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INTRODUCING WITH AMAZING DIGITAL CLASSESTECHNOLOGY AND AMAZING CONTENT D I G I T A L C L A S S R O O MD I G I T A L C L A S S R O O MENSURING THE OUTSTANDINGTEACHING OUTCOMES AND PAVE THE WAY FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE FOR EVERY LEARNER Learning is at its best when the students become a part of the content & process. At Mastermind Digital Classroom one grows in the virtual world of indigenous content developed by experienced & qualified authors. D I G I T A L C L A S S R O O MWE KNEW OUR LIMITS WE DECIDED TOCROSS THEMFor the students, today "competition is high, expectations are limitless, need is to be multi-talented.Today's generation is smarter than the previous one. Our endeavor is to make them the smartest. At Mastermind Digital Classes you will have Interactive Audio - Video Classrooms Complete Content as per recommended syllabus Exclusive Problem Solving Sessions Preparatory TestsWe promise to push you beyond your limits and prepare you to excel in the field of your choice.Wishing you great success ahead.aaaaD I G I T A L C L A S S R O O MWell researched and simplifiedaudio video interactivecontent, your student willlove to learn.Our interactive Audio - Video classrooms are equipped with multimedia content developed by highly experienced faculties.In accordance with the recommendations of CBSE/ MP Board, with unlimited questions to be solved to test your understanding.A true " Bridge between teaching & learning".INTERACTIVEAUDIO - VIDEO CLASSROOMSA NEW FUN WAY OF LEARNINGD I G I T A L C L A S S R O O MAmalgamating technology with indigenously developed content is what the Scholars of Mastermind Digital Classes have achieved. The quest has been to bring forth the answers to doubts that are never raised by a student, but have always remained in their mind. A combination of Videos, Stills, Animation, Texts and Voices make the contents 'an experience as never before'. An experience of the 'virtual world' while floating through the streams of knowledge delivered in the class room. LEARNING BEYOND THE CLASS ROOMSSOLUTIONS AVAILABLE FOR STANDARD VII TO XFrom simple arithmetic calculations, to the 'suppose that' world of Algebra, the imaginary lines & curves of Geometry, the complex theorems, the study of triangles in Trigonometry can sometimes be breathtaking. For some it may be an unsolved mind-boggling puzzle for a life-time. It often becomes a phobia for many. Explore the videos of Mastermind Digital Classes and break the myth of 'math being difficult'.MATH When the scientific studies are read as theory, you may understand. When you relate it with a diagram you visualize the 'Science', but when you see the process happening in an experiment, you become a part of the 'Scientific process', you learn it. Pacify your inquisitiveness; get the most satisfactory answer to all your questions of 'how & why' when you are in the midsts of any lesson of science. Travel through the virtual world of 'Science' at Mastermind Digital Classes.SCIENCEENGLISH GRAMMAR'Grammar' is the only link between thought and expression. It forms the basis of all mode of communication. To teach & learn the use of correct Grammar is the most difficult part of any language. The simplified teaching methods, with adaptable examples in the Audio - video contents of Mastermind Digital Classes, followed by sufficient practice options makes learning Grammar interesting.D I G I T A L C L A S S R O O MD I G I T A L C L A S S R O O MImproves teachers effectiveness and productivity in classIt brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classroomsMakes learning an enjoyable experience for studentsImproves academic performance of studentsAdvantage:Master Mind Digital classaaaaHow to implement Master Mind Digital class in your School?Make the class rooms equipped with necessary hardware (Digital Board, System etc), ( School can purchase and install the hardware of its own. We do not bind the school to purchase the hardware from us. Yes, if school needs we definitely can help in this through our authorized supplier.)Our engineer will install the software and content in the systemTraining to teachers to facilitate the use of software and hardwareSupport and monitoring of usageContact: 8109045119 or visit YOUR COMPUTER LAB CAN ALSO BE AN ENGLISH LABTalk Right a software based 'Language Lab' is designed and developed with the objective to allow each student to listen & speak for 100% of the class room time. NOW YOUR COMPUTER LAB CAN ALSO BE AN ENGLISH LABTo setup an English Lab contact: 8109045119or visit LANGUAGE LABLANGUAGE LAB ADVANTAGE: Indigenous audio-video content to meet the needs of todays Indian students Unlimited opportunity of listening and speaking, to repeat, record, and review The order of effective teaching i.e, listen, speak, read, write is followed by default One to one interaction with faculty adds to confidence of student and allows effective monitoring of development of every student Continuity even in case of absence is maintained Un-interrupted and continued speaking forces the language on the tip of the student's tongueMaster Mind Now Present in 8 Countries, 2000+ CentresOur Exclusive Programs for Schools51, Sampat Hills, Opp. Sahara City, Bicholi Mardana Bypass, Indore 452016 Madhya Pradesh, IndiaTel: 8109045119Email: classes@mmtpl.comWeb: I G I T A L C L A S S R O O MTALKTHE LANGUAGE LABMMy Handwriting BookINDIA UAE BAHRAIN USAMONGOLIA MALAYSIAMOROCCOLEBANONPage 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7Page 8


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