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Special Section to: The Valley GazetteIThe Stratford StarIThe Milford MirrorIThe Amity ObserverHealth & FitnessThe Trumbull Times Faireld Sun The Huntington Herald The Monroe CourierIIIIIThe Easton CourierH E R S A M A C O R N N E W S PA P E R SMay 26, 2011Everywhere Elizabeth Reed travels, she searches for foods that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.Bodysmartby Robin E. GlowaAt her studio, Elizabeth works with clients to improve their overall health with a balanced approach that incorporates I want people to be able to embrace their body at every healthy whole foods and exercise. Formerly a bodybuilder, stage of life, says Elizabeth Reed. Different periods of life Elizabeth became profoundly interested in how whole foods put different demands on the body, and people often need and exercise could signicantly improve and enhance her own health and the health of her clients. help addressing their various physical needs. Elizabeth, a clinical nutritionist who earned her master of science degree in clinical nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, teaches nutrition at UB as an adjunct professor. A certied Pilates instructor and a certied National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer, she is the owner of BodySmart in Monroe.A healthy approach to lifeElizabeth offers a full complement of services at BodySmart, including nutritional counseling, private personal training and Pilates classes. With her incisive approach to balanced and customized recommendations, Elizabeths clients will learn to eat healthier and live better based on their personal biochemistry and body type.She is convinced that food can be thought of as medicine. As Nutritional consultation services begin with a complimentaHippocrates said centuries ago, Let food be thy medicine ry introductory session, which determines the clients needs. and medicine be thy food. Yes, yes, thats it, Elizabeth This discussion will reveal whether or not a client should rst says. Health can be controlled tremendously with diet and exercise. BodySmart continued on page 5 2 Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers May 26, 2011 A new edge on tness!CLUB TO OPEN IN DERBYby Robin E. GlowaFeeling run down, lacking the energy you once had? Are you nding that your muscles are not as tight and toned as they once were, or youve reached a plateau with your tness routine? Perhaps you need a new edge on tness. Coming this fall, the Edge Fitness Clubs will open a spectacular, new tness club in Derby. The Edge Fitness Clubs, which have been voted Best Health Club by the Faireld County readers poll, 12 times in a row, will open a multi-million-dollar facility at the former Staples store, 600 New Haven Avenue in Derby. The new facility joins a family of six other locations in Greenwich, Norwalk, Faireld, Stratford, Shelton and Milford. Nicole Falco, marketing director for the clubs is ecstatic about the new one. This is an amazing location, she says. We have tons of parking and we are right on Rte. 34, so easy and convenient for people! Were thrilled to be bringing one of our beautiful clubs to this area. Nicole continues, We pride ourselves on building clubs that offer a high-end experience for an incredibly reasonable price. For $19.99 a month, our members have unlimited access to such group classes as Zumba, group cycling (spinning), kickboxing, Pilates and yoga, as well as specialty classes like TRX and kettlebells. We also offer memberships that will allow access to all the clubs locations.The Edge Fitness Clubs, which oer a high-end experience at a reasonable price, have group classes in Zumba, group cycling, kickboxing, Pilates and yoga. A specialty is the Edge Revolution, which is a program that oers an eight-week, body-change challenge. Childcare service is also available. Tom McGovern PhotosMembers also have access to unlimited tanning, as well as unlimited use of the machines, Nicole says. If you want to run on a treadmill for three hours, go for it!! There are no one-hour limits at the Edge Fitness clubs. Childcare services are available. Our child care is a great service for busy parents. They can grab a little time for themselves toLargest Selection ofWheat Free & Gluten Free Foods!Bulk Nuts, Seeds & Snacks Health & Beauty Aids Vitamins & Herbs Healthy & Organic Foods Wraps & Entres To Gowork out and know that their kids are in a want you to stay with us; we want you to good, safe place having fun. use our classes, create a routine, a habit, something that becomes a consistent part Our staff is made up of extremely quali- of your lifestyle. ed individuals, Nicole says. Our trainers are all 100% certied and nationally ac- Vincent Sansone, company president of the credited. Our tness director Greg DInatale Edge Fitness Clubs adds, We are excited is terric; he plays a huge role in a unique about building this new club. Our current program we created called the Edge Revolu- members have been requesting that we add tion. This is a program completely unique to a club in the Valley area, and we believe we the Edge Fitness Club that we developed as have found the perfect space with direct an eight-week, body-change challenge. access to Rte. 34, making it a completely convenient stop from New Haven, Orange, The revolution has produced awesome re- Woodbridge and all the surrounding towns. sults for tons of the participants, she says. The Edge Fitness Clubs are high-service faWe begin by photographing each partici- cilities at the affordable price of $19.99 per pant the rst week. This photo is kept strict- month, he says. Rather than eliminating ly condential, but people often stress out services in order to keep prices low, we take a little because they are not happy with the the opposite approach. By offering more way their body looks. What they nd out is, services and keeping our prices reasonable, when the program is followed, the results we are able to please more members and are fantastic. The after photo at the end keep them engaged in our workout proof the eight weeks shows exactly what they grams to reach their tness and healthy-livwere able to accomplish. ing goals. All of the clubs offer a wide range of group classes on a daily basis, designed to strengthen, tone, enhance cardiovascular and muscle endurance, improve balance, exibility, agility and mental focus. Conditioning classes utilize a Reebok cardio board. Edge ex classes implement resistance training with barbells, tubing, physio balls and dumbells. The Edge Fitness Clubs biggest priority is Cardio classes include spinning, that you get results, says Nicole. We have created clubs that are affordable, while of- kickboxing and step. Pilates includes Pilates fering all the amenities members want. We Mat and Pilates Plus, both of which improve The Edge Revolution makes you a winner in two ways, Nicole says. First you win by accomplishing your weight loss and tness goal, but we sweeten the pot by awarding cash prizes as well. We have awarded over $4,000 to men and women in different age groups its awesome! Healthy Foods Plus Healthy Foods Plus Healthy Foods Plus246 New Haven Ave Milford 203-882-9011 Pediatric Healthcare Associates 203-452-8322 www.pha4kids.comStratford Office 2876 Main Street 525 Tunxis Hill Cut-Off Stratford, CT 06614Shelton Office 4 Corporate Drive Suite 290 Shelton, CT 06484Commerce Park Office 4699 Main Street Bridgeport, CT 06606Commerce Park Office Fairfield Office 525 Tunxis Hill Cut-Off Fairfield, CT 06825Southport Office 2600 Post Road Southport, CT 06890 Trumbull Office 15 Corporate Drive Trumbull, CT 06611 May 26, 2011 Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers 3Offers a spring overhaulby Stacy Lytwyn Maxwellbody alignment, signicantly strengthen the core muscles and develop a well-toned, long, lean, denition to the body. Both mind and body benet from yoga classes, which promote strength and muscle denition, while bringing about a relaxing sense of calm. And for an exciting twist on exercise classes, try NIA (which combines elements of martial arts and yoga in a dynamic dance workout) or Zumba, simple but wildly fun dance routines done to Latin and international music. The new Derby Edge Fitness Club will also feature a large spinning studio with windows and fresh air and the latest technology in cardio equipment, with individual television screens, heart-rate monitors and iPod docking stations. Find your new edge at these Edge Fitness Clubs: Greenwich, 203-637-3906; Norwalk, 203-849-0166; Faireld, 203-255-2582; Milford, 203-874-3343; Shelton, 203-929-2582; Stratford, 203-3784242; Stressed? Mental, physical, perhaps spiritual adversities? On empty? Well, then ll er up at the Total Life Care Center (TLC Center), an oasis of holistic health services and a resource center in Norwalk, replete with seminars, workshops and more than 90 health-care professionals, business leaders and likeminded community members who recognize the benets of holistic healing and alternative health care. Chances are your motor will, if not purr, at least get a jump-start. I dont know of any other centers like ours in Faireld County, says owner Beth Prins Leas. When Beth opened the center in 1997, most people did not even know how to pronounce reiki, a form of energy healing with the laying-on of hands to reduce stress and promote relaxation. A plethora of alternative and metaphysical services in a homey atmosphere, which is highlighted with softly painted walls and subtle decorating accents, are part of the centers appeal.TOTAL LIFE CARE CENTERTLC is an oasis of holistic health services.Reiki, for instance, falls under the category of energy work, also characteristic of Jin Shin Jyutsu and acupressure. Integrative medicine, which includes naturopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture, is another popular choice at the center. Bodywork such as massage and reexol-ogy coupled with mind-body practices, such as psychotherapy, shamanic healing and yoga, complete the bill. Environmental remedy components also help facilitate positive life changes. TheseTLC continued on page 6 865 River Rd. (2nd floor) Shelton, CT. 06484 203-925-VFit (203-925-8348) 1/4 Mile North of Sikorsky, 1/2 Mile South of The Rinks Degreed, Certified, Licensed Fitness ProfessionalsAlso Available: Boot Camps, Kids Classes, Couples Fitness Nights, Family Fitness Nights, Personal Training and more! Find us on Facebook!4 Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers May 26, 2011 Home by OneFINDING A DENTAL HOME, THAT ISby Karen DydzuhnChildren should not have to endure pain from dental problems because preventive treatment is readily available and affordable. Dental disease is totally preventable when sound oral hygiene is practiced. In keeping with the states Home By One program, administered by the Ofce of Oral Health, parents are urged to have their infants seen by a dentist during the rst year so that education about good oral hygiene can be offered and dental problems avoided. There is no reason for children to have dental pain because there is preventive care that can be implemented from the time theyre babies, said Anna Washington, manager of dental practice at Bridgeports Southwest Community Health Center. Even before Connecticut started to promote the state-wide program calling for all children to have a dental home by age one, Southwests pediatricians were routinely referring its youngest patients to the dental clinic for exams. We want to do everything we can to prevent dental caries, said Dr. Dana Richards, senior pediatrician at Southwest Community Health Center. Also known as cavities, dental caries could potentially lead to more serious medical issues, such as infection and dental surgery, which would require children to be sedated. Since she talks with parents every three months, beginning at the babys birth, she has the opportunity to refer them to Southwests dental clinic for an initial exam. Decrease the childs intake of juice, as it is full of sugar. Encourage children to brush twice a day. In the four years that we have been seeing one-year-olds for their rst dental visit, the parents have learned the importance of taking care of their babys teeth and mouth early, Dr. Pannese said. They begin the regularly scheduled dental check-up visits every six months and implement good oralhygiene habits.As Home By Ones coordinator for Connecticuts Department of Public Health, Tracey Andrews has been actively touting the programs benets by training parent advocates and encouraging dentists to accept HUSKY patients. She recently joined the Southwestern Area Health Education Dr. Danielle Pannese believes that the road to good oral hygiene begins at an early age. Centers program manager, Joan Lane, at Bridgeport Hospital to provide an overview Southwestern Area Health Education Center, Moreover, Southwest makes it easy for of the importance of the Home By One prosaid that its Oral Health Bridgeport Initiative families to physically meet with both their gram to local pediatricians. (ORBIT) has, since 1999, partnered with medical and dental providers since the two community organizations, such as South- departments are located down the hall from Ms. Lane spoke about ORBITs Give Kids A west Community Health Center, to improve each other. There are at least one or more Smile program, an ADA-endorsed initiative dental care for children. Southwest is really dentists and dental hygienists on staff, and that pairs children who do not have dental a local model for how to put Home By One seven chairs in the dental practice, said insurance with volunteer dentists in Fairinto action, Ms. Ferraro said. They have Genoveva Miranda-Torres, the dental billing eld County, who agree to provide complia wonderful reciprocal referral program so coordinator and 15-year employee of Southmentary dental care. This one-day event, that their dentists, too, often refer patients west Community Health Center. She said typically held in February, often extends to the medical providers. They also work that every effort is made to ensure that the past the initial visit because the children with their OB/GYN department so that preg- child is comfortable and relaxed so they will need additional appointments to have cavinant women learn about the importance of want to return. For years now, weve had ties lled or other restorative work done, good oral health and that neglecting ones immediate referrals from the pediatricians Ms. Lane explained. teeth could potentially impact their unborn to the dentists, she said. The dentists are child. great. Sometimes they just meet with the By the time some children are seen by denMs. Washington said, Ideally, we want to kids to say, Hello. We never keep them for tists participating in Give Kids A Smile, densee them when theyre babies and then fol- Southwest Community Health Center of- a long time. We also give out goody bags tal caries are already present. Its not fair low them as they age. Our goal is to educate fers comprehensive dental services, such as when they leave. for the children to be in pain when we could parents so that they understand that bring- dental exams, cleanings, llings, sealants, ing their children in for regular dental visits uoride treatments and extractions. Ms. Dentist Dr. Danielle Pannese agreed that its teach parents the steps to avoid this, Ms. is as important as getting their immuniza- Washington said that HUSKY insurance is important to let the children get to know her. Washington said. tions. accepted and, if a patient isnt eligible for Sometimes she will even take off her white Ms. Andrews noted that there are now four the state-insurance plan, a sliding fee is ar- dentists coat to make a child feel at ease. dental practices in the Greater Bridgeport Meredith Ferraro, executive director of the ranged. Working with parents, Dr. Pannese offers area committed to seeing children at age these tips for maintaining healthy teeth: 1, and there are numerous dentists accept ing patients insured by HUSKY. For more Dont put a baby to bed with a bottle. The information, contact dental care specialist sugar in the milk will stay on the teeth and Karina Reininger of the Connecticut Dental cause dental caries. Health Partnership at 860-507-2321. For more information about Southwest Community Health Center, 203-332-3000. To learn more about Give Kids A Smile and Home By Use a gauze pad or special baby toothOne, call Southwestern Area Health Educapaste to clean infants gums and newly tion Center at 203-372-5503. erupted teeth. Avoid bottled water and use only tap water with uoride. 25 Lindeman Drive 2nd Floor Trumbull 203-373-7575 May 26, 2011 Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers 5BodySmart continued from page 1meet with a medical practitioner as clinical nutritionists do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. If it is appropriate to move forward, Elizabeth will then guide clients through a consultation that develops a prole of the clients needs, lifestyle and objectives. She can then develop a healthy eating plan with menu suggestions, a nutritional supplements plan with recommended dosages, if applicable, as well as educational materials.strength/weight training integrated with functional training, focusing on the core and balance, corrective weight-training and stretching. Pilates can provide such benets as developing agility, balance and coordination, endurance, exibility and strength. Pilates is all about alignment, she says. It is fantastic for developing core strength, while bringing about relaxation and tension release. Elizabeth is committed to providing a source for achieving and maintaining balance through healthy living. I love what I do, she says, and hopefully I can lift people into lifestyle changes that will give them a wonderful, healthy life. Through food and exercise, you can change your body and your life. People are living longer lives now, Elizabeth adds, and we need to take excellent care of ourselves to ensure a superior quality of life as we age.Clients who are new to a regular tness routine, as well as experienced tness athletes, will benet from private, personal training or Pilates instruction. For those who want something different than a gym environment, this is the ultimate in private, personalized exercise, says Elizabeth. Its your space, its your session. Its a great way for all This is my lifelong dream to improve my ages to get moving and lower blood pressure, health and learn all I can about human wellness, Elizabeth says. I am also a devoted regulate blood sugar and reduce weight. traveler and student of other cultures. WherPersonal training sessions assist with ever I go, I make it a point to speak with chefs, cooks and wellness and health-care people. Ikeep studying and asking questions, particu- cal companies, promoting healthy lifestyle larly about the food of other cultures. changes and in-house wellness programs for employees. I recently went to India and explored Delhi, Mumbai and Agra. I have gone to Japan and I nd that people are often confused about China numerous times. These cultures really whole foods understanding what whole embrace healthy foods and emphasize the grains are, how to read food labels and how use of healing foods to maintain good health. to prepare these foods. They may not know They are less apt to prescribe medicines and anything about juicing and all of its potential do their healing naturally. I am so lucky to health benets. be able to share new information with my clients! Well be exploring a lot in these lectures and educational seminars, such as how to read Elizabeth adds, I nd that as a population, an organic label, talking about pre-packaged we are moving away from whole foods. food and discussing whats the deal with There is interest in whole foods on some lev- low-fat versus fat-free foods. People dont reels, but overall, whole foods need to become alize there are actually consequences to eatmuch more the norm in our country. When ing fat-free foods. we emphasize a whole-food lifestyle, we inuence our health, reducing cholesterol and Im designing these seminars to be fully balancing blood sugar, for example. functional. If people take just one point from each lecture and apply it to their lives, they Ive had great success working one on one will see positive changes, Elizabeth says. with clients, but now it is time to expand and share my information with the general BodySmart is at 115 Main Street, Unit 11, in public. I want to help people heal, she says, Monroe; and to that end, I am now presenting lectures at the BodySmart studio. I have also For more information or for a schedule of leclaunched a series of corporate lectures at lo- tures, 203-767-0623. Apparatus MatBalance Core Weight Training Post Rehab Training Stretching Customized Nutrition and Supplement Plans Nutritional Deficiency Assessment Group Detoxification Programs Lectures/Seminars Corporate Seminars 5 (less than 3 MOVING 6 Health & Fitness Hersam Acorn Newspapers May 26, 2011 ments successfully helped a breast-cancer survivor manage the adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The client, a offerings include environmental medicine, professional psychotherapist, Beth recalls, aromatherapy/essential oils and feng shui. spread the word like wildre and, shortly thereafter, a lot of my clients were people Beth herself is a reiki master and Jin Shin with life-challenging illnesses, such as canJyutsu self-help instructor, not to mention a cer and HIV. devoted healer, revered tarot reader, accomplished teacher and writer. Post-corporate When push comes to shove and traditional world client demand had prompted her to Western medicine doesnt have as much to provide full-time energy work at her home offer in the symptom relief of chemotherain 1993. In these early years, Beths treat-TLC continued from page 3py and radiation ... theres a lot of tools that Eastern medicine has to offer, Beth says. Actually, the Eastern techniques work really well hand-in-hand with Western medicine. Its not an either/or kind of thing. The centers success and stream of repeat customers are indicative of the national trend in which more Americans are incorporating complementary alternative-medicine (CAM) practices into their health-care agenda. Beth says that CAM therapies are more mainstream now than when she rst opened her center. To her delight, hospitals have jumped on the CAM bandwagon, but she hopes for a better integration of Western and Eastern medicine under one roof. Last year, augmenting everyones satisfaction at the center, the famed guru of modern medicine, Dr. Oz, who has been a reiki proponent for decades, endorsed the CAM practice on his TV show. Beth says that in the last three or four years of the economic downturn, a growing number of people have begun to meditate and incorporate other alternative lifestyle changes. For instance, a family meditation class is available on the TLC Centers monthly schedule. The cost is $40 for the entire family, says Beth, proving that CAM options need not be costly. In addition, especially with regard to health concerns, she tries not to refuse anyone due to nancial restraints, and is as accommodating as possible.lieve that it works; I think you have to be open to the experience. Some of the people who have the best results are people who are skeptical, Beth says. Wilton resident Jane Alexander, who was stressed and not feeling up to par, was open to the experience when she rst tried reiki a year ago. Little did she think that shed become a devotee. After her sessions, Jane compares her body to liquid. I get into this relaxed state that I cant seem to duplicate anyplace else. Its like a real mini-vacation in an hour. As Jane lies fully clothed, with Beth, not massaging but laying her hands on certain parts of her body, Jane experiences, among other positive forces, the release of bad energy and a body balance. It doesnt make any sense, how somebody touches you and makes everything right, but it does. Having had it several times it works! I see the center as helping people empower themselves, to get more in touch with things they can do to facilitate metaphysical health, to create more emotional well-being for themselves, to nd peace of mind, to connect with their spiritual power. Its really about empowerment, Beth says. The good news is a little TLC can go a long way, and its right in the neighborhood. Total Life Care Center is at 152 East Avenue in For those who are CAM shy, its important Norwalk. For further information, a specialto note that plenty of skeptics walk through events calendar and course offerings: 203its doors. I dont think that you have to be- 853-4852,