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Freepost leaflet for the 2015 general election


ELECTION COMMUNICATION SUTTON COLDFIELD 7 MAY 2015 david ratcliff YOUR GREEN PARTY CANDIDATE sutton coldfield MAY 7GENERAL ELECTION7Save our public services. A FAIR ECONOMY WE WILL: DECENT HOMES WE WILL: A SAFE CLIMATE WE WILL: GET A PUBLIC NHS WE WILL: Fight for a publicly funded NHS free at the point of use and end the creeping privatisation of its services. Make mental health a much higher priority with resources to match this status. End austerity and restore the public sector to create over one million good jobs. This will be paid for with a wealth tax on the top 1%, a Robin Hood tax on the banks and the closure of tax loopholes. A minimum wage of 10 an hour by 2020. Abolish the unfair Bedroom Tax. Build 500,000 new social rented homes and bring empty homes back into use. Introduce rent caps and longer tenancies for renters. Take serious action to ensure global temperatures do not rise further. Phase out fossil fuel based energy generation and nuclear power. Invest in renewable energy, flood defences and building insulation.dave says ...My priority is to address the effects of climate change, seeking out and listening to the many people working on solutions for the benefit of all.In Sutton, I will defend the Green Belt against development. I will work for the recovery of Sutton Town Hall as a community owned trust, and Mere Green as a local hub. I will promote the extension of cycle ways around Sutton, the use of existing railway lines for passenger traffic and ensure Sutton Park remains a park.I oppose the commercialisation of the NHS and the TTIP free trade treaty, both of which put profit before people and remove the people-centred nature of the health service. I will work to retain Good Hope Hospital as a non-satellite major hospital.GET IN TOUCH 0121 427 7GENERAL ELECTION7ABOUT THIS PUBLICATION This publication has not been paid for by big business or corporate interests, but has been supported and funded by ordinary people. Promoted by Alan Clawley, on behalf of David Ratcliff both at 26 Taywood Drive, Birmingham B10 0DB. Printed by Acanthus Press, Unit 21, Ryelands Farm, Bagley Road, Wellington TA21 9PZ.


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