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STARTING A NEW PROJECT? NEW JOB? IN A NEW FIELD?How well are you coping with change?The world is in a constant state of change and nowhere is this change more dramatic anddemanding than in the engineering sciences. Even if your job hasn't changed, chances are thetechnology surrounding your current assignment has changed drastically in the past fewyears.DO2D~NEm ~~~~~~~~~~~~EW7M xc,This new online service from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. ismounted on the CompuServe network and provides FAST, EASY, access to information onall subjects of interest to IEEE members.All you need is a communicating terminal to access the low-cost IEEE FINDING YOUR WAYservice. You will find:The TUTORIAL DATABASE- points tospecially selected publications, meetings,courses, and technical papers on yourspecific subject. All references in thissmall, highly screened database werespecially chosen to help you navigatethrough the bewildering richness of IEEE-provided technical information.The CATALOG SECTION-lists all IEEEStandards and all currently available con-ference records and USAB documents,with complete product and price informa-tion.ONLINE ORDERING- lets you placeorders electronically for all listed publica-tions and courses. Importantly, this in-cludes reprints of individual articles thatwill be on their way to you within threedays.The VIDEOLOG GATEWAY-lets youtransfer to an exciting new commercialdatabase service, with price advantagesfor FINDING YOUR WAY subscribers.p>g VideoLog is a semiconductor compo-nents selection guide and industry newsservice.IEEEFOR FURTHER INFORMATIONCall: (212) 705-7352or Write:IEEE FINDING YOUR WAY345 East 47th StreetNew York, N.Y. 10017-2394-vtljs