using mobile devices to access information for work andpersonal purpose. Emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Concept. Today, employees aredemanding to use their own personal device within the enterprises, which has pushedthe organizations to go for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Concept with appropriaterestrictions and security concerns. Barriers are making enterprise mobility solutions a tough rope to walk. The emergenceof smart wireless devices within the organization premises has created some friction,specifically within the IT departments due to security, complexity of support, extendingcosts and shrinking IT budgets. However, as of now, organizations can work out forimplementing well-sorted out device policies that enable them to restrict, control andmanage devices with the help of periodic reviews of device policies that are interactedwith the employees and customers.Early adopters of the enterprise mobility as a service are leveraging from the businessbenefits and planning new and innovative ways to extend competitive advantage offered byit. However, still many organizations are following wait-and-watch strategy to learn fromthe experience of the other organizations before implement enterprise mobility.Well, these are a few factors or forces that are driving enterprise mobility. Are you lookingfor SAP enterprise mobility solutions or professional enterprise mobility services? If yes,then visit for more details!


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