How to plan a great road trip

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<ul><li><p>How to Plan a Great Road trip Lets be honest, while it is nice to get to a destination, </p><p>it can definitely be a lot of fun just traveling to that </p><p>destination. Finding joy in the journey is what a great </p><p>road trip is all about and when you have it planned out </p><p>the right way, you are sure to have a fantastic </p><p>adventure to remember! Here are some tips to help </p><p>you have that amazing road trip. </p><p>Purpose Whether you are going on a long motorcycle trip from </p><p>the east coast to the west coast with your buddies just </p><p>for good ole bonding time, or taking an historical trip to Americas great monuments, it doesnt matter. </p><p>The fact is that you are getting out on the road. When you know your purpose for the road trip though, </p><p>you can know what will be important to do along the way. If your purpose is to bond with your buddies, </p><p>then you probably wont be stopping at all of the museums and historical sites along the way. You may </p><p>just choose to hit all of the best burger joints in the nation and see some of the gorgeous landscape as </p><p>you pass by. Having a purpose will motivate you as you go. The best way to lay things out it is with </p><p>milestones. For instances, if you are traveling across the United States, you should find some places </p><p>along the way that you want to see, that way you are looking forward to the next destination and not </p><p>just the final destination. </p><p>Style is everything You may be an outdoorsy type or one of those people who just has to have the most luxurious hotels to </p><p>stay in so you feel comfortable along the way. Whatever you are, you need to plan your trip according to </p><p>your style. This will give you the best all-around experience. Some things to think about are the types of </p><p>food you will want to eat along the way, what you will want to do for entertainment, and what you will </p><p>be looking for as far as adventure goes. </p><p>Research The best research you can do is by speaking with or even reading up blogs by people who have done a </p><p>similar trip. They will tell you all of the best things they did and all of the things that they wish they had </p><p>done. The most important thing to listen to is the things they </p><p>did that made the trip not as fun as it should have been. </p><p>Another type of research is the internet. Not only can you </p><p>poor over informative blogs that have a very personal </p><p>approach to trips, but you can get maps and other </p><p>information on sites and other destinations. </p><p>Wherever you let the wind take you, make sure that you are </p><p>on top of your game with these tips on how to have a </p><p></p></li><li><p>successful road trip. Make sure that your car is covered with Thousand Oaks Car Insurance. Security is </p><p>always the best policy when you are out having an adventure! </p><p>photocredit: wikimedia, deviantart </p><p></p></li></ul>