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<ul><li><p>Building Competence. Crossing Borders.</p><p>International HR ManagementCertificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) </p></li><li><p>PURPOSE </p><p>Companies competing in an international environment face a </p><p>variety of demands on their organizations and people. Their </p><p>challenge is to address needs and issues that can be con-</p><p>tradictory as a result of the diverging strategies of different </p><p>entities operating in different cultural and economic contexts </p><p>simultaneously. International HR management competence </p><p>can contribute significantly to the success of global corpora-</p><p>tions. Let us help you find the best fit for your company and </p><p>its subsidiaries in terms of people and HR systems.</p><p>OBJECTIVES</p><p>This CAS program will enable participants to</p><p> contribute to the financial success of their organization </p><p>by enabling them to manage people effectively across </p><p>national borders,</p><p> contribute to the development and implementation of </p><p>their organizations international corporate strategy,</p><p> develop, implement, and maintain effective human </p><p>resource policies and practices in a multicultural </p><p>business environment,</p><p> manage the international HR function more efficiently,</p><p> work with and manage people from different cultures </p><p>more effectively.</p><p>TARGET AUDIENCE</p><p> HR managers working in an international business </p><p>environment</p><p> Local country HR managers of international companies</p><p> Global mobility specialists</p><p>MAS CREDIT</p><p>The CAS in International Human Resource Management </p><p>can be completed as part of the MAS in Human Capital </p><p>Management at the School of Management and Law or the </p><p>MAS in Human Resource Management at the Institute of </p><p>Applied Psychology.</p><p>The implementation of global strategies is hampered by a shortage of international management talent. </p><p>Fit for the Global Challenge</p><p>Program </p><p>Applying HR Systems in an International Context: Corporate Responsibility Global Staffing Developing People Globally Global Performance Management Global Compensation Managing Global Mobility</p><p>FACTORS INFLUENCING THE ADAPTATION OF HR SYSTEMS</p><p>Country Workbook</p><p> Corporate Strategy and Culture Cultural Diversity Institutions</p></li><li><p>PROGRAM OVERVIEW</p><p>MODULE 1 6 ECTS Credits</p><p>MODULE 2 6 ECTS Credits</p><p>The Framework of International HR Management Applying HR Systems </p><p> Introduction to international HR management</p><p> Corporate strategy and culture</p><p> Cultural diversity</p><p> International labor regulations</p><p> Institutional factors</p><p> Integrative session: Doing business in India / the Middle </p><p>East / Russia</p><p> The global HR function</p><p> Business ethics and corporate responsibility</p><p> Global staffing and people development</p><p> Global performance management and compensation</p><p> Managing global mobility</p><p> Presentation of country workbooks </p><p>Information Event</p><p>Center for Human Capital Management</p><p>Register now: </p><p></p><p>The analysis of institutional factors enables effective local adaptation of HR systems.</p><p>Global Efficiency Versus Local Responsiveness</p><p>Structure and Content</p><p>METHODOLOGY</p><p>Classes consist of lectures by instructors and industry guest </p><p>speakers, exercises, discussions, work on practical cases, </p><p>class presentations, and experience-sharing sessions. In ad-</p><p>dition, participants study the relevant literature to consolidate </p><p>their knowledge of the issues covered in the classroom as </p><p>well as preparing for their performance assessments.</p><p>INSTRUCTORS</p><p>The instructor team for this program consists of ZHAW lec-</p><p>turers and research associates, business executives, and </p><p>entrepreneurs. They are well-connected, able to share cut-</p><p>ting-edge knowledge, and guarantee a critical overview of </p><p>current trends.</p></li><li><p>Center for Human Capital Management</p><p>The Center for Human Capital Manage-</p><p>ment (ZHCM) is the HR and Leadership </p><p>Competence Center at the ZHAW School of </p><p>Management and Law. We support execu-</p><p>tive boards, line managers, and HR man-</p><p>agers in managing their human capital ef-</p><p>fectively and enable their organizations to </p><p>achieve sustainable competitive advan-</p><p>tages. In addition to designing and teach-</p><p>ing BSc, MSc, and continuing education </p><p>programs, we also advise companies and </p><p>institutions and actively engage in research </p><p>and development. Our partners benefit from </p><p>a broad range of solutions as well as the </p><p>expertise and extensive experience of indi-</p><p>vidual members of the ZHCM team in com-</p><p>panies representing various industries and </p><p>operating sizes. </p><p></p><p>Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions</p><p>Contact</p><p>COURSE LEADER</p><p>Monika Rohrer, lic. phil. I</p><p>ZHAW School of Management and Law</p><p>Phone +41 58 934 78 40</p><p></p><p>ADMINISTRATION AND REGISTRATION</p><p>ZHAW School of Management and Law</p><p>Customer Service, Continuing Education</p><p>Theaterstrasse 15b</p><p>P.O. Box</p><p>8401 Winterthur</p><p>Switzerland</p><p>Phone +41 58 934 79 79</p><p></p><p>Monika RohrerSenior LecturerCenter for Human Capital Management</p></li><li><p>Organizational Details </p><p>The Key to Your Success</p><p>Visit our website for further details.</p><p>ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS</p><p>The program is aimed at graduates of universities or univer-</p><p>sities of applied sciences with at least three years of profes-</p><p>sional experience. Professionals without a university degree </p><p>may also be admitted, provided they have at least five years </p><p>of professional experience and relevant continuing educa-</p><p>tion qualifications (such as Personalfachfrau / Personalfach-</p><p>mann mit eidg. Fachausweis / Diplom or similar). The final </p><p>decision to admit an applicant will rest with the Course </p><p>Leader.</p><p>REGISTRATION</p><p>The application period ends one month before the start of </p><p>the program. To register, visit:</p><p> </p><p>PROGRAM DATES</p><p>For the current program dates, please visit: </p><p></p><p>WORKLOAD</p><p>Participants completing the program successfully earn 12 </p><p>ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. Each credit </p><p>is the equivalent of 25 to 30 hours of work. </p><p>PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTS </p><p>The performance assessment for the first module involves a </p><p>country analysis and for the second module the develop-</p><p>ment of recommendations regarding the implementation of </p><p>HR systems in that country. </p><p>LOCATION</p><p>Classes take place on the campus of the ZHAW School of </p><p>Management and Law in Winterthur, a two-minute walk from </p><p>Winterthur main railway station. </p><p></p><p>DURATION</p><p>The program takes 3 4 months to complete, allowing par-</p><p>ticipants to combine work and study. </p><p>CLASS SCHEDULE</p><p>Classes take place from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm on a specific </p><p>day of the week.</p><p>LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION</p><p>The language and course materials are in English.</p><p>QUALIFICATION</p><p>Participants who complete all the performance assessments </p><p>successfully and have an attendance record of at least 80 </p><p>percent receive a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Inter-</p><p>national Human Resource Management.</p><p>FEE</p><p>The program fee is CHF 6,900 and includes all course </p><p>materials.</p><p>TERMS OF PARTICIPATION</p><p>Visit our website to download the general terms of admis-</p><p>sion and participation for programs of continuing education </p><p>at the ZHAW School of Management and Law:</p><p></p></li><li><p>School of Management and LawSt.-Georgen-Platz 2P.O. Box8401 WinterthurSwitzerland</p><p></p><p>Zurich University of Applied Sciences</p><p>Accreditations:</p><p>Memberships:</p><p>Issu</p><p>e d</p><p>ate:</p><p> Mar</p><p>ch 2</p><p>017 </p><p>/ E</p><p>rror</p><p>s an</p><p>d o</p><p>mis</p><p>sion</p><p>s ex</p><p>cep</p><p>ted</p><p> / E</p><p>diti</p><p>on 1</p><p>50 </p><p>This</p><p> is a</p><p> clim</p><p>ate </p><p>neut</p><p>ral p</p><p>rinte</p><p>d m</p><p>atte</p><p>r / m</p><p>yclim</p><p>ate.</p><p>org </p><p>/ No.</p><p> 01-</p><p>17-8</p><p>2945</p><p>1</p></li></ul>


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