Internet in China -- analysis on Internet Users Zhang Jian Aug 26, 2009. slide 0

Internet in China -- analysis on Internet Users Zhang Jian Aug 26, 2009.

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Internet in China --analysis on Internet UsersZhang JianAug 26, 2009ContentsOutline of InternetInternet Fundamental Resources in China Dec. 2008 Jun. 2009Jun.2008Jun.2009Growth rateIPv4 158 million205million29.7%Domain names in China14.85Million16.26 Million9.5%CN domain names11.90 million12.96 million8.9%Total Websites 1.91 million3,06 million60.2%Internet Users253 Million338 Million33.5%International bandwidth (Mbps)493,729Mbps747,541Mbps51.4% Internet Users and Penetration Rate Structure of Internet UsersRural internet users Dec. 2008- Jun. 2009Education Structure Dec. 2008-Jun. 2009Average Online TimeAverage Online time per Week of usershoursChart1191819 1Sheet1 1 2 32008.06192.422009.618.04.422009.618.01.83 44.52.85Top Ten applicationsRankActivitiesUse rateClassification1Online music85.5%Entertainment2Online news78.7%Information3Instant message72.2%communication4Search engine69.4%Information5Online video65.8%Entertainment6Online game64.2%Entertainment7E-mail55.4%communication8Blogs53.8%communication9BBS30.4%communication10Online shopping26.0%E-commerceMobile Internet Users in ChinaThe advantage of mobile Internet Breakdown of Mobile Internet UsersUsers age between 10 to 29 occupies a leading position.There is a large proportion of users with lower education level.By ageBelow 1010-1920-2930-3940-4950-59Above 60By educationMobile internet usersAll Internet usersMaster and aboveCollegeJunior collegeMiddle schoolHigh schoolBelow middle schoolMobile internet usersAll Internet usersChart10.0610.0760.2850.2630.4330.410.1130.1270.1020.1140.0070.01Sheet11 36.10%7.60%228.50%26.30%243.30%41.00%311.30%12.70%510.20%11.40%0.70%1.00%Chart10.0080.0090.3880.330.3760.2980.1550.2070.0540.0990.0140.040.0050.017Sheet11 3100.80%0.90%210-1938.80%33%220-2937.60%29.80%330-3915.50%20.70%540-495.40%9.90%50-591.40%4%600.50%1.70%Internet Users Network Life StyleClassificationKey wordsSentence Acceptance Network trustInformation trustInternet is one of my most important channel to get information84.3%I put more trust in information on the internet than that on TV48.0%Trade trustThe registration information I fill in on the Internet is true39.4%It is safe to have transactions online29.2%Network interactionSocialParticipationI usually air my opinion on the Internet56.1%After having access to the Internet, I am more concerned with social events than before81.7%SocializationI make many new friends on the Internet66.5%The Internet strengthens my contact with friends87.0%Network shareI often share my knowledge with others on the Internet78.5%I will forward useful information to others when I got them76.0%Network dependenceLife assistantI cannot live without the Internet77.5%Handling business online save me a lot of trouble resulting from visiting a place in person81.6%Social isolationIn the age of the Internet, I feel more lonely22.0%The Internet reduces my time spent with my family34.4%Network addictionI feel uncomfortable without the Internet for one day16.4%I prefer staying online than living in real society17.4%Internet Users Network Life StyleAfter having access to the Internet, I am more involved in social events than beforeI usually air my opinion on the Internet.The Internet strengthens my contact with friendsI make new friends on the InternetChart10.6650.6540.870.8252009.62008.12Sheet12009.62008.12 366.50%65.40%287.00%82.50%2 33.51.83 44.52.852009.666.50%87.00%Chart10.5610.4190.8170.7692009.62008.12Sheet12009.62008.12 356.10%41.90%281.70%76.90%2 33.51.83 44.52.852009.656.10%81.70%Internet Users Network Life StyleIn the age of the Internet, I feel more lonelyThe Internet reduces their time spent with their familyI prefer staying online to living in real societyI feel uncomfortable without Internet for one dayChart10.3440.290.220.1992009.62008.12Sheet112009.62008.12 334.40%29.00%222.00%19.90%2 33.51.83 44.52.852008.1229.00%19.90%Chart10.1640.174116.4%17.4%Sheet112008.12 316.40%29.00%217.40%19.90%2 33.51.83 44.52.852008.1229.00%19.90%Difference of Net Life StylesChart10.75040091560.83716000180.81024374610.91976753840.58757566330.46338768110.79118615710.62860522230.52770444370.49583835660.69003533190.56670745850.60554631230.56012833580.6801868470.5539614435Mid-School and underColleage and AboveSheet11Mid-School and underColleage and Above2Life Assistance75.0%83.7%83.7%Channel of Information81.0%92.0%92.0%Info-Trust58.8%46.3%46.3%Social-networking79.1%62.9%62.9%Social-isolation52.8%49.6%49.6%Net-addiction69.0%56.7%56.7%Trade Trust60.6%56.0%56.0%Air Opinion68.0%55.4%55.4%ContentsThe TrendInternet Users are still growing rapidlyHigh-speed Connection is in demandWireless Internet is the trendInternet Credibility is to be improvedNew media is on rise : 100190www.cnnic.cnThanks!***************


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