Happy Holidays Food Drive

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Happy Holidays to Green Acres-Crestwood.Food Drive Dec. 19


<ul><li><p>FoodDrive</p><p>If you prefer, checks can be sent to Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, P.O. Box 48857, Athens, GA 30604.</p><p>THE FOOD BANK OF NORTHEAST GEORGIA NEEDS OUR HELPand needs non-perishable food items, such as</p><p>PEANUT BUTTER DRIED BEANS OATMEALPASTA SOUPS NUTS RICE FLOUR CEREALS</p><p>CANNED VEGETABLES &amp; FRUIT TUNA ETC.</p><p>Place food items in a bag by your mailbox or driveway by</p><p>10:00 A.M. on SATURDAY, DEC. 19thTHANKS!</p><p>Green Acres-Crestwood</p><p>HOLIDAY</p><p>-</p><p>=</p><p>happy holidaysU</p><p>UU</p><p>U U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>TT s</p></li><li><p>HAPPY</p><p>HOLIDAYSfrom the</p><p>Green Acres-Crestwood Community Association BoardKent Middleton</p><p>Rob TrevenaJim Gaudin</p><p>Michael ShafferRick Fiala</p><p>Brandi GarrettDiane Carter</p><p>Kathryn LookofskyClint Winter</p><p>Paige Carmichael</p><p>T</p><p>T</p><p>T</p><p>T WE MISS YOU, CHUCK GRUNERThanks, Michael and Diane, for the beautiful entrances!</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>NEIGHBORHOOD FOOD DRIVEDECEMBER 19</p><p>See the other side of this flyer for details.</p><p>U</p><p>U</p><p>U</p></li></ul>