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Get Ready for Summer 1st Edition



    Living in Luzerns Insiders Gui

    de to Fun in the Sun





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  • 4...........................................................................Introduction8 .................................................What is a Trotti Bike?

    5 Perfect Days

    10-11 ........................................................................Engelberg 12..................Emmeten-Stockhuette & Klewenalp15....................................................Meiringen-Hasliberg16.............................................................Morschach Stoos19..................................................................Melchsee-Frutt

    45 Summer Activities

    21....................................................................................Boating22-23..............................................Climbing: Indoors 26-27.........................................Climbing: Outdoors28-29.........................................................................Cycling30-31..................................................................Eating Out32-33..........................................................................Hiking34-35......................................................Miniature Golf 36-37..............................................Parks & Museums38-39............................................................Playgrounds40-41......................................................Swimming Badis42-43...................................................Swimming Pools44-45..........................................Zoos & Animal Parks


    UBS your English-speaking bank in Lucerne,with high-quality products and services tailored to

    your changing needs. See us for professional advice on payments, investments, retirement, nancing and wealth management.

    UBS AGMarkus Moll

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  • INTRODUCTIONDear Reader,

    We are so glad that you are reading this booklet. This is the second booklet that has produced. The first booklet, Get Ready for Winter, was so popular that we decided that Get Ready for Summer was the logical next step.

    In this booklet, we have given you nearly 60 possible activities to enjoy this summer. We hope that even if you cant do everything, you will try some-thing new this summer that you didnt know about before now.

    We also hope that you will acknowledge the companies who have paid for advertising in this booklet. The booklet is free because of their generous contribution to Living in Luzern. In particular, Id like to thank our Strategic Partners: Business Development Lucerne, MSD, UBS, ISOCS International School of Central Switzerland and D4 Business Village Lucerne.

    Id also like to thank Melanie Andres for her diligent translation and copy editing, having her on the team made a huge difference in efficiency.

    Lastly, there would be no booklet without the amazing contribution from Claudia Foertig, our resident expert on things to do in and around Luzern. Claudia has tested and tried EVERY SINGLE THING in this booklet and it is her knowledge and years of record keeping that have come together in print. Im eter-nally grateful to Susan Williamson for the introduction to Claudia.

    Have a great summer, be sure to stop by the Living in Luzern website for live links to all of the things mentioned in this booklet!

    Joy Foster - CEO The Livingin Association


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    TROTTI BIKE?Throughout the next few page

    s, youll

    read a lot about Trotti Bikes. We

    thought you might want to see what one

    looks like. Claudia Foertig (our resident

    expert) shows off a trotti bike. It is

    essentially 1/2 bike 1/2 scooter and a

    ridiculous amount of fun.




    FunA new fee


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    Beautiful Hiking, BBQ & Waterfall ENGELBERG

    1 The Ritz on TitlisChoose one of two stunning hikes from the valley station Titlis to Gerschnialp. For a steep hike not suitable for strollers start to the right of the valley station. Alternatively, make your way from the left on a path that during winter serves as the sledding run and is walkable with a stroller. A stop at Restaurant Gerschnialp-Caf Ritz is optional. To return to the valley from Gerschnialp, rent a Trotti Bike (3.5 km) as an alternative to the cable car.

    2 Dip in Lake on TitlisTake the cable car to Trbsee (2nd stop). Here you can hike around the Trbsee in one hour. Simply follow the signs for Knorrliwanderweg and read up on nutri-tion and exercise. This trail is suitable for strollers and you will come across four spots along the way where you can bar-becue or have a picnic. Alternatively, grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants. On a very hot summer day, take a dip in the lake. But be warned, it is very cold! To complete your day, take the cable car back to Gerschnialp and why not return to the valley by Trotti Bike, if you feel adventurous. Or let the cable car take you back all the way.

    3 Brunni Tickling PathTake the cable car to Brunni or hike from the valley to the mountain station. If you opt for the latter, note that the trail is very steep and only suitable for experienced hikers. Starting from the mountain sta-tion, there are several beautiful, well-marked paths. A fun thing to do is the Kitzelpfad, or tickling path. It starts at the mountain station of the Brunni chairlift and takes you around the idyllic Hrzlisee (1,860 m a.s.l.), and you walk it barefoot! At Ristis children will enjoy a real water adventure with lots of water activi-ties. A big playground is located behind the restaurant. There is also a toboggan run. Children younger than 12 years ac-companied by an adult are free.

    TOP TIP: Childrens birthday party with Glo-bi (the mascot). To book call 041 639 60 60.

    The Engelberg area consists of two mountains, Titlis to the right and Brunni to the left. At the end of the valley, you will find beautiful hiking trails, BBQ spots and a waterfall.

    TITLIS BergbahnenGerschnistrasse 16390 EngelbergTel: 041 639 50

    Luftseilbahn Engelberg-Brunni AGWydenstrasse 556390 EngelbergTel: 041 639 60


  • 4 End of the ValleyFollow the road towards the golf course to the end. On the right hand side is a large parking lot (subject to charge). From here several beautiful hiking trails lead into the back valley. You will also find several restau-rants.

    TOP TIPA waterfall hidden in the

    forest! Starting from the parking lot at the end of the valley, cross the

    river, keep to the right and walk straight ahead. After a few minutes youll hear the waterfall. Follow the sound to the left into

    the forest. (Thats exactly how we found it.) Theres also a large BBQ area and

    an ideal picnic spot by the waterfall.


    Hiking, Biking & Shooting ArrowsEMMETEN-STOCKHUETTE & KLEWENALP

    1 Hike + Petting ZooHike from Stockhuette to Klewenalp. When you get there about 1.5 hours later, you will find a petting zoo and a ground-hog enclosure. Both mountain stations have big playgrounds. And there are several places offering accommodation. Alternatively, do this tour by moun-tain bike. Some stretches are very steep, so it is best to take only older children.

    2 Robin Hood3D Bogenpark in Emmeten-Stockhuette: this park comprises a forest circuit where you shoot 3D animals with bow and arrow. There is an area to warm up. Targets are numbered and half way through, at No. 14, a BBQ spot invites to take a break. Only proficient archers admit-ted and your own equipment is required. As an alternative to returning to the val-ley by cable car, take a Trotti Bike.

    The summer season starts on May 18, 2013.

    Children up to age 16 accompanied by a par-ent or grandparent go for free with the Junior

    and Grandchild Card (Junior-, Enkelkarte).

    Bergbahnen6375 Beckenried

    Tel: 041 624 66

    Gondelbahn 6376 Emmetten

    Tel: 041 620 30

    Both destinations are reachable by various cable car operators, but located on the same mountain and also connected via hiking trails. To get to Emmeten-Stockhtte takes a bit longer than to reach Klewenalp (via cable car from Beckenried). Both cable car operators

    offer ample parking spaces free of charge.


    Need to brush up on your archery skills, why not stop by

    Strebel Bogensport in Kriens for an archery lesson or two?

    They speak English! 041 210 18 28



    2132 possibilities above sea level

    110369_PIL_INS_A5q_Zahnrad_e_RZ3.indd 1 24.03.11 16:24

    Aeschbach Chocolatier AGProduktion | ChocoLaden | ChocoCafChocoDromo | Hochschwerzlen 2 | CH-6037 RootTelefon 041 747 33 33 | Fax 041 741 58

    Laden Zug Bahnhofstrasse 22 | CH-6300 Zug Telefon 041 711 92 29 | Fax 041 711 92 88

    Laden Steinhausen Einkaufszentrum ZugerlandCH-6312 Steinhausen | Telefon 041 741 33 44 | Fax 041 741 33 43


  • Meiringen-Hasliberg Sports, Enjoyment and Family-FunA 45-minutes-drive brings you from Lucerne into the Bernese Oberland Alps.

    Muggestutz Adventures

    on the dwarf trails

    Free for Kids with the SBB

    Junior or Grandchild Car



    Adventure Trails for Kids MEIRINGEN-HASLIBERG

    1 Adventure Walk #1Wasserwendi: From mid-June onwards, you can walk the Zwergenweg named Das Haus am Bannwald. It is filled with numerous exciting spots for children. The length of this trail is about three kilometers. Starting 100 meters below the Bergrestaurant Kserstatt, it will take you about two hours to walk via Balisalp along the Wildbach to Bannwald and finally to the station at Lischen. You will pass through high moorland, moun-tain pastures and fir forests. An alternative route is the Monster-Trotti that takes you from Kserstatt to Lischen.

    2 Educational PathWasserwendi: With 12 stops, this trail leads through high and low moors, teaching about the various types of moor as well as offering interesting informa-tion about the Hasliberg flora and fauna.

    Starting point is Kserstatt. In about two hours, you pass through diverse moorlands via Balisalp to Lischen. This trail is accessible from mid-June to late October.

    3 Adventure Walk #2Reuti: The other Zwergenweg called Aben-teuer auf dem Zwergenweg opens from mid-June onwards. Along the way, children search for little treasures in a cave, swing high into the air on an eagle swing and learn about the dwarves. Plan about two hours to walk this five-kilometer path from Mgisalp via Gummenalp to Bidmi. The starting point is about 100 me-ters below the Bergrestaurant Mgisalp. The trail takes a slight downward course through mountain pastures and fir forests. An alternative is to go by trotti bike from Mgisalp to Bidmi.

    Bergbahnen Meiringen-Hasliberg AG6084 Hasliberg WasserwendiTel: 033 550 50

    Children aged 6-15 accompanied by a parent go for free with the SBB Junior Card.

    With trails that appeal to all levels Meiringen-Hasliberg is an ideal hiking destination. Hasli-berg also offers 17 different bike routes. There are two cable cars: Wasserwendi and Reuti.

    Specifically created for children, the two Muggestutz Zwergenwege (dwarf paths) are an absolute family highlight. These beautiful trails are based on the story of Muggestutz, the

    eldest Hasli dwarf and king of dwarves, and invite children to relive his adventures.


    Meiringen-Hasliberg Sports, Enjoyment and Family-FunA 45-minutes-drive brings you from Lucerne into the Bernese Oberland Alps.

    Muggestutz Adventures

    on the dwarf trails

    Free for Kids with the SBB

    Junior or Grandchild Car



    Absolute Hiking Paradise MORSCHACH STOOS

    1 Morschach BBQCheck out the BBQ spot and playground at Waldpark Morschach with fantastic views of Lake Lucerne. Get into shape at the Vita Parcours a forest fitness trail or try the ropes course, which is part of the Swiss Holiday Park (see Option 2 below) and only open from March to October. Booking required!

    2 Morschach Holiday ParkSwiss Holiday Park features a variety of fun activities for children including kids club, an indoor playground, a water park, bowling, miniature golf and table tennis. With BBQ facilities and several playgrounds, Tepee village Kitchawank is the perfect place for a birthday party. There are also indoor and outdoor swimming pools, badminton, squash and tennis courts, bowling lanes, pool and snooker tables, indoor climbing, a ropes course, a go-kart course and three restaurants.

    Swiss Holiday Park6443 MorschachTel: 041 825 50

    3 Swimming in StoosAlpine Swimming Pool Stoos at Stooshorn, beautifully located on a forest clearing. Get there by cable car or hike. Stoos is open from mid-June to mid-August. Enjoy discounted entry with the Bergbahn Tag-eskarte Wandern & Baden (day pass).

    Several cable car services are available: Standseilbahn Schwyz-StoosLuftseilbahn Morschach-Stoos Sesselbahn FronalpstockSesselbahn Klingenstock

    Stoosbahnen AGStooshorn 16433 StoosTel: 041 818 08

    Morschach-Stoos-Muotathal offers simple village tours (suitable for strollers and wheel chairs), leisurely family hikes and challenging one-day mountain excursions.


    With the Familientageskarte (family day pass) your children aged up to 15 go for free. You

    must show proof of family relations, e.g. family



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    Fantastic Car-Free Resort MELCHSEE-FRUTT

    1 Hike, Fish & Trotti BikeHike from Melchsee-Frutt to Tannalp along the lakes Melchsee and Tannensee. This wonderful trail will take about two hours and is suitable for strollers. Grab a bite to eat at Berggasthaus Tannalp or barbecue and picnic at one of numerous fireplaces en route. Between June and October you can fish for trout at the lakes, however you require a license. Half-day (from 1 pm), day and week licenses can be bought at the tourist office, at Frutt Sport & Laden and any of the hotels in Melchsee-Frutt. A vending machine at Frutt Sport & Laden sells half-day and day licenses. Instead of descending by cable car, take a Trotti Bike to Stckalp. Trotti bikes can be rented at the mountain station Melchsee-Frutt. There are 32 bikes avail-able. A reservation can be made under 041 669 70 60 and is required for groups. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted.

    2 Outdoor Climbing ParkSportklettergarten Boni is an outdoor climbing park with 150 courses covering heights of 10 to 60 meters and difficulty levels 3 to 8. Ideal for family climbing. Book a climbing training course at the tourist of-fice Kerns: 041 669 70 60. Berg+Tal also of-fers training courses (see Climbing section).

    Summer highlight: the two Fruttli trains! They take you from Melchsee-Frutt to Tannalp, and you choose where you wish to get on or off.

    Route: Bergstation Klettergarten Kapelle Distelboden March Tan-nendamm Feuerstelle Tannalp

    Departure times:Bergstation: 9am, 10am*, 11am, noon*, 1pm, 2pm*, 3pm, 4pmBerggasthaus Tannalp: 9:30am, 10:30am*, 11:30am, 12:30pm*, 1:30pm, 2:30pm*, 3:30pm, 4:30pm (*only when busy)

    Frutt is reached via Stckalp (by Kerns) either by cable car or by car. During the summer season, the road opens to alternating one-way traffic and you park at the village entrance. Frutt itself is a beautiful hiking destination with many gorgeous mountain lakes offering a

    wide choice of easy and more demanding trails adding up to 250 kilometers.

    Gondelbahn Stckalp Melchsee-Frutt Sarnerstrasse 1, 6064 KernsTel: 041 669 70

    Operating period: June 15October 20, 2013Children aged 615 accompanied by a parent go for free with the SBB Junior Card.


  • JUMP INTO GERMAN!German Summer Courses

    German Classes for Expats - all levels, all ages


    041 412 02 48 (we all speak English and German)

  • Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des VierwaldsttterseesWerftestrasse 56002 LuzernTel: 041 367 67 67

    Various cruises on Lake Lucerne including roundtrips, sunset cruises by paddle steamer, culinary and musical cruises and more.

    SNG Lake-LucerneAlpenquai 116005 LuzernTel: 041 368 08

    Boat and yacht charter. Individual cruises. Small mo-tor, sailing and pedal boats available without drivers-license.

    Charter stations: Schwanenplatz, LuzernTel: 041 368 08 09Nationalquai, Luzern Tel: 079 643 27 17

    Also available with your charter: water ski and wake-board equipment or tube. Upon request: skipper.

    Direct links online at 21


  • Pilatus IndoorD4 Park 8 6039 Root-Lngenbold Tel: 041 310 02 87

    Great indoor climbing gym with instructors from the Climbing School Berg+Tal. Nice indoor and outdoor seating areas with snacks and drinks available.

    OPENING HOURSMonFri: 10am10pm Sat: 10am8pm

    City BoulderNidfeldstrasse 1 6010 Kriens Tel: 041 310 54

    Bouldering does not require a climbing harness or partner and is highly recommended for children. City Boulder is part of Pilatus Indoor.

    OPENING HOURSMonFri: Noon10pm SatSun: 10am6pm

    Climbing SchoolBerg+Tal KletterschuleD4 Platz 6 6039 Root-Lngenbold Tel: 041 450 44 25



    22 Get Ready for Summer

  • Kletterhalle Eiselin SportEisfeldstrasse 2a 6005 Luzern Tel: 041 361 17 17

    Small indoor climbing gym with cozy atmosphere and a little bar area. The entrance is located in the underground parking lot of Swisslife Arena.

    OPENING HOURSMonFri: 5:30pm10pm Sat, Sun & holidays:10am6pm

    Direct links online at 23

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    VIA BUS#42Stop Lorzenpark

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  • 26 Get Ready for Summer

    Seilpark RigiAlpenhof 6403 Kssnacht am RigiTel: 079 844 06 24

    Beautifully located high wire park at the Restaurant Alpen-hof (also see Eating out) with a very big playground.

    OPENING HOURSAprilOctober WedSun: 10am6pm During public summer holidays also open Tue: 10am5pm



  • Seilpark Frkmntegg/PilatusSchlossweg 1 6010 Kriens/Luzern Tel: 041 329 11 11

    Biggest rope and climbing park in Central Switzerland. Monkey trees for climbing.

    OPENING HOURSMarch 29October 20:10am5pm**5:15pm July 1August 31

    Direct links online at 27

  • CYCLINGSurseeAarau Distance: 32 kmLevel: Easy

    Fantastic family tour in Sursee along the river Suhre, traffic-free and flat. Nice picnic spots along the way.

    Starting point: Park on the corner of Zeughausstrasse and Infan-teriestrasse, 6210 Sursee (indus-trial area). From Zeughausstrasse follow the bicycle lane to the right, through the forest and via the Au-tobahn flyover. Continue through the forest and along the river. It is possible to bike to Aarau.

    Roundtrip Lungerer LakeDistance: 10 kmLevel: Easy

    Beautiful roundtrip around the Lungerer Lake.

    Starting point: Obsee near the Talstation Lungern-Schenbhl

    Good to know: Theres a very nice Badi at the Lungerer Lake with surfboards, sailing boats, canoes and pedalos available for rent. Also kite surfing. Lungern TourismusBahnhofstrae 246078 LungernTel: 041 678 14

    28 Get Ready for Summer

    Prime Ski School & Summer Activities Dorfstrasse 34 6390 Engelberg Tel. 0 41 637 01 55

    For kids there are bike weeks and an academy offering improvement courses. Also technique, downhill and fre-eride courses, and guided bike tours. Furthermore, fixed rope routes, guided hiking tours and a mountain activity week for kids.

  • CYCLINGbike arena emmettenc/o Tourismus EmmettenDorfstrasse 286376 EmmettenTel: 041 620 15

    Guided bike tours (group and private) and bike weeks for kids. Technique courses as well as rental bikes available.

    LuzernBrunnenDistance: 40 km

    Level: Intermediate

    Scenic bike ride along Lake Lu-cerne. Take a lunch break at the Weggis Badi en route to Kss-nacht am Rigi. Spend the night in Brunnen overlooking the lake and play miniature golf in the morning. Great outdoor play area for kids. Take boat back to Luzern. (Or cycle back!)

    Direct links online at 29


    Seerestaurant BelvdreSeestrasse 186052 HergiswilTel: 041 630 30 35

    Restaurant with 16 Gault & Mil-lau point rating. Fantastic food and reasonable lunch prices. Dinner is more on the formal side. Check out the nearby Glasi glass factory with a nice play-ground and marble run.

    OPENING HOURSTueSat: Lunch: from 11:30am onwardsDinner: from 6pm onwardsSun & Mon: closedJuly & August: TueSat open all day from 11:30am onwards Alpenhof Kssnacht

    6403 Kssnacht am RigiTel: 041 850 10 Wonderful garden terrace with nice pavilions, good food (salad buffet, BBQ) and a big playground with many trampolines. Located next to Seilpark Rigi.

    OPENING HOURSDaily except Tuesday

    30 Get Ready for Summer

  • Restaurant Schwendelberg6048 HorwTel: 041 340 35

    Very good restaurant serv-ing traditional Swiss cuisine. Spectacular mountain and lake views from the terrace and adjacent playground.

    OPENING HOURSAprilSeptember Daily: 11ammidnight

    Restaurant OpusBahnhofstrasse 16

    6003 LuzernTel: 041 226 41 41

    Very nice restaurant located in the Luzern city center with beautiful terrace on the river Reuss. Good value for money, daily menus, very friendly staff and also child-friendly (they offer coloring material for children).

    OPENING HOURSMon, Wed, Thu: 9ammidnightTue: 8ammidnightFri: 9am1:30am Sat: 8am1:30amSun: 10ammidnight


  • Sattel Hochstuckli 6417 Sattel

    Tel: 041 836 80

    Beautiful trails featuring amazing panoramic views, rope bridge, summer toboggan run, bouncy castle, several restaurants and sky dining in a cable car.

    HIKING Erlebnisluftseilbahn Dallenwil-Wirzweli AGWiesenbergstrasse 256383 DallenwilTel: 041 628 23 94

    Good tip: Very nice trail from val-ley to mountain station (1.5 hours) where youll find a playground (see Playground section), owl path and several different restaurants.

    Seebodenalp/Rigi6403 Kssnacht am

    Drive to Seebodenalp (follow the signs in Kssnacht a. R.) or take the cable car Rigi-Seebodenalp.

    Lots of hiking and panorama trails. Head to Kaltbad, uphill but with one of the best lake and mountain views (as seen here). Try Restau-rant Hotel Seebodenalp or Alp-wirtschaft Ruodisegg.

    PILATUS-BAHNEN AGSchlossweg 16010 Kriens/LucerneTel +41 (0)41 329 11

    Trails from valley station Kriens to Krienseregg (1.25 hrs) and on to Frgmntegg (1.5 hrs). Big playground, BBQ spot and restau-rant at Krienseregg. Short easy trails around Drachenmoor at Krienseregg, perfect for families with children and strollers. Educa-tional flower trail at Pilatus Kulm.

  • Direct links online at 33

    Brgenstock Resort6363 ObbrgenTel: 041 612 90 10

    Beautiful hiking and walking trails. Try Felsenweg to Ham-metschwandlift (Europes highest outdoor lift), with several nice restaurants. Hotels and Brgen-stockbahn are closed as the resort is undergoing renovation until the summer of 2015. However, most restaurants are open and trails ac-cessible. Parking is well signpost-ed despite the construction site.

    ECHO Trails079 917 68

    Expat Ren Welti runs ECHOTrails, a wonderful company which does guided day walks, hikes, bike tours and events all in English!

  • MINIATURE GOLFMinigolf Kaltbad Rigi Rigi-Sport-Kiosk Casa Margherita 6356 Rigi Kaltbad Tel: 041 397 16

    Minigolf course with panoramic lake and mountain views situ-ated in the Parkwald woodlands only a few minutes walk from Rigi Kaltbad station. Golf clubs and balls available from Rigi Sport, Rigi Kaltbad. Open: 9am5:30pm.

    Minigolf Lido Lidostrasse6006 LuzernTel: 041 370 26 06

    The local minigolf course across from the Lido.

    OPENING HOURSMarchOctoberDaily: 9am11pm

    34 Get Ready for Summer

  • Minigolf-Anlage Felmis Kastanienbaumstrasse 88 6048 HorwTel: 041 340 20

    Beautifully located minigolf course opposite Hotel Felmis.

    OPENING HOURSAprilOctoberMonFri: 2pm10pmSatSun: 10am10pm

    Minigolf Trumpf Buur Im Erholungsgebiet Riedholz 6030 Ebikon Tel: 041 440 62

    Minigolf course located within the recreational area Riedholz in Ebikon comprising a large play-ground, an enclosure with goats, ponies, donkeys, rabbits and chicken. A very large restaurant with garden terrace can seat up to 130 guests.

    OPENING HOURSSunWed: 9am11pmFriSat: 9am0:30am Thu: closed

    Minigolf Seehotel Waldsttterhof

    Waldsttterquai 6 6440 Brunnen

    Tel: 041 825 06 06

    The appeal of this 18-hole course is the diversity of hole charac-teristics combined with fan-tastic lake and mountian views. Food and snacks are available at the adjacent self-service restaurant.

    Direct links online at 35

  • Swiss Open-Air Museum BallenbergEntrance East (Ost)3856 BrienzwilerTel: 033 952 10 30Info-line: 033 952

    On display are houses from all re-gions of Switzerland demonstrat-ing local crafts like cheese making, weaving, wood carving and more.

    The closest entrance (of two) com-ing from Luzern is Ballenberg Ost (East).


    Richard Wagner MuseumRichard Wagner Weg 276005 LuzernTel: 0 41 360 23 70

    This museum is the former home of opera composer Rich-ard Wagner. There is a lovely cafe overlooking Lake Lucerne. Chamber Music is played on Sundays from the end of May until the end of June at 11am.

    OPENING HOURSMuseum:TueSun: 10am12noon and 2pm5pmSummer Cafe:Mid-AprilOctober


    36 Get Ready for Summer

  • Park Seleger Moor Seleger-Moor-Strasse 8911 Rifferswil Tel: 044 764 11

    Beautiful marsh land park exhib-iting flowers and plants, featur-ing small garden restaurant and plants for sale.

    OPENING HOURSMarch 1April 19MonFri: 8am5pmSat: 8am12noonApril 20July 31MonSun: 8am7pmAugust 1October 31MonFri: 8am5pmSat: 8am12noon

    Direct links online at 37


    Schloss Meggenhorn Meggenhornstrasse 6045 Meggen Tel: 041 377 11 61

    Beautifully located playground with adjacent barn with cows, pigs, chicken and rabbits as well as a goat enclosure. Picnic tables and bathroom available.

    38 Get Ready for Summer

    Wirzweli-ZauberlandWiesenbergstrasse 256383 DallenwilTel: 041 628 23 94

    This big adventure play-ground is located on the mountain and comprises BBQ facilities, a little zoo, a small summer toboggan run, nice hiking trails and an owl path. Guided pony rides available on weekends.

  • LidoLidostrasse 6a6006 LuzernTel: 041 370 38

    Big lakeside playground that is part of Strandbad Lido. Drinks and snacks available at a kiosk and restaurant. (Note that from mid-May to early October, you have to pay an entry fee.)

    PILU-Land Krienseregg Schlossweg 16010 Kriens/Luzern Tel: 041 329 11

    Very big playground with BBQ facilities, restaurant and nice hiking trails around the Pilatus marshland, located on the mountain.

    If you take the cable car from Krienseregg to Frkmntegg you can also do:

    Pilatus tubing The longest summer tobog-gan run in Switzerland Climbing park (see outdoor climbing )

    ChrnsmattBertiswilstrasse 40

    6023 RothenburgTel: 041 280 34 34

    Big playground, mini railway and restaurant located on the prem-ises of Hotel Restaurant Chrns-matt.

    Direct links online at 39

  • 40 Get Ready for Summer

    LidoLidostrasse 6a6006 LuzernTel: 041 370 38

    Very recommended for families. Comprises big beach area, swimming and paddling pools, restaurant, kiosk, big playground and beach volleyball area.


    OPENING HOURSMay & September:Daily: 10am7pmJune, July & August:Daily: 9am8pm**9pm on Fri & Sat

  • TribschenWarteggstrasse 6005 LuzernTel: 041 360 45 67

    Great for families with a lawn for sunbathing, paddling pool, playground, beach volleyball, ping pong and tabletop foot-ball. Canoes and open-air yoga courses available too.

    OPENING HOURSFrom mid-May:Daily: 10am7pmJune:Daily: 9am8pmJuly & August:Daily: 9am9pmUntil mid-September:Daily: 10am7 pm

    Badi MeggenSeestrasse 6045 MeggenTel: 041 377 26

    Charming, small Badi. With shallow water great for little kids. Kiosk and bistro, ping pong and tabletop football.

    OPENING HOURSMay & September:Daily: 10am*7pm *Mondays from noonJune, July & August:Daily: 9am7pm


    Strandbad SachselnSeeweg 46072 SachselnTel: 041 660 24 22 or 079 344 90 94

    The most beautiful place on Sarnersee is this idyllic lake-side badi. Boasting unique sandy beaches, it is especially suitable for small children.

    OPENING HOURSDaily: 10am7pm

  • Waldschwimmbad ZimmereggSchwimmbadstrasse/Zimmereggstrasse6014 Luzern-LittauTel: 041 250 57

    Small outdoor pool in Littau hidden away in the forest. Facilities for beach volleyball, football, badminton, boccia and ping pong, as well as a playground, BBQ facilities and a restaurant and kiosk. Note: from the parking area, a steep path leads to the swimming pool entrance.

    OPENING HOURSMid-Maymid-SeptemberDaily: 9am8pm


    42 Get Ready for Summer

    Parkbad KleinfeldHorwerstrasse 246010 KriensTel: 041 311 28 43

    Open air pool with nice play-ground and view onto Pilatus. Several pools including a natu-ral pool without chlorine and a


    Schwimmbad Mooshsli Mooshslistrasse 41 6032 Emmen Tel: 041 268 64

    Largest open air pool in Luzern comprising two children pools with a big waterslide, diving, competition and paddling pools. Big garden area with playground and kiosk.

    OPENING HOURSMon & Wed: 8am8:45pmTue & Thu: 6:30am8:45pmFri: 8am9:45pmSat: 8am4.45pmSun: 9am4:45pm 43

    splash park for kids. Snacks available at kiosk. OPENING HOURSMon: 11am8pmTueSun: 9am8pm

    Opening hours might vary de-pending on weather conditions. Call 041 311 28 38 to make sure.

  • Tierpark Goldau Parkstrasse 40 6410 GoldauTel. 041 859 06 06

    Very good guided tours in English, big playgrounds, restaurant and several BBQ and picnic areas. Tip: Great spot for birthday parties!

    OPENING HOURSApril 1October 31 MonFri: 9am6pm Sat & Sun: 9am7pm

    Wildnispark Zrich Wildparkstrasse

    8135 Langnau am Albis Tel: 044 722 55 22

    One of Switzerlands biggest and oldest wildlife parks

    with native species such as deer, wild boars, ground-

    hogs. Also features a restau-rant and playground.

    OPENING HOURS365 days, around the clock

    (for most enclosures)


  • ZOOS & ANIMAL PARKS Tonis Zoo Holzhsern

    6023 Rothenburg Tel:041 280 40 50

    Very small zoo with a little playground and a restaurant.

    OPENING HOURSAprilOctober Daily: 9am6pm

    Knies Kinderzoo Rapperswil

    Oberseestrasse 8640 Rapperswil

    Tel: 055 220 67 60

    Small zoo that is part of Circus Knie with a fantastic sea lion show and a big playground. Kids can pet the giraffes!

    OPENING HOURSMarch 9October 31 Daily: 9amto 6pm

    Direct links online at 45


    PRINT RESOURCES:Lots of information is available at the Luzern Tourist Info at the Central Station Luzern.

    LUZERN Tourist InfoLuzern Tourismus AGTourist InformationZentralstrasse 56002 LuzernTel: 041 227 17 17Fax: 041 227 17 20Email:

    WEB RESOURCES:www.myswitzerland.chOfficial website of Swiss tourism. Extensive information on everything in Switzerland. There are special summer brochures on the website that you can download.

    www.lucerne.comInformation on Luzern and the Luzern region. Under the section Sports & Leisure you will find detailed information on recreational activities.

    www.veloland.chInformation on biking, hiking, inline skating and canoeing. Special website on hiking/walks in Zug containing also information on trails around Luzern. Specializes on excursions in Switzerland. Sorted into regions and into summer and winter activities with many information-loaded subcategories. www.bergfex.chSpecializes on mountain activities sum-mer and winter covering Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Slove-nia. This website is only in German, but gives a very good overview on swimming in Luzern.


    www.livinginluzern.infoAuthentic. Unbiased. Live. Life Changing.

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