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<ul><li><p>How to get Started Kayaking: Adventures with a double-bladed paddle in Natural &amp; Urban settings Kayaking is currently the fastest growing recreational sport. The creation and development of urban paddling opportunities through boat access, paddling centers and paddlesport events is...dare I say it...very au courant. </p><p>Highly recommend!!!!American Canoe Associations Top 10 Safety Tips</p><p>Helpful Links: Links for information on local weather, wind, water depth &amp; current/flow to make safe, real time decisions about local waterway conditions. </p><p>Louisville Metro Police River Patrol*Provide waterbourne services on the Ohio River and its tributatiesemail: </p><p> River Patrol contact page:</p><p>Best wind predictor web site for our area.</p><p>Best site for predicting the water flow and levels in the Ohio</p><p>River</p><p>and this is the prettiest wind map and the most easy to understand visually</p><p>BOATING SAFETYKentucky Department of Fish &amp;Wildlife</p><p>Navigational Signals and lighting, page 42</p><p> Information and Literature on paddling safety, paddling technique, rescues, gear lists, expedition paddling, the Ohio River history, art and culture, Ohio River Navigational Charts and Harlan Hubbard</p><p>Louisville Free Public</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>McAlpine Locks775-5056A recording of current river...updated every 2 hours</p><p>In the same way that riding a bike to work requires an understanding of traffic signals and regulations, urban paddling comes with its own special set of considerations.</p><p> Boat traffic Visibility Navigational Markers-location of sailing line/Barge Channel Paddlers should stay together in areas trafficked by boats barge ettiquette</p><p>A Barge, as the name implies, has no etiquette.Traveling both upstream and downstream between 15-25 MPH, a barge cannot make sudden stops. Urban paddlers are familiar with the location of commercial shipping channels. </p><p>You can download a copy of Ohio River Navigation Charts to locate the sailing line or commercial shipping lane of Louisville area (river miles 591 to river mile 605)</p><p>Ohio River Navigation Charts Cairo, Illinois to Foster;MyCategory=41</p><p>Local Clubs and Groups:</p><p>Kentuckiana Paddlers Association KPA</p><p>Louisville Area Canoe &amp; Kayak Group LACK meet up group</p><p>Bardstown Boaters</p><p>Bluegrass Wildwater Association</p><p>Elkhorn Paddlers</p><p>Viking Canoe</p><p>Kentucky Waterways</p><p></p><p>;MyCategory=41;MyCategory=41;MyCategory=41;MyCategory=41</p></li><li><p>Local Boat &amp; Gear Rentals:LOUISVILLERiver City Canoe &amp;</p><p>Green Earth Outdoors FRANKFORTCanoe Kentucky</p><p>Boat Building &amp; Paddle Carving</p><p>Skipping Fish Boat</p><p>Guided Environmental and Educational ToursGet Outdoors KentuckyContact Dr. David Wicks at 502-671-3595 or</p><p>Guided Environmental and Educational Tours (cont.) </p><p>Green Earth Outdoors Local RetailLOUISVILLEQuest</p><p>Local Retail cont. </p><p>River City Canoe &amp; </p><p>Skipping Fish Boat</p><p>FRANKFORTCanoe Kentucky www.canoeky.comPaddling and Rolling Instruction</p><p>Kentuckiana Paddlers Association KPA </p><p>Skipping Fish Boat</p><p></p><p>http://www.rcckonline.comhttp://www.rcckonline.com</p></li><li><p>Quest</p><p>River City Canoe &amp;</p><p>Louisville Paddlng Events in 2012Healthy Hometown Mayors Hike, Bike &amp; Paddle on Memorial Day May 28</p><p>KFC Mayors Cup, July 13 &amp; 14For more information call 502-456-3267email:</p><p>State &amp; National Parks :LOUISVILLE PARKS WWW.LOUISVILLEKY.GOV/METROPARKS</p><p>THE PARKLANDS WWW.THEPARKLANDS.ORG</p><p>KENTUCKY STATE PARKS WWW.PARKS.KY.GOV</p><p>INDIANA STATE PARKS WWW.IN.GOV/DNR/PARKLAKE</p><p>OHIO STATE PARKS HTTP://WWW.DNR.STATE.OH.US/TABID/76/DEFAULT.ASPX</p><p>WEST VIRGINIA STATE PARKS HTTP://WWW.WVSTATEPARKS.COM</p><p>NORTH CAROLINA STATE PARKSHTTP://WWW.NCPARKS.GOV/VISIT/MAIN.PHP</p><p>TENNESSEE STATE PARKSHTTP://WWW.TN.GOV/ENVIRONMENT/PARKS/</p><p>NATIONAL FOREST SERVICE HTTP://WWW.FS.FED.US</p><p>NATIONAL PARKS SERVICEHTTP://WWW.NPS.GOV/INDEX.HTM</p><p></p><p>http://www.skippingfishboatschool.comhttp://www.skippingfishboatschool.comhttp://www.rcckonline.comhttp://www.rcckonline.comhttp://www.hikebikeandpaddle.orghttp://www.hikebikeandpaddle.orgmailto:paddleforhunger@gmail.commailto:paddleforhunger@gmail.com</p></li><li><p>Kimberley Hillerich Suggested Library books about the Ohio River: </p><p>Essential sea kayaking by Hanson, Jonathan. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 Sea kayaking : a manual for long-distance touring by Dowd, John. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 A canoeing and kayaking guide to Kentucky by Sehlinger, Bob, 1945- Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 A canoeing and kayaking guide to the streams of Kentucky by Sehlinger, Bob, 1945- Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 Along the Ohio River : Cincinnati to Louisville by Schrage, Robert. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 The Ohio River in American history and voyaging on today''s river : along with the Allegheny, Monongahela, Kanawha, Muskingum, Kentucky, Green and Wabash Rivers by Rhodes, Rick. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 On the Ohio with John Ed Pearce by Pearce, John Ed. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 The Falls, a stopping place, a starting point by Munro-Leighton, Judy. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 The Ohio by Banta, R. E. (Richard Elwell), 1904- Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 The River book, Cincinnati and the Ohio Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 Shantyboat journal by Hubbard, Harlan. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 Mel Bay presents 101 three-chord songs for guitar, banjo, and uke Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 2 of 2 Kentucky life no. 515 : Harlan Hubbard Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 Harlan Hubbard : life and work by Berry, Wendell, 1934- Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 Harlan Hubbard journals, 1929-1944 by Hubbard, Harlan. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 Payne Hollow journal by Hubbard, Harlan. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 The woodcuts of Harlan Hubbard : from the collection of Bill Caddell by Hubbard, Harlan. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 The practical handbook of kayaking &amp; canoeing : step-by-step instruction in every technique, from beginner to advanced levels, shown in more than 700 action-packed photographs and diagrams by Mattos, Bill. Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 Kayaking by Fox, Alan, 1961- Main Active (since 5/9/2012) 1 of 1 </p></li></ul>