How to plan a trip

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Ana CifuentesCHAPTER 5- WRITING ACADEMIC ENGLISH Assignment1. it states that its necessary to understand how a nuclear plant is constructed and how it operates, one may infer that it may describe the stages of construction and function of a nuclear plant2. 1st paragraph: how a nuclear reactor produces energy2nd paragraph: how do nuclear reactors produce electricity3. 4. Introductory paragraph: attention-getting5. Its a different kind of thesis, as it doesnt summarise nor paraphrase the main ideas of the essay. But it comes out with a new idea and gives a final comment to the topic. I dont think this kind of conclusion is the most suitable, as it ignores many important things that the text approaches and just focuses in one. 76Just because you put something in the recycling bin or run an uninstall program doesnt mean you get rid of it3