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Let`s Take a Trip. Countries, Nationalities and Languages. Developed for English I Inside Out by Donna Rowan. Egypt. Brazil. Can you Identify the Country?. The United States. Greece. France. Australia. We can Identify People by the Way that they Dress. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Developed for English I Inside Out by Donna Rowan

  • The United StatesGreeceFranceAustraliaEgyptBrazil

  • We can Identify People by the Way that they Dress.

    Can you tell which Country these people are from?

  • He is from Scotland.She is from Holland.They are from India.She is from Japan.They are from Spain.

  • This is Holland,They are Dutch.This is England.They are English.This is Mexico.They are Mexican.This is Italy.This is Thailand.They are Italian.They are Thai.This is Africa.They are Africian.

  • Can you Name these Countries? Look Fast.Do you know their nationalities?

  • Your Right. There are four countries. BrazilThe United StatesEnglandEgypt

  • Do you recognise these Countries?How About the Nationalities? What are they?

  • These countries are:FranceItaly EnglandGreece

  • Now let`s look at the countries and Identify their Nationalities.Do you know the Nationalities?

  • -an-ish-ese-iArgentina - Argentinean Britain - BritishChina - ChineseIraq - IraqiAustralia - AustralianDenmark - DanishJapan - JapaneseKuwait - KuwaitiAustria - AustrianEngland - EnglishLebanon - LebanesePakistan - PakistaniBelgium - BelgianIreland - IrishPortugal - PortugueseOthersBrazil - BrazilianPoland - PolishVietnam - VietnameseFrance - FrenchCanada - CanadianScotland - ScottishGreece - GreekColombia - ColombianSpain - SpanishThailand - ThaiEgypt - EgyptianSweden - SwedishThe Netherlands - DutchGermany - GermanTurkey - TurkishIndia - IndianKorea - KoreanMexico - MexicanPeru - PeruvianPuerto Rico - Puerto RicanRussia - RussianUnited States - AmericanVenezuela - Venezuelan

  • She is Dutch.They are IndianShe is Japanese.They are Spanish.He is Scottish.

  • They are American.They are Greek.They are French.They are Australian.They are EgyptianThey are Brazilian.

  • You`re Right. This is Russia. They are Russian.You`re Right. This is India. They are Indian.Of course, This is France. They are French.Super. This is Italy. They are Italian.

  • Let`s see if you remember. Write the Country and the Nationality on a piece of paper.

  • Here are the answers.How did you do?Italy..ItalianEnglandEnglish/ Great Britian..BritishEgyptEgyptianThe United States AmericanRussiaRussian

  • ESEChineseJapaneseVietnamese

  • RussianMexicanCanadianIranianIndian

  • ScottishEnglishSpanish

  • FrenchGreekDutchThai