Getting Started with Digital Portfolios By Carolyn O. Burelson.

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Getting Started withDigital PortfoliosByCarolyn O. BurelsonDo you find yourselfScattered in too many directions? Bogged down with paper work?Do you even know where you are or where you are heading?Take stock of your current abilities.Plan your own learning direction.A wired school allows us toCollaborate and share the load.A Digital Portfolio is a viable means ofOrganizing and storing information about yourself Assessing your own competenciesDemonstrating your knowledgeSharing your knowledgeYour Portfolio will help youSet a learning goal (Where would you like to be a year from now?)Keep track of your progressStay on targetLegal & Ethical IssuesDistrict Acceptable Use Policy (signed)District Software Licensing Policy (signed)Formatted Disk (with saved files organized in folders)Portfolio will address/includePortfolio will address/includeProficiency AssessmentCTAP Technology Certification Standards (for sign-off by trainers)Copy of Pre-Assessment resultsYOUR Individual learning planPortfolio will address/includeWord Processing Course OutlineLetter to ParentsStandards-based lesson plan that includes a student project as a culminating task.Desktop Publishing Class rules posterbannerTeacher-made template for student projectPortfolio will address/includeTables, Charts, Graphs, Data analysis Student records (Electronic Gradebook)Standards-based lesson incorporating spreadsheet applicationDatabase Classroom equipment inventoryStandards-based lesson incorporating database applicationPortfolio will address/includeMultimedia Slide presentation of a lesson Teacher-made template for student presentationCommunications Copy of message from an educational listserv addressed to the teacherTeacher's reply post Portfolio will address/includeInternet Standards-based lessons incorporating Internet resourcesGiving Back Web page for sharing technology integration lessonsYour choiceStay Bogged down with papers.Save, access and share your work electronically.Bottom LineThe more teachers know and are able to do;the more we are able to grasp a vision of a new direction;the more we are able to prepare our students for the future.A future where The Universe is the playing field, andCooperation is the key rule of the game.Presented byDr. Carolyn O. CoordinatorLincoln High SchoolLAUSDLearn how to create your Digital Portfolio


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