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LETS GO ON A SAFARI!. WHEN GOING ON A SAFARI, YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED! LETS GO THROUGH SOME THINGS YOU WILL NEED ON YOUR TRIP!. Sunglasses would be a good object to bring because you may need to see some things better. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint PresentationINCORRECTTHE CORRECT ANSWER ISYOULL GET IT NEXT TIME!Try AgainWE HAVE REACHED THE END OF OUR ADVENTURE! ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PREPARE BEFORE GOING ON A TRIP, AND LEARN SOMETHING FROM YOUR TRIP! INCORRECT*Think about what you could wear on your head.ITS OKAY! TRY AGAIN!Try AgainA hat would be a good object to bring because it helps shield the sun from your face to prevent sunburn.Sunglasses would be a good object to bring because you may need to see some things better.Sunscreen to protect your skin from the strong and hot sun rays.Bug spray to keep the bugs away and protect you from annoying bug bites.A camera is a good object to bring so you can take pictures of the wonderful wildlife that you seeA flashlight is a good idea to bring just in case it gets darkA backpack is a good idea to bring so that you have something to carry everythingWater is something you will need on a safari. You will want to make sure you stay hydrated throughout your tripBoots are comfortable and will help you walk through anything that you come across on your Safari. Wearing Kaki, or neutral colored clothes is a good idea so that you blend in and can watch the animals.A First Aid Kit is one of the most important things to bring on a Safari. If anybody was to get hurt this would be very helpful to have in your backpack.QUIZ TIME!NETITS TIME FOR ANAUSH IS SO SEXY AND COOL AND CUTE AND SMART AND ADORABLE AWWW WHAT A GENTLEMAN I JUST LOVE HIM THE MOST EVER EVER EVER XOXOWhich item would help you blend in while out on your safari?Kaki ClothingFlashlightCORRECT!GREAT JOB!CORRECT!WAY TO GO!CORRECT!AWESOME JOB!CORRECT!YOU ROCK!CORRECT!GREAT JOB!Lions are usually referred to as the King Lions have golden fur, and the adult males have a mane.Zebras are a lot like horses, but zebras have black and white stripes.Giraffes are very tall animals with very long necks that help them reach up high for leaves in trees. Hippos are rather large animals that are usually found in the water.Elephants are one of the largest animals found in the African Plains.YOU DID IT! YOU COMPLETED THE AFRICAN SAFARI! LETS SEE HOW MUCH YOUVE LEARNED WHILE IN THE WILD!QUIZ TIME!Which animal is usually found in the water?ElephantHippoCORRECT!GREAT JOB!CORRECT!GREAT JOB!CORRECT!FANTASTIC!CORRECT!GREAT JOB!CORRECT!AWESOME JOB!THE END!