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Grade 1 Pronoun Worksheet

by gelay-gerlie-cadiente-pitpit





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Pronoun identify
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EARN CHILD TUTORIAL CENTER Olongapo City Name:_________________________________________________________________ Score:___________ Object Pronoun Read the sentences. Rewrite them. Change the Underlined nouns with correct pronoun. (Me, you, him, her, it, us and them) 1. We love our neighbors. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. We bought the bed. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. The actor was Ronald. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Our muse was Amie. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Teacher will talk to me and you. _______________________________________________________________________________________ POSSESSIVE PRONOUN Supply any correct possessive pronoun for each sentence. Rewrite the new sentence below. (My-mine, your-yours, his, her-hers, our-ours, and their-theirs) 1. ______________ gown was beautiful. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Put ______________ bag on the table. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________ wife is so smart and kind. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. I enjoyed ______________ journey. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 5. ______________ show was fantastic. _______________________________________________________________________________________ DEMONSTRATIVE PRONOUN (This, That, These, Those) Write the correct demonstrative pronoun on the blank. Use the clues in the parenthesis. 1. __________ (near) card is mine. 2. __________ (away) airplane is flying high in the sky. 3. __________ (away) minibike over there is mine. 4. Here, __________ (near) is yours. Take it. 5. __________ (near) are my little fingers. 6. __________ (away) house which is five blocks away from us is ours. 7. __________ (near) are my eyes. 8. __________ (away) lizards up in the ceiling are very big. 9. __________ (near) is my new set of toys. 10. __________ (away) tree is so tall. Interrogative pronoun (Where, When , Who , What, How, or Which) Write the interrogative pronoun on the blank. 1. _____________ cooks dinner everyday. 2. _____________ much does it cost? 3. _____________ do you feel now? 4. _____________ time does class begin? 5. _____________ does the shop open in the morning? 6. _____________ photo do you like best? 7. _____________ other languages do you speak? 8. _____________ often do you go to the movies? 9. _____________ do you live? 10. _____________long does it take you to drive home?
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