Informatica Cloud Big Machines Plug-In Informatica Cloud Big Machines Plug-In is designed to allow you to quickly integrate quoting and CRM data. Benefits: • Integrate CRM and quoting data quickly

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<ul><li><p> 2010 Informatica Corporation. All rights reserved. Informatica and the Informatica logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Informatica Corporation in the United States and in jurisdictions throughout the world. All other company and product names may be trade names or trademarks of their respective owners. </p><p>Informatica Cloud Big Machines Plug-In Integrate the key objects quickly to deliver quoting and CRM synchronization Informatica Cloud Services are web-based multi-tenant data integration solutions specifically designed for line of business (LOB) users and SaaS application administrators. An easy-to-use wizard-based interface allows non-technical users to create, schedule, and manage tasks on the web and the proven performance and scalability of the Informatica Platform is delivered through a secure agent that sits behind the firewall. Informatica Cloud Services delivers bi-directional data loading and extraction, data synchronization capabilities between cloud and on-premise applications, databases, and files; a data replication service that is optimized for frequent SaaS application changes; and a CRM data quality assessment service. Informatica Cloud delivers prepackaged address validation and data cleansing capabilities as well as B2B data exchange integration for industry standard file formats (ACORD, SWIFT, EDI). Prepackaged integration is also available for many SaaS applications (Right90, Big Machines, Oracle On Demand, Xactly, Twitter, etc.) and on-premise systems (SAP, Oracle, JDE, Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics, ACT, etc.). </p><p>Plug-In Details: Requires Informatica Cloud Services Pricing: Requires End Point Pricing: Requires Implementation fee </p><p> Informaticabasicallypioneered</p><p>cloudcomputingfordataintegration,offeringahostofofferingsforcustomersofvariousshapesandsizes.Itoffersfastandeasypayasyougoandpayforuseoptionsthatletusersmovedataintooroutofthecloudormanagedatawithinthecloudoffromone</p><p>apptoanother. </p><p> The Informatica Cloud Big Machines Plug-In is designed to allow you to quickly integrate quoting and CRM data. </p><p>Benefits: Integrate CRM and quoting data quickly Process-centric data integration Quick-start implementation Contact Us: Email Phone: 888.345.4639 (in the US) Web: </p></li></ul>


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