How can you lead when your boss does not?

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7 questions that help you lead when your boss does not. Research included.


How can you lead when your boss does not?Question # 1How can you find out what your boss needs?You need to know how to anticipate needs you boss has. That is a lesson we can all learn from the best executive assistants. may be surprised at what you learn when you listen. inspiration # 2How can you help your boss? you boss is underinvesting in his / her work, unwilling or unable to focus, or in over his / her head,You might want to be compassionate and accept that he / she may be doing his / her best, ask yourself How can I help him or her more?, and/or ask yourself How can I get the help I need?Further inspiration # 3When is the right timeto communicate your ideas to your boss?A right time to communicate your ideas could be when things are changing. inspiration # 4When you get a no,how can you do it anyway? a prototype in your own time.Then try it out. Gary Starkweather, the inventor of the Xerox 9700 high-speed laser printer that revolutionized the printing industry, demonstrated his prototype in a competition, he began to break through resistance to change.Question # 5How can you receive feedback from your boss? can I do better?Example of question you can askFurther inspiration # 6How do you manage your emotions when you speak to your boss?Strong emotions can be channelled into an appeal for action.However, when emotions are unregulated, theyre more likely to diminish the sellers influence. inspiration # 7Are you being whoyou really want to be? inspiration


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