FY2015 YEAR-END PLANNING.  FY15 Year-End Funding Process  FY15 Year-End Requests  FY15 Year-End Outlook.

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BUDGET SWOTPPBACFebruary 6, 2015Presented by Dawn Gamadanis -AVP Financial ManagementFY2015 YEAR-END PLANNING1Agenda ItemsFY15 Year-End Funding ProcessFY15 Year-End RequestsFY15 Year-End Outlook2FY15 Year-End3FY15 Year-End Funding ProcessPart I. Estimate of fundingIdentify source(s) of fundingLess Carry forward of tuition (3% of Tuition Revenue)Less known fixed cost increasesPart II. Identify PrioritiesDivisions submit top 1o requests over $10k (must be one-time costs)Part III. Sub-committee reviewTeam members from Facilities, ITS, Procurement, Finance, Budget, and Academic Affairs, & AVP for OperationsPurpose is to determine ANY CONSTRAINTS- timing, resources, support, purchasing requirements, conflicts with other projects, OR opportunities for collaboration4FY15 Year-End Funding ProcessPart IV. PPBAC review/recommendationsVPs/Division Heads present requestsPPBAC makes recommendations as to funded projects and prioritizationPart V. Division SpendingMarch timeframe VPs/Division Heads will be provided with operating balances for all departments in Division.Allows opportunity to redirect funds as needed to meet division needsPart VI. Institutional Department Funding sweepJune timeframe, Office of Budget & Planning will draw down any uncommitted funds from department budgetsFunding used to support approved year-end projects not already funded 5FY15 Year-End Requests by Division Division/UnitAmountAcademic Affairs$ 1,310, 239Operations$ 5,791,194Advancement$ 50,000Diversity$ 36,000External Affairs$ 54,864Legal Affairs$ 11,000Student Success$ 511,032TOTAL$ 7,764,3296FY15 Year-End OutlookFunding will be from both the Kennesaw and Marietta CampusConsist of vacancy lag savings and additional revenue from enrollment increase.Fall semester student FTE up 4.5% KSU and 3.9% SPSU, spring enrollment 1.7% KSU (not final) and 4% SPSU.EARLY PROJECTIONS OF YEAR-END FUNDING $6-$8 million7QUESTIONS8


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