How to Get Local Sponsors for Your Region (And Have Fun Doing It!) AYSO Marketing & Development Workshop #504 1.

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  • How to Get Local Sponsors for Your Region (And Have Fun Doing It!) AYSO Marketing & Development Workshop #504 1
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  • Workshop Objectives Get you started on securing sponsors Share success from those whove done it Tips on selling & servicing sponsors Understand the sponsors point of view National Rules & Guidelines 2
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  • Lets Share! How many here have Region sponsors? What sponsors do you have? 3
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  • 1.A specific cash amount? 2.Funding for a special project? 3.Increased engagement with the community? 4.Partners for registration outreach? What Are Your Regions Sponsor Goals? 4
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  • WARNING Your basic Region expenses should be covered by your registration fees Why? delivering sponsor benefits takes volunteer time, sponsor dollars can be unpredictable, business climate changes, selling capabilities come and go Use sponsor dollars for extras 5
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  • What Is a sponsorship? 6
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  • A Sponsorship IsA Relationship 7 Business gives cash or product in exchange for the ability to build a relationship with your parents and players. Its a type of advertising program. Only very occasionally is it a no-strings donation.
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  • What ROI Is A Sponsor Looking For? 8
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  • Some Possibilities for a Sponsors Return on Investment... Increased sales New customers Develop media/PR Create positive association 9
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  • Lets Share! What have been your most successful sponsor activation programs? 10
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  • More Activation Ideas Sponsor Expo, vendor alley Name & web address on t- shirts, sweatshirts, uniform sleeve Field signage, headquarters tent Joint promotional event or activity Logo/ad on website, newsletters Articles in newsletter Coupons, flyers fields, registration Ad space Registration or clinic at their location Press release 11
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  • Youre Ready to Get Out There! Now What? 12 Find one lead volunteer to manage sponsorships. But many can sell them. Start small. Develop a list of appropriate local businesses Gather testimonials from local businesses you have worked with in the past. They will be your best advertisement!
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  • Packaging Develop a simple list of sponsor benefit packages. Start small. Consider $50, $100, $200 and $500. Package samples: $50 -- framed team photo for their store (always hand deliver!) $100, add a team banner, website recognition $500, add names on Region t-shirts, on-site booth, email. 13
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  • Qualities of a great salesperson Enthusiastic about your Region Speaks well Self motivated Comfortable asking for money 14
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  • The 5-Point Proposal 15 1.Brief description of AYSO and history of your AYSO Region 2.Region data # of families, # of players, geography served, income level 3. List of sponsor benefits 4.The specific reason(s) why/how the opportunity meets the sponsors needs/ROI 5.The price (in cash, product, service or a combination) Keep it short & sweet
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  • Pricing For Major Region Sponsors No magic formula Higher impact for a business = higher price Research what other local programs charge The more you charge, the more you must deliver What is your experience? 16
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  • Who Would be Good Sponsor for Your Region? 17
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  • Typically, it will be local businesses that find the most value in a sponsorship. Heres a list of businesses to approach: Accountants Banks Fast Food restaurants Insurance agents Real estate agents Supermarkets Local corporations Local manufacturers Beauty salons or spas Family restaurants Contractors Pizza parlors Car dealerships Local newspapers Soft drink bottlers Local hotels 18 Think Local!
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  • Take Advantage of Registration A lesson from Region 168, El Cajon, CA: Set up a table to talk to parents about sponsorships (make a sign, add balloons, sparkle it up!) Many work for (or own!) companies that would be great sponsors Give them each a sponsorship flyer Chat them up! 19
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  • Lets Share! What does your Region include in sponsor packages? Do you have tiers or levels of sponsorship? 20
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  • You have a sponsor! Now what? 21 National Rules & Guidelines
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  • Finance 22 Supply sponsors with AYSOs tax exempt number : 95-6205398 AYSO is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation registered with the IRS, the Franchise Tax Board and the Registry of Charitable Trust AYSO is 501 (c) (3) non-profit Proof of non-profit letter is available in (Finance in menu...Documents)
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  • Sponsors are not allowed to: 23 Purchase uniforms, warm-ups, bags or special gifts directly for an individual team Select a team coach or impact rosters Control Region admin details Favor an individual team
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  • Major National Sponsors: 24
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  • National Sponsors & Region Sponsorships 25 1. Please support National Sponsors! 2.They fund 12% of the national budget 3.There are still plenty of local sponsors available to you 4. Honor the AYSO National Rules & Regs concerning uniforms. (Region sponsors only allowed on left sleeve and shorts leg)
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  • How to Keep Happy Sponsors 26 Deliver 110% -- an agreement is just the place to start Always go the extra mile Make it feel personal Quantify, quantify, quantify
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  • Make Sure to Say 27
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  • Bonus: Sponsorship Success = Customer Service News for Your Families! 28 Customer Service is not a department, its an attitude
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  • Parents are our Customers, Too. 29 1.Your sponsorship success = news for parents to know For the sponsors benefit, and So parents know what youre doing for them and how it benefits their AYSO Program 2.Parents deserve the same level of attention to customer service as any sponsor The same lessons apply!
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