Introduction to Digital Badges

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Introduction to Digital Badges. Oakland Community College, Faculty Showcase, January 2014. Angela Elkordy Doctoral Candidate Eastern Michigan University College of Education Leadership and Counseling Dept. Digital promise. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Digital badge training -- TeachersIntroduction to Digital BadgesAngela ElkordyDoctoral CandidateEastern Michigan UniversityCollege of EducationLeadership and Counseling Dept.aelkordy@emich.eduOakland Community College, Faculty Showcase, January 2014{Most useful for teachers in middle & high school, upper el. 1Digital promise.Collaborate -- backchannel: along: will:Engage in conversation! (Todays Meet Link)Understand:What are digital badgesHistory and recent contextHow digital badges can transform instruction, add value and transparency in learning environmentsExploreView examples of badging systemsWhere to find additional resourcesGoalsWhat are digital badges?Where do digital badges live? Whats an OBI?, wikis, web sites, Mozilla backpack6DML Competition: Digital Badge DevelopmentWhat is a digital badge?A validated indicator of accomplishment A web-enabled token with metadata attached.An image with metadata attached Metadata can include information about: Issuer Date of IssueBadge criteriaDate of expiry (if applicable)Link to digital artifact/product (evidence of learning)Link to an imageOther metadatastandards Source: Building Badges for Informal Learning Environments: student learning over timeDigital age learners.Socio-cultural context Achievement (specific criteria)Affiliation (belonging)Behavioral Demonstration of specific skills (products)Incremental (toward a goal)Participation (events, classes, meetings)Social capital (mentoring, collaborating, team building)Kinds of badgesMeasure new skills;Differentiate instruction;Communicate expectations;Provide essential formative feedback;Increase learners metacognitive skills and self-efficacy;Share ideas!How can I use digital badges?evidence-based;acknowledge and communicate skills;flexible;granular;common assessments;competency-based;performance based.Digital badges of learning (eventranscultural, embodying criteria important to communities of practice globally), (very specific skills and knowledge sets can be targeted)13BlackboardMoodleLearn 9.1 (U of T, San Antonio)Edvance360Desire2Learn (?)Digital Badges and LMSWhos Badging?Clinton Global InitiativeSpring Beta release Badgekit from Mozilla in the City: Chicago Summer of LearningDigital Badging Systems: PassportMozillas Badge Kit: by DesignWhat are the learning targets? What kind of products will evidence learning?What kinds of activities and experiences will support mastery learning?Bonus: instantly reflective! How can I *teach* these concepts to ensure learning?Digital badge assessments can align well with the idea of critically looking at learning and mastery of concepts can be evidencedDigital badges can guide or scaffold learning, leading to greater understandingThrough performance activities, learning is made visibleDesign for UnderstandingSample badge designDesign ToolsBadges Examples & IdeasDigital badge webinar: Feb. 6, 2014TITLE OF WORKSHOP: Getting Started with Digital BadgesDESCRIPTION OF WORKSHOP: Merit badges have gone digital! Digital badges contain informationabout who issued a learning challenge, who earned the badge, and the evidence of learning that wasrequired to earn it. Badges help bridge the gap between formal and informal learning. Participants in this workshop will learn how to make digital badges and how to use them in instruction and assessment.Learn More!MACUL Pre- Con Session, March 12, 2014Resources: Digital Badges Pearltrees ( Fontichiaro, A. Elkordy, From Stars to Constellations: Digital Badges Can Chart Growth ISTE Leading & Learning, Dec. 2013/ Jan. 2014 Fontichiaro, A. Elkordy, Getting Started with Digital Badges, MACUL Journal, Fall 2013, p. 30 Badges: Studio (Digital Badging Platform): www.openpassport.orgPearltrees Collections of Digital Resources (curated by A. Elkordy): / Sites:Thank you!For more information, visit contact Angela Elkordyaelkordy@emich.educall (734) 494-0640 (Google voice)Questions?