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Whether your summer fun is based at the lake, in a city or state park, or in your own backyard, we hope you find this section helpful as you try to make the best of the coming warm weather with family and friends.



    SUMMERGET READY FOR 2015k p c n e w s . c o m

  • 2 Get Ready for Summer KPC Media Group Inc. April 24, 2015

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    WelcomeIts time to look forward to the

    coming of summer and all that northeast Indiana has to offer with its many lakes, streams and festivals.

    Northeast Indiana is a good place to be if you want to be outdoors, with hundreds of lakes, many pristine streams and rivers, beautiful parks with rolling hills and wooded areas, numerous golf courses plus exciting events.

    Folks throughout our four-county area work hard to bring together a variety of entertainment and festivals, from music to the celebration of the automobile and its rich heritage in our area, especially in DeKalb County.

    Whether your summer fun is based at the lake, in a city or state park, or in your own backyard, we hope you find this section helpful as you try to make the best of the coming warm weather with family and friends.

    We welcome your feedback and ideas for future articles on the topic of summer fun in beautiful northeast Indiana.

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    The cover photo of fisherman on Clear Lake is by Judy Oxenger Johnston.

    KPC NEWS SERVICEORLAND Last week the Indiana

    Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife completed its annual rainbow trout stockings for Indianas inland lakes where trout fishing is allowed year round.

    Approximately 24,000 9-inch trout were stocked into 17 lakes across the state.

    Indianas trout stream harvest season opens at 6 a.m. local time on Saturday, April 25, and runs through Dec. 31. Stream stockings take place during the week prior to the opening day, which was this week.

    Approximately 27,000 rainbow trout are annually stocked into 19 streams.

    Brown trout are also present in the Whitewater River-Brookville Reservoir tailwater in Franklin County, the Oliver Lake chain in LaGrange County and several streams in northern Indiana including the Pigeon River in LaGrange County and the Little Elkhart

    DNR enhances trout fishing experience with stockings

    Dave Clary of the Fawn River State Fish Hatchery, Orland, is shown dip netting trout at one of the ponds at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources facility.


    See FISHING page 3

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    April 24, 2015 KPC Media Group Inc. Get Ready For Summer 3

    From page 2

    FISHINGRiver, Solomon Creek and Cobus Creek in Elkhart County.

    While the brown trout for the Brookville Reservoir tailwater are provided by a federal fish hatchery, the other stockings are provided by generous individuals and trout fishing organizations. For a complete list of Indianas trout stockings, visit

    The daily bag limit is five trout and no more than one can be a brown trout. The minimum size limit is 7 inches.

    Anglers are reminded that a few special

    trout regulations are in effect. Anglers may not possess brown trout at Oliver, Olin and Martin Lakes inLaGrange County, and Whitewater River below Brookville Reservoir dam in Franklin County unless the trout is 18 inches or longer.

    Also, small sections of three-trout streams in Elkhart County are designated as catch-and- release and artificial lures or flies only. These include the Little Elkhart River, Solomon Creek and Cobus Creek. Anglers are respon-sible to know the law.

    For more details, the Indiana Fishing Regulation Guide is available at most license retailers or online at

    A trout is shown during stocking of Lake Gage in Steuben County on April 13. Approximately 24,000 9-inch trout were stocked in 17 lakes across Indiana. Another 27,000 trout were stocked in 19 streams across the state.


    KPC NEWS SERVICEIf youve been looking for a place to

    catch some dinner, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologists have compiled a list of the best panfishing lakes throughout Indiana. Here are their picks for northeast Indiana, which were part of a top-15 lakes list for all of Indiana:

    Sylvan LakeSylvan Lake is a 669-acre man-made

    reservoir near Rome City. It is best known for its bluegill fishing with some reaching 9 inches. About one-third of the adult bluegill population are 7 inches or larger. The best places to catch bluegill are the Cain Basin at the east end of the lake and along the 8- to 10-foot dropoffs in the western basin. Redworms, flies and crickets are the most effective baits.

    Skinner LakeSkinner Lake is a 125-acre natural lake

    near Albion. The lake is known for crappie fishing for both black and white crappies. Most crappies are in the 8- to 9-inch range, with some reaching 16 inches long. Dont expect to catch lots of big crappies, but

    you can expect to catch plenty that are keeper-size. The best crappie fishing is in May over developing lily pads in the four corners of the lake. Live minnows and small white jigs are the most effective baits.

    Clear LakeClear Lake is an 800-acre, natural

    lake in Steuben County. This is a quality bluegill fishery, not quantity. Bluegill harvested average 8.5 inches with fish up to 10.5 inches observed.

    Shipshewana LakeShipshewana Lake is a 200-acre lake in

    LaGrange County. Bluegill fishing is very good. This shallow lake is very productive and produces good bluegill year after year. It also has a quality crappie and largem-outh bass fishing.

    Big Long LakeBig Long Lake is a 365-acre lake in

    LaGrange County. It has some of the best bluegill fishing in northeastern Indiana. Bluegill average 8 inches in length with some bluegill over 10 inches.

    Heres where you can catch dinner

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  • METRO CREATIVE CREATIONSWarmer weather sends scores of golfers

    to their favorite courses each and every day. Golf is a challenging pastime, but a few pointers can help golfers hone their short games, long games and everything in between.

    Choose the right clubs. There is more to selecting clubs than pulling any old iron out of your golf bag and whacking away. Wind, hazards and obstructions in landing areas should influence your decision of which club to use. Novice golfers may want to rely on their caddies to make club recommendations, and as they become more confident in their abilities they can start to make their own choices.

    Anchor your feet. Anchor your foot behind the ball to drive the ball further. Right-handed players will keep the right foot anchored, and lefties will do the opposite. Do not lift your foot prematurely; otherwise, you can lose power and distance.

    Identify your weaknesses. As with any hobby, identifying those areas that need the most work can help you become a better golfer. Keep track of each shot you take, and then look at the results to see which

    areas of your game need the most work. Fix your alignment. Align your shots

    by assessing the target from behind the ball. Then set the clubface behind the golf ball and align it with the target before you enter your stance.

    Use your torso for power. The torso is essential to a solid swing. Practice rotating from your core to control your backswing and then maintain the same spine angle and posture on the downswing.

    Use the wind. Not every golf game will be played in perfect weather. A good player knows how to make adjustments for the wind depending on the shot. Use the wind to your advantage when you can, and adjust your swing when hitting into the wind.

    Become a better chipper. Many players put so much emphasis on their backswings and putt shots that they fail to devote any practice to chips. All shots are important for golfers trying to shed strokes off of their scores.

    Keep fit. Maintaining or improving your physical strength and overall health can help your golf game. Exercise and eat right, and you will have more endurance on the links.

    Here are nine tips to improve your golf game

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    4 Get Ready for Summer KPC Media Group Inc. April 24, 2015

    Northeast Indiana golf courses

    DeKalb County

    Bridgewater Golf Club, 1818 Morning-star Road, Auburn

    Garrett Country Club, 401 Walsh St., Garrett

    LaGrange County

    Cedar Lake Golf Course, 3355 E. C.R. 700N, Howe

    Heron Creek Golf Club, 615 W. C.R. 50N, LaGrange

    Noble County

    Augusta Hills, 2080 W. C.R. 300N, Albion

    Cobblestone Golf Course, 2702 Cobblestone Lane, Kendallville

    Kendallville Golf Club, 120 S. Weston Ave., Kendallville

    Limberlost Golf Course, 3204 E. C.R. 900N, Rome City

    Noble Hawk Golf Links, 3005 Noble Hawk Drive, Kendallville

    Steuben County

    Bledsoes Lakeview Golf Course, 60 Lane 470 Lake James, Angola

    Cold Springs Resort, 260 Lane 120 Hamilton Lake, Hamilton

    Country Meadows Golf Course, 102 W. S.R. 120, Fremont

    Glendarin Hills Golf Club, 3333 Glendarin Way, Angola

    Hidden Valley Golf Course, 5370 E. Metz Road, Angola

    Lake James Golf Club, 1445 W. C.R. 275N, Angola

    Zollner Golf Course, 1 University Ave., Angola

    Where to golf in the four-county area

    Bubble fun


    Travis Tracy keeps his eyes on the giant bubble hes making as he marches through downtown Albion as part of the Chain O Lakes Festival parade in this June 7, 2014, file photo. This years festival is June 10-13.

  • ALEXANDRIA, Va. Be sure to read your dock contract carefully, or you may be surprised to find that you can be held legally responsible for damages and injuries, even if you or your boat were not the cause.

    It all could be in the fine print of the marina or boatyard dock contract that hundreds of thousands of boat owners sign this time of year as the boating season returns. Before boaters sign any dock contract, the national advocacy, services and safety organization Boat Owners Association of The United States has some tips for recreational boaters searching for a marina for their boat.

    While the enforcement of dock contract provisions vary and your options to walk away may be limited, its important to know how a dock contracts language can contain various provisions that may affect your insurance coverage and ability to recover for damages, said BoatUS Consumer Affairs Director Charles Fort.

    BoatUS has identified a trend with some marinas including risk shifting language in their customer dock contracts that transfers the responsibility for defense and payment of claims to the boat owner and the boats insurance policy, even when the cause of the accident and responsibility for the resulting damages rests with the marina or staff. This includes Exculpatory Provisions, which attempt to hold the marina harmless for negligent activity, due to fire, theft, vandalism, collision, marina equipment failure, windstorm, rain, hurricane or other casualty loss.

    Other clauses, such as Waiver of Subrogation, may prevent an insurance company from suing a marina or boatyard to recoup its claims payment after damage caused by the marina. Once the waiver is signed, a boat owner has in essence agreed that the marina isnt respon-sible if marina staff is negligent, for example, of gouging the gelcoat while hauling out the boat.

    Indemnification applies to boating guests or invited workers. A boat owner agrees to defend the marina and pay any damages the marina may owe if one of these parties is injured even if its the marinas fault.

    Requirement of Insurance With Additional Named Insured Clause asks the boat owner to add the marina as an additional insured on the boat policy at the owners expense, essentially asking that the marina be protected the same way as the policyholder is sort of like adding your Uncle Bob to your policy. That means the marina is also covered, if, while hauling your boat, a marina staffer bumps the vessel into a steel bulkhead and causes damage, much in the same way if the boat owner had done the same thing. But note that its the insurer that decides to add this coverage and at what cost. Dont assume the insurer will pay.

    Lets also remember that the vast majority of marinas want to keep customers and reputable marinas and yards will often pay when they damage a customers boat. But you should always immediately report a claim to your own insurance company, added Fort. Its also not a bad idea to share a marina contract with your insurance company before you sign it so you know where you stand, as some insurers, such as BoatUS, may provide coverage for risk shifting provisions.

    For a full look at dock contracts, go to

    Be aware of the risk shifting in marina dock contracts

    April 24, 2015 KPC Media Group Inc. Get Ready For Summer 5




    6 Get Ready for Summer KPC Media Group Inc. April 24, 2015


    LAKE JAMES Boats are being spiffed up from winter hibernation to launch the summer season in northeast Indiana.

    Included with that is the question of where to dock thats safe and worry-free, offering familiarity.

    Dock rentals are filled up or getting to that point quickly.

    Ask Mike Conley, co-owner of the private Sowles Bay Yacht Club and Marina, Lake James. He operates the yacht club and marina with his mother, Marcia Conley, thats in its 24th year.

    In the club and marinas early days, there were 13 boats and one portable Restroom. Thats grown to some 80 members and docks in the gated community that has shower facilities, a clubhouse, pavilion, private beach, boating accessories and storage.

    Were a little different. Were private, gated and family-oriented, Mike Conley said.

    Conley said membership is $1,600 per season that runs April 15-Oct. 15, and includes dock rental. Currently, there is no membership available, as its at maximum capacity, he said.

    We have a lot of locals from Angola,

    Conley said.He said many have boats in the area, but

    in a county thats known for so many lakes, surprisingly have no access to water.

    Lake James has a reputation as a party lake, but were about family, he said.

    At Clarks Landing Marina on Hamilton Lake, owner Jeff Bireley said he has a unique offering to go along with the available dry-rack storage.

    We offer slips for (boats) up to 25 feet, he said. When you rent a slip, we give a lift. Its safer.

    Bireley said he charges $2,000 a season for dock rental. The season runs from April to mid October and hes about half full now with about 50 boats slips available.

    People come from all over. About one-third are from Hamilton, and its an easy way to have access, Bireley said.

    The 54 docks at Jimmerson Creek, which is at the properties of the former Boat House and Bledsoes Beach, are already rented for the summer season. There is also a waiting list, said Cory Archbold, Dry Dock Marine general manager.

    We manage docks at the channel and lease for $950, Archbold said.

    He said the season usually lasts April to November. The maximum boat length is 24 feet.

    We have a 50/50 mix, with a majority

    from Fort Wayne and Auburn, Archbold said. As the weather gets warmer the boat traffic will follow. The last few weeks, its ramped.

    Docks getting snatched up for summer

    This is an aerial view of the boat slips managed by Dry Dock Marine on Jimmerson Creek between Lake James and Jimmerson Lake. Docking space is available at a variety of lakes, offering people who dont live at the lake with a place to put their boat for easy access to the water all season long. This photo was taken during last years antique boat show.


  • May 15-17:Spring SpectacularA once-a-year chance, for three days only, to save substantially on select wines and stock your cellar.

    June 20: Art ShowThe rst of our two exhibitions, with many regional artists displaying their work for viewing and sale. Food available for purchase, with free admission and open to all ages. 10 am - 5 pm.

    June 27 - July 5:14th Anniversary CelebrationJoin us in celebrating 14 years of operation, and receive a free exclusive Anniversary glass with every two bottles of wine purchased; no limit and while supplies last.

    August 15: Art ShowThe second art fair, with around 40 local artists participating. An end of summer blowout, with free admission and food available for purchase. All age groups welcome. 10 am - 5 pm.

    September 5: Run N WineOur 4th collaboration with Shape Up Steuben, a 5K run/walk and a 10K race, competition held here in the morning and free wine tasting afterwards. If interested, please ask for more information.

    September 18-20: Von Steuben DayA festive observance of the namesake of our county, Baron Von Steuben, with 20% off wines made with the Steuben grape.

    November 19: Nouveau ReleaseThe traditional 3rd Thursday in November release of our Nouveau wine, in accord with the worldwide Nouveau releases, the rst vintage wine of the calendar year.

    November 20-22: Holiday Open HouseThe holidays are approaching and we are ready to help with a slew of gift offerings, recipes, mulled wine samples and discounts on merchandise.

    2015 Event Schedule

    Local, award-winning,handcrafted wines

    since 2001

    April 24, 2015 KPC Media Group Inc. Get Ready For Summer 7

    Summer and all its sunny splendor is on the way. With it comes special events and festivals. The following is a tentative list for the four-county area:

    DeKalb County June to September 2015 Summer Art

    Exhibit Rockin It, Auburn. June 5 Spoken 4 & Master Grace,

    DeKalb Outdoor Theater. June 6 19th annual Cycle Fest,

    Auburn Moose Family Center. June 7 Auburn Community Band

    Concert in the Park, DeKalb Outdoor Theater. June 10 Cruise for Charity, 5:30-8

    p.m., Auburn Buffalo Wild Wings. June 11 Girls Night Out at Auburn

    Luau, 5-8 p.m., shopping event, Auburn. June 11 Inspiration Fellowship, 5

    p.m., DeKalb Outdoor Theater. June 12-13 Kavalcade of Kool, 8 a.m.

    to 5 p.m., Auction America Auction Park. June 13 If These Cars Could Talk,

    11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum.

    June 14 Grass Roots Championship Series Race Round One AMA Sanctioned

    Motocross event, 9 a.m. at G&S Racing, LaOtto.

    June 17 Strawberries in the Park, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Auburn.

    June 18 Cruise-In, 6-8 p.m., Auburn. June 19 Auburn Actors Group

    Summer Theater, 7:30 p.m., DeKalb Outdoor Theater.

    June 20 Uncork Your Summer, 5-8 p.m. Country Heritage Winery, LaOtto.

    June 23 The Women of the Auburn Automobile Co., 6 p.m., Hohlers Garage, Auburn.

    June 26 Bandidos Shootout, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., St. Joe Valley Conservation Club, St. Joe.

    June 26 Fort Wayne Philharmonic Patriotic Pops Concert, 7:30 p.m., DeKalb Outdoor Theater.

    June 27 Color Me Rad Run, 9 a.m., Auburn Auction Park.

    June 27-28 Poco Loco 400, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., St. Joe Valley Conservation Club, St. Joe.

    July 3 Hamilton fireworks. July 3-4 Garrett Heritage Days,

    Summer Activities

    Balloons take off on an early morning flight over a farm near Angola where the hay was freshly cut in this July 11, 2014, file photo. Angola Balloons Aloft will be July 10-11 this year.


  • Use fertilizers sparingly and sweep up driveways, sidewalks, and gutters

    Never dump anything down storm drains or in streams

    Vegetate bare spots in your yard

    Compost your yard waste

    Use least toxic pesticides, follow labels, and learn how to prevent pest problems

    Direct downspouts away from paved surfaces; consider a rain garden to capture runoff

    Take your car to the car wash instead of washing it in the driveway

    Check your car for leaks and recycle your motor oil

    Pick up after your pet

    Have your septic tank pumped and system inspected regularly

    10 Things You Can Do to Prevent Stormwater

    Runoff Pollution


    SYSTEM (MS4)

    For More information:260.624.2663 or

    8 Get Ready for Summer KPC Media Group Inc. April 24, 2015

    Summer ActivitiesEastside Park, parade, live entertainment, car show and fireworks.

    July 3 Friday Night Wine Down, 5-8 p.m., Country Heritage, LaOtto.

    July 4 free admission to museums for all active service men/women and all veterans with refreshments, National Military History Center, Auburn.

    July 4 Sixth anniversary Celebration Cruise In, 4-8 p.m., Early Ford V-8 Founda-tion Museum, Auburn.

    July 5 Community fireworks celebra-tion, Auctions America Auction Park.

    July 9 Inspiration Fellowship, 5 p.m., DeKalb Outdoor Theater.

    July 10-Sept. 18 The Duesenberg by Tom Hale: 21st Century Interpretation of an Icon, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Auburn Cord Duesen-berg Museum.

    July 23-25 St. Joe Pickle Festival, St. Joe.

    July 25 Eckhart Park 100th birthday celebration, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Aug. 1 Fifth Annual Quiet Knight and Sons of the American Legion Car Show, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at American Legion Post #178, 515 W. 5th Ave., Garrett.

    Aug. 1 Ashley-Hudson Festival in Ashley-Hudson, pancake/sausage breakfast, entertainment, crafts, food and street dance.

    Aug. 5 Regional Group #169 The Auburn Blue Ovals Annual Cruise-In, Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum.

    Aug. 7 Pajamas in the Park Colleen

    McNabb, 7:30 p.m., DeKalb Outdoor Theater. Aug. 7-8, Butler Days Festival, cruise-in,

    food, craft vendors, contests, entertainment, hog roast and fireworks.

    Aug. 8 If These Cars Could Talk series; 1929 Stearns-Knight N6-80, 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum.

    Aug. 8 Concert Under the Star, Todd Allen Herendeen presented by Serenity House,7:30 p.m. at the DeKalb Outdoor Theater.

    Aug. 9 Grand Prix Series Race Round Five Motocross event, 9 a.m. at G&S Racing, LaOtto.

    Aug. 9 Community Band Extrav-aganza, 2:30 p.m., at the DeKalb Outdoor Theater.

    Aug. 12 Cruise For Charity, 5:30-8 p.m. at Buffalo Wild Wings, Auburn.

    Aug. 13 Inspiration Fellowship Free Grill with live music, 5 p.m. at the DeKalb Outdoor Theater.

    Aug. 15 Summer Seventies Music Festival, live entertainment, games, activities and contests, 2-8 p.m. at Feick Park, Garrett.

    Aug. 15 Spencerville Supper on the Bridge, 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., Spencerville Covered Bridge, Spencerville.

    Aug. 20 Cruise-In to Downtown Auburn, 6:308:30 p.m.

    Aug. 21 The U.S. Navys premier contemporary entertainment Cruisers, 7:30 p.m. at the DeKalb Outdoor Theater.

    Aug. 22 Hamiltons third annual

    Women gather around a quilt created by Utah quilter Marilyn Badger after it was unveiled and named best in show during the the 2014 Shipshewana Quilt Festival. The honor earned Badger a $3,500 prize. This years festival will be June 24-27.


  • Jonesville Lumber108 W. Chicago St., Jonesville, MI ph (517) 849-2181 fax (517) 849-2541

    Contact Our Indiana area salesman, Mark Knisley 517.607.9169

    April 24, 2015 KPC Media Group Inc. Get Ready For Summer 9

    Summer ActivitiesSummer Festival, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    Aug. 23 Third annual Inspiration Ministries Music Fest, noon-9 p.m. at the DeKalb Outdoor Theater.

    Aug. 26-29 Motorfest 6, Friends and Flatheads at the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum, Auburn.

    LaGrange County June 5-6 Trottingbred Harness Horse

    Racing, LaGrange County 4-H Fairgrounds, LaGrange.

    June 6 Shipshewana Antique Market, Antique/Gallery/Trading Place Pavilion, Shipshewana.

    June 19 Topeka Carriage and Antique Sale, Topeka Livestock Auction, Topeka.

    June 19-20 Trottingbred Harness Horse Racing, fairgrounds.

    June 20 16th annual Pumpkinvine Trail Bike Ride, Shipshewana.

    June 20 Newbury Square Swap Meet and Flea Market, Newbury Square, Shipshe-wana.

    June 20 Cooks Bison Ranch Calf Celebration Days, Cooks Bison Ranch, Wolcottville.

    June 22-26 41st annual Topeka

    Quilt Show and Sale, Eden Worship Center, Topeka.

    June 24-27 Shipshewana Quilt Festival, Shipshewana.

    June 30-July 4 Fourth of July extended flea market, Shipshewana Auction and Flea Market, Shipshewana.

    July 11-8 LaGrange County 4-H Fair, LaGrange Fairgrounds, LaGrange.

    July 17-18 Reminiscences of Shipshe-wana, Shipshewana.

    July 18 Newbury Square Swap Meet and Flea Market, Newbury Square, Shipshe-wana.

    July 31-Aug. 1 Trottingbred Harness Horse Racing, fairgrounds.

    Aug. 1 Shipshewana Antique Market, Antique Gallery/Trading Place, Shipshewana.

    Aug. 7-9 Amishland and Lakes, Howe Military Academy, Howe.

    Aug. 7 20th annual LaGrange County Habitat for Humanity Benefit Auction, Shipshewana Auction Barn, Shipshewana.

    Aug. 13-16 34th annual Steam and Gas Show, fairgrounds.

    Aug. 21-22 Trottingbred Harness Horse Racing, fairgrounds.

    Aug. 22 David Rogers Country Fair Cruise-ins are a big part of summer in Auburn. OCTAVIA YODER




    Individual or Team Combo!

    Proceeds will help fund the KPC Newspapers In Education program for schools in Noble, Steuben, LaGrange and DeKalb counties.

    Newspaper In Education

    NIE THE CITY OFKendallville

    Rotary Club of

    Kendallville, Indian


    Swim, ride, run for readers.

    For sponsor information, call Vi Wysong at 260-347-0400 x 1161 or email

    10 Get Ready for Summer KPC Media Group Inc. April 24, 2015

    Summer Activitiesand National Day of the Cowboy, David Rogers Memorial Park, 2355 W. C.R. 550S, Wolcottville.

    Aug. 22 Newbury Square Swap Meet and Flea Market, Newbury Square, Shipshe-wana.

    Noble County June 6 Family fishing derby, Chain O

    Lakes State Park, Albion. June 6 Trunk Treasures, Kendallville. June 10-13, Chain O Lakes Festival,

    Albion. June 14 Pie Baking Contest and Pie

    Auction, Stones Trace Historic Site, Ligonier. June 20 Poker paddle, Chain O Lakes

    State Park, Albion. June 20 Wine In the Pines, Black Pine

    Animal Sanctuary, Albion. June 20 Calf Day Celebration, Cooks

    Bison Ranch, Wolcottville. June 20-21 Native American Day

    Festival, Moose Lake Christian Craft Village, LaOtto.

    June 23 Introduction to juicing, DeCamp Gardens, Albion.

    June 24-26 Essential oils and aromatherapy open house, Annie Oakley Perfumery, Ligonier.

    June 25-27 Avilla Freedom Festival, Avilla.

    June 27 Moonlight Garden Tour, Gene Stratton-Porter, Rome City.

    July 4 Family sand castle contest, Chain O Lakes State Park, Albion.

    July 4 Fun on Sylvan Lake, Rome City.

    July 9-Sept. 3 Indiana Master Naturalist Course, Gene Stratton-Porter, Rome City.

    July 10 Childrens Pioneer Day, Moose Lake Christian Craft Village, LaOtto.

    July 11 Kids camps, 3-4 years and 5-6 years, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, Albion.

    July 11-18 Noble County Fair, Kendallville.

    July 12 GSP Memorial Society Annual Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Gene Stratton-Porter, Rome City.

    July 17-19 Cromwell Days, Cromwell. July 12 Stones Trace Regulators

    Open Shoot, Stones Trace Historic Site, Ligonier.

    July 18 Kids camp, 7-8 years old, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, Albion.

    July 18 Star Gazing and Night Hike, Gene Stratton-Porter, Rome City.

    July 18 KPC Triathlon, Kendallville. July 18 James E. Luckey Day, Luckey

    Hospital Museum, Wolf Lake. July 22-24 Anniversary Gala and

    National Day of the Cowboy, Annie Oakley Perfumery, Ligonier.

    July 25 Summer fest, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, Albion.

    Aug. 1 Kid City, Kendallville. Aug. 1-2 Chautauqua Days, Gene

    Stratton-Porter, Rome City. Aug. 2 Artist Paint Day, Stones Trace

    Historic Site, Ligonier. Aug. 5-8 Onion Days at the Wolf

    Lake Park, Luckey Hospital Museum, Wolf Lake.

    Aug. 7-8 Barn sale, Gene-Stratton Porter, Rome City.

    Aug. 8 Safari supper camp, 9-12 years old, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, Albion.

    Aug. 9 Tomato Tasting event, Fox Trail Farm, Albion.

    Aug. 15 Lions and Tigers and Hot Rods, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, Albion.

    Aug. 22 Childrens Pioneer Craft Day, Moose Lake Christian Craft Village, LaOtto.

    Aug. 27-28 Wilderness first aid, Merry Lea Environmental Center, Wolf Lake.

    Steuben County June 13 Town-wide garage sales,

    more than 75 sales throughout Hamilton, Hamilton Lake and Ball Lake.

    June 19-21 Enchanted Lakes Renais-sance Faire and Marketplace, jousting, musical acts, comedy and handcrafted items.

    June 20 Junk Yard Band, old time rock n roll at Commons Park.

    June 24 Fort Wayne Philharmonic Patriotic Pops concert, free concert on the Potawatomi Inn lawn at Pokagon State Park.

    July 3 Music Americana, patriotic concert featuring local talent at the Steuben Community Center.

    July 3 Hamilton fireworks, fireworks at dusk at Hog Hill.

    July 4 Independence Day celebration, Angolas parade begins at 11 a.m., followed by activities at Commons Park and fireworks at dusk.

    July 4 Hamilton Fourth of July Parade,the parade begins at noon.

    July 4 Lake James fireworks, view the show from the Potawatomi Inn front lawn.

    July 10-11 Angola Balloons Aloft, hot air balloon competition with historic airplane displays, paid tethered rides, special shaped balloons, kids zone, illuminations both evenings and morning and evening launches Friday and Saturday.

    July 10-11 Fremont Musicfest XXI, Friday night entertainment plus Saturday parade and musical acts.

    July 17-23 Steuben County 4-H Fair, truck pull, rodeo, animal judging at Crooked

  • 2015 Sweetwater 2086Including: Yamaha F-50 Four Stroke, Mooring Cover, Vinyl Aft Deck, Sony AM/FM/CD w/MP3 & 4 Speakers, Docking Lights,1 Movable Cup Holder

    889 E. CHICAGO RD. (U.S. 12) QUINCY, MI (517) 639-8600Hours: Tues.-Sat. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Closed Sunday & Monday

    BOATERS MARINE AT ARCHER LAKE 517-639-3300Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Closed Sun.

    www.boatersmarine.comLike Us On Facebook - Boaters Marine Michigan

    Boaters Marine Offshore

    387 East Fenn RoadColdwater, MI517-278-5018

    Mon. - Fri. 8:00 - 4:30



    Get ready for summer with an air conditioner tune-up! Open Daily! Call for hours



    Each Round ofMini Golf or Lazer Tag Up to 5 - Expires 5/15/15

    $1 Off

    125 W. Chicago Rd., Coldwater, MI(I-69 Exit 13, 5 miles west on US 12, next to Capri Theater)

    Go Garts Lazer Tag Mini Golf In atables Arcade Now Serving Ice Cream

    Coldwater, Michigans Family Fun Center!





    J U S T M I N U T E S AWAY !

    April 24, 2015 KPC Media Group Inc. Get Ready For Summer 11

    Summer ActivitiesLake fairgrounds.

    July 25 Antique and Classic Boat/Car Show, approximately 60 classic boats plus outboard motors and classic cars at the Lake James/Jimmerson Lake bridge.

    July 25-26 Vermont Settlement Festival, the town of Orland celebrates with a parade, primitive village, mud volleyball

    tournament, food and games. July 25-26 Old Mill Shoppes Art

    Festival, jewelry, paintings and pottery along with music.

    Aug. 1 Hubie Ashcraft and the Drive, free concert at Commons Park in Angola.

    Aug. 7-8 Downtown Angola Sidewalk Sales, special sales on the Public Square.

    Aug. 8 All Night Star Spectacular, star, planet and moon gazing with telescopes at Pokagon State Park.

    Aug. 8-9 Sand sculpture demonstra-tions, build your own or view the ones built during the weekend at Pokagon State Park beach.

    Aug. 16 Reflection On Snow Lake,

    a pontoon tour of Snow Lake followed by dinner.

    Aug. 18 Old 27 Car Tour, historic cars will be on display at Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County.

    Aug. 22 Summer Festival In Hamilton, road race, arts and crafts, car show and evening street dance.

  • RATE3.49% 3.59 %*ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATEBoat Loans

    Sensible Banking for Sensible Lives


    2015 Campbell & Fetter Bank. NMLS #416300*To qualified buyers. Normal credit terms apply. 2010 and newer boats. APR is based on $20,000 60 month term. Monthly Payment $364.42. First payment 30 days from loan origination. Doc prep of $50 applies. APR is fixed for the life of the loan.

    12 Get Ready for Summer KPC Media Group Inc. April 24, 2015

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