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  • Fuel Injection Wiring Systems Fuel Injection Wiring Systems 877-968-7842 TheDetailZone.com

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    The Detail Zone was started as an extension of my love for cars. Not only is streetrodding a profession for me, it's a hobby with passion. With over ten years of experi-ence in the automotive aftermarket working for Ron Francis Wiring, I have theknowledge and contacts to fill the niche.

    Though The Detail Zone began in 2001 as an internet retailer for several successful lines of street rod products, in December 2002 TDZ purchased the successful fuel injection product line (known as TELORVEK) from RonFrancis. We have had great success with this line and have expanded the product offerings significantly, becomingthe industry leader for many of these products.

    The relationship between TDZ and Ron Francis Wiring was expanded in late 2007, and I can now add owner and president of Ron Francis Wiring to my resume. I am extremely excited to be the owner and operator of twosuccessful companies that provide such a broad spectrum of quality electrical products to the industry, along with exemplary customer service.

    Thanks for checking out our catalog and products, we look forward to providing you with a positive experiencethat will make the wiring an enjoyable part of your project.

    Scott Bowers

    Don Panzer of Philadelphia shows off hisTelorvek panel installation in a very convenientlocation. His 37 has been wow-ing crowds onthe East coast!

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    Ford Fuel Injection ....................12-14

    Ford Fuel Inj Access ..................15

    Wrapped Ford Fuel Injection Harnesses. ..................16

    Ford Replacement and Performance Harnesses ............17-18

    Wiring Aids ..............................19

    Ron Francis Wiring Kits ..............20

    Order Form ..............................21

    Testimonials ..............................23

    Our Fuel Injection Philosphy Choose the location of the computer Mount components where you want GM color codes Color instructions on selected

    harnesses Easy to read printed wires Superior customer service

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    The Telorvek design has been around for over 15years. The Telorvek panel is a link between theengine sensors and computer. This allows theadjustment of wire lengths to create an exceptionallyneat installation along with the advantages of superiortroubleshooting plus you can mount the computer any-where inside the vehicle.

    All Detail Zone fuel Injection systems include neces-sary connectors for that particular application, includ-ing single or dual fans when required. These systemsare complete and operate the engine in closed loop,which allows the engine to RUN LIKE FACTORY.Diagnostic Scan Tool connections and MalfunctionIndicator Lamp Circuits (MIL) are supplied for eachapplication, allowing the system to be scanned at anyOEM dealer or repair facility.

    No one offers fuel injection systems that duplicate theoriginal GM and Ford circuitry as well as ours do.Telorvek is the only name you can trust when it comesto EFI wiring. Our units provide performance, gasmileage and drive-ability like a factory system.

    Typically no special prom changes, computer repro-gramming or trick parts are necessary. Everything isavailable from your local dealership. We supply thecorrect, new GM or Ford connectors, as required alongwith crosslink, fire resistant wire. The wires are printedevery 10 inches with the sensor and terminal it con-nects to (example: TPS->10). The kits come with 20feet of wire for each sensor that is simply trimmed tolength, terminals installed and connected to theTelorvek panel. This allows the engine computer to beput under the front or rear seat or the trunk if desired.Some panel models contain fuel pump and cooling fanrelays in the panel cover as required.

    Another advantage of the Telorvek design is the capa-bility of using the panel as a breakout box that Fordand some GM diagnostic procedures require to takevoltage readings of different circuits. This can easily beaccomplished off the terminal block on the Telorvekpanel. All models of the panel have the service enginesoon light built into the cover and the wiring is alsoprovided for a dash-mounted light. Any GM or Forddealership will appreciate the clarity of the Telorveksystem and immediately understand its design. Ifspace under the dash is limited this is an excellent kitto install.

    The Detail Zone has an extensive list of Electronic FuelInjection harnesses for 1985 and newer engines. Ourapplication lists show which model engine fuel man-agement harnesses are a precise replacement. Incases where we do not show your engine year but anearlier model is available, we can usually supply youwith the older model wiring that will operate the newerengine with changes in components, sensors or otherparts for the engine. This change usually requiresobtaining the older model PCM.


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    GM TPI WIRINGMass Air Flow harness for modified GMTuned Port Camaro/Firebird/Corvette 5.0,5.7 Engines (1985-1992):

    Excellent choice if your engine has been modifiedwith a larger cam or higher compression and youare concerned about vacuum. The M.A.F. sensorcontrols fuel calibration to the engine much betterthan the speed density system if the engine hasbeen modified. M.A.F. sensors were used on1985-1989 engines. However, newer modified1990-1992 engines can be wired this way alsousing this sensor with the 1985-1989 enginecomputer.Requires Camaro/Trans Am/CorvetteECM 16198259.

    GM Tuned Port InjectionCamaro/Firebird/Corvette - 5.0, 5.7 - Engines (1985-1992):

    Our harness upgrades the 1985 through 1989 engines by running them on the 1990-92 Camaro or Firebird computer. Usingthe 1985-89 engine, the computer, prom, and knock sensor will have to be changed to 1990-92 components. This system usesa M.A.P. sensor for fuel calibration instead of a mass air flow sensor. You benefit from an easier installation by not having toinstall the mass air flow sensor which is encased in a big, hard to route, air intake tube. All necessary computer controlled sen-sors are utilized as in the original vehicle. The transmission types available were 700R4, 4L60 and the manual transmissionsbehind the engine. You can also use the turbo 350 and 400 transmissions. The ECM requires a four thousand pulse per milespeed input. Requires 1990-1992 Camaro/Trans Am/Corvette ECM 1227730, Prom and Knock Sensor.

    GM 3.1 V-6 Camaro Harness (1990-1992): We now offer a harness for this potent V-6 found in the Camaro.

    Description Part# Price

    GM TPI with MAF, 85-89 305/350 Harness TP-30 $499.00

    GM TPI 90-92, 305/350 Harness TP-50 $449.00

    GM 90-92, 3.1 Camaro V-6 Harness TP-52 $549.00

    Bob Barry of Barrys General Repair in Preston, CTpowers his luscious burgundy 48 Chevy Truck with a

    350 TPI for power and reliability!

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    GM LT-1 WIRINGGM LT-1 5.7 Engine (1992-1997): The 1992 and newerCorvette LT-1 engine is rated at 300 HP. In 1993 GM installedthe LT-1 in the Camaro, Trans Am/Firebird (275HP) ChevyCaprice and Buick Roadmaster plus some Cadillac models(265 HP). The transmissions available were 4L60, 4L60-E, andmanual. You can use the turbo 350 and 400 on 1992 and1993 engines. The 1992 and 1993 ECM's require four thou-sand pulse per mile while the 1994 and newer engines requirean eighty thousand pulse per mile speed signal.


    The LT-1 engine itself has stayed pretty much the samethroughout the years it has been produced. In 1992 & 1993the LT-1 was wired as a speed density (M.A.P.) type systemand in 1994-1995 the LT-1 was wired as a mass air low sen-sor system. The injectors on the 1992 and 1993 LT-1 engineare activated one side at a time. In 1994 GM went to a sequen-tial fuel injection which activates each injector one at a time.According to GM, these changes did not increase horsepower.

    In the 1993 (and with other older ECM's), a prom would beinstalled in the computer to tell the ECM what size engine itwas controlling, rear ratio of the car, tire size, type of transmis-sion, just to name a few things. Starting in 1994 the prom isbuilt into the computer and if purchased new must be pro-grammed with the engine and other information before it canbe used. A GM dealer or The Detail Zone can perform this serv-ice for you.

    While we established that the engine is pretty much the sameno matter which vehicle model it was installed in, they arewired differently. For example if you wire it as a 1992-1997Corvette you will have to use both an ECM and CCM (CentralControl Module) in order to receive serial data which is neces-sary to trouble shoot. Wire it as a Camaro or Firebird and it willstill give you great performance at a lot less cost. From ourtests it doesn't matter how it is wired, Corvette orCamaro/Firebird, we have tried it both ways and could not seeany performance difference.

    Description Part# Price

    GM LT-1 93 Camaro/Firebird LT-50 $549.00GM LT-1 94-95 Camaro/Firebird LT-60 $699.00GM LT-1 96-97 Camaro/Firebird LT-60A $725.00

    GM LT-1 92 Corvette Harness LT-40 $549.00GM LT-1 93-95 Corvette Harness LT-70 $750.00GM LT-1/4 96 Corvette Harness LT-70A $775.00

    GM LT-1 94-95 Impala/Caprice/Buick LT-60C $725.00GM LT-1 96-97 Impala/Caprice/Buick LT-60B $750.00

    We did a NEAT job of locating the Telorvek paneland Computer in the trunk of this 63 Nova!

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    GM LS-1 WIRING1997-2002 Corvette and 1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird LS-1:First introduced in the 1997 Corvette and then available in the1998 Camaro and Firebird, this is GM's generation III small blockengine design. All aluminum block and heads, six bolt main caps,and individual ignition coils for each cylinder are just a few of thenew designs implemented on this engine.

    While the Camaro/Firebird and Corvette engines are similar, theCorvette version is impractical to install in most aftermarket appli-cations. While still listed as 4L60-E (automatic) transmission (alsoavailable in manual), the transmission was moved back to the rearof the vehicle as a transaxle. The Camaro/Firebird engine versiontransmission still bolts direct to the engine block and is labeled a4L60-E. The Corvette version of this engine utilizes an electricmotor mounted on the throttle body (called Drive-By-Wire) utilizing various sensor inputs to control engine RPM (acceleration).Aftermarket applications require conversion to a 1998 Camaro throttle body for accelerator cable control. Cable drivenspeedometers used on older type transmissions (4L60/ 700R4/Turbo 350) cannot be used with this engine.

    If you plan to use the Corvette engine version, it is best that it be wired as Camaro/Firebird. The engine computer for the 1998Corvette and Camaro/Firebird are the same part number, however the Corvette computer must be reprogrammed to utilize theCamaro/Firebird programming. This engine utilizes the OBD II diagnostic system and if all emissions sensors are not utilized,trouble codes will set in a factory programmed ECM. We offer LS-1 reprogramming services. We can remove all emissions (ifyou are emissions exempt), reduce fan turn on temperatures, adjust for tire sizes and gear ratios, allow the removal of themass air flow sensor and much much more. Please inquire.

    Description Part# Price

    GM LS-1, 1998 Camaro, 1997 Corvette Harness LS-85 $825.00GM LS-1, 1999-2002 Camaro, 1998-2002 Corvette Harness LS-90 $850.00GM LS-1 Camaro / Firebird ECM Programming $100 and up

    We now have 1999 and up LS Series Vortech Truck Wiring Kits

    RAM JET WIRINGGM Ram Jet 350 and 502: You have a nice engine! Why use that ugly stock har-ness? This is a replacement harness for the GM Ram Jet factory crate motor. Movethe controller and other components off the intake with our Telorvek style replacementharness. Can be used with any non-computer controlled Transmission. Includesoptional O2 sensor and speed sensor wiring.

    Description Part# Price

    350 GM Ram Jet RJ-22 $375.00

    502 GM Ram Jet RJ-32 $399.00

    2nd Generation Ram Jet using MEFI 4 Controller

    350 Ram Jet RJ-42 $425.00

    502 Ram Jet RJ-52 $425.00

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    GM TBI WIRINGGM Truck Throttle Body Injection 4.3, 5.0, 5.7, 7.4 Engines 1985-91 (w/o the 4L60-E or 4L80-E transmissions): Ourharness upgrades to the 1988-90 CK truck computer. Two fuel injectors mounted on top of the throttle body inject fuel into themotor. GM uses most of the same sensors on a throttle body as they do a tuned port engine. Throttle body injection uses a M.A.P.sensor for fuel calibration. This computer controls the engine only, an electric shift transmission which GM started using in 1991cannot be used with this computer. The transmission types available were 70OR4, Turbo-400, Turbo 350 and manual transmis-sions. Requires 1988-1990 CK Truck Computer, Prom and Cal-Pack.

    GM Truck Throttle Body Injection 4.3, 5.0, 5.7, 7.4 Engines 1991-1995 (using the 4L60-E or 4L80-E AutomaticTransmissions): GM added a computer command automatic transmission to the truck engines first and later years to their pas-senger cars. While the engines look the same and use most of the same sensors as the 1985-1990 engines, the older ECM'sdo not have the capability to control the electronic transmission. The Detail Zone incorporates the wiring necessary for the elec-tronic transmissions. The CK truck ECM will be used in this application. The transmission types available were 4L60-E, 4L80-Eand manual transmissions.

    GM Blazer/Jimmy Central Port (Vortech) Injection 4.3 V-6: The Vortech V-6 engine utilizes a single injector assembly whichconsists of a fuel meter body, fuel pressure regulator, fuel injector and six poppet nozzles with fuel tubs. The plenum (manifold)is a variable tuned design that splits the plenum in two during low and high RPM'S, which provides peak torque along withincreased horse power. The transmission types available for this engine are 4L60, 4L60-E, and manual transmissions. The 1992engines can use the turbo 350 & 400 transmissions

    Description Part# Price

    GM TBI 1985-1990 4.3-5.0-5.7-7.4 Chevy-GMC Truck Harness TH-60 $550.00GM TBI 1991-1994 4.3-5.0-5.7-7.4 Chevy-GMC TH-70 $575.00

    Truck Harness with 4L60EGM TBI 1991-1994 4.3-5.0-5.7-7.4 Chevy-GMC TH-80 $575.00

    Truck Harness with 4L80EGM TBI 1995 4.3-5.0-5.7-7.4 Chevy-GMC TH-90 $600.00

    Truck Harness with 4L60E or 4L80EGM Vortec 1996-1999 4.3-5.0-5.7-7.4 Chevy-GMC TH-100 $700.00

    Truck Harness with 4L60E or 4L80EGM LS Series Vortec 1999-UP 4.8-5.3-6.0 Chevy-GMC LS-60 $850.00

    Truck Harness GM Vortec CPI 1992 4.3 Blazer/Jimmy Harness PI-92 $550.00GM Vortec CPI 1993-1995 4.3 Blazer/Jimmy Harness PI-94 $550.00GM Vortec CPI 1996-UP 4.3 Blazer/Jimmy Harness PI-97 $600.00

    John & Rose Sperratore of Swarthmore, PA cruise ssmooooth....

    in their 46 Buick Roadmaster which gets itskick from a 90 454 Chevy TBI Truck motor.

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    OTHER GM WIRINGBuick Grand National / Regal T-Type 3.8 V-6 Turbo: Rated at 245 HP in the Buick Grand National, this engine tookthe street racing scene by storm. The 200R4 transmission was commonly used behind this engine.

    Oldsmobile Aurora 1995 4.0 (250HP) V-8 Dual Overhead Cam Engine: The 4.0 engine is a die cast aluminumengine incorporating two intake and two exhaust valves per cylinder. At the time of catalog publication this engine is onlyused in the Aurora. The transmission available was the 4T80-E.

    Northstar 4.6 V-8: We cover most years of the potent Northstar Cadillac motor. The engine came with a 4T80-E trans-mission but can be used with others. Please call for specifics.

    Description Part# Price

    Buick 3.8 Turbo, 1986-1987 Harness TB-86 $550.00

    Olds Aurora 4.0, 1995 Harness with 4T80E LB-47 $699.00

    Northstar 4.6, 1993-2001 Harness NS-93 $800.00

    Northstar 4.6, 1993-2001 Harness using your GM NS-93A $750.00injector/MAP wire harness

    GM FUEL INJECTION ACCESSORIESRADIATOR FAN RELAY AND A/C REQUEST:This kit allows the radiator cooling fan to be controlled through a relayand to be turned on and off by the GM computer. The engine idle willalso compensate for the load of the air conditioning compressor.

    Description Part# Price

    For GM TPI Wiring Only CF-29 $35.00

    Description Part# Price

    Oxygen Sensor Weld in Adapter (Bong) OS-30 $19.00

    Cooling Fan Relay Sensor System-stand alone AR-24 $73.00

    Computer Controlled Cooling Fan Relay CF-29 $35.00

    4000 Pulse Per Mile Speed Generator PG-6A $79.00

    2000 Pulse Per Mile Speed Generator PG-5 $87.00

    700 R4 Torque Converter Lock-up Kit For TC-70 $150.00Non-Computer Controlled Engines

    700 R4 Torque Converter Lock-up Kit, Computer TC-60 $63.00Controlled (Square 4 Pin Connector) for TPI Wiring Kits

    700 R4 Torque Converter Lock-up Kit Computer TC-62 $63.00Controlled (Round 5 Pin Connector) for TPI Wiring Kits

    700 R4 Torque Converter Lock-up Kit Computer TC-59 $63.00Controlled (Square 4 Pin Connector) for TBI & CPI Wiring Kits

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    OXYGEN SENSOR BUNGSSteel oxygen sensor bung ready to weld into your exhaust system.

    Description Part# PriceOxygen Sensor Bung OS-30 $19.00

    LT-1 & LT-4 EGR BLOCK OFF PLATESBillet aluminum EGR block off plates for your LT-1 and LT-4. Both pieces come with a

    machined finish that is easily polished. Uses stock hardware and gaskets.

    Description Part# PriceEGR Block Off Plates EB-2 $25.00/set

    GM KNOCK SENSOR ADAPTERThis adapter bolts to your oil pan to permit installation of GM knock sensors. A real prob-lem solver for block hugger headers. Sensor sold separately.

    Description Part# Price

    Knock Sensor Adapter KB-41 $12.00


    Tanks Inc. Fuel Pump ModuleIf you are contemplating how to handle your fuel pump needs, check out this

    unit. Complete with gas tank bulkhead, feed/return fittings, pick up tray and highperformance 255 lph Walbro fuel pump. Easily capable of handling required PSI

    to LT-1, LS-1 and Modular 4.6 & 5.4 engines.

    Description Part# PriceFuel Pump Module PA-4 $250.00

    Throttle Body Cover for TPI and LT-1 Dress up your throttle body with this billet cover. Comes with a machined finishthat is easily polished or painted. Uses stock hardware and gaskets.

    Description Part# PriceThrottle body cover TB-5 $20.00

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    TPI EGR Block Off Plate Billet aluminum EGR plate for TPI intakes where the EGR is mounted on the intakedirectly beneath the plenum. Uses stock hardware and gaskets.

    Description Part # Price TPI EGR Block Off Plate EB-4 $18.00

    TPI EGR Block Off Plate Billet aluminum EGR tube block off for TPI. Uses stock hardware and gaskets.

    Description Part # Price

    TPI EGR Block Off Plate EB-5 $10.00

    TPI Cold Start Injector Plug Clean up the intake. This plug caps off the cold start injector since it is not needed whenconverting a 1985-89 intake to a 1990-92 speed density system.

    Description Part # Price TPI Cold Start Injector Plug CP-5 $8.00

    TPI Cold Start Injector Fuel Rail Plug This plug caps off the fuel rail where the fuel line for the cold start injector feeds, since it

    is not needed when converting a 1985-89 intake to a 1990-92 speed density system.

    Description Part # Price TPI Cold Start Injector Fuel Rail Plug FR-10$18.00


    LS-1 Intake Cover with EGR Block Off Billet aluminum Intake Cover with EGR block off plug built in. Comeswith a machined finish that is easily polished or painted. Uses stockhardware and gaskets.

    Description Part # PriceLS-1 Intake Cover with EB-6 $55.00EGR Block Off

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    GM SPEED SENSORSAll fuel injected engine computers require a speed signal input. If this inputis not supplied to the ECM a code will set. This sensor is used along with allthe other sensors in the ECM's many calculations per second for a properrunning engine.

    NOTE: The PG-5 & PG-6A pulse generator instructions are written for instal-lation of this product into one of The Detail Zone's fuel injection harnesses.If you are using another fuel injection harness supplier, the instructions WILLNOT give the necessary information on connecting this product into the har-ness. This information must be supplied by the fuel injection harness suppli-er. One more reason to purchase The Detail Zone's harness.

    FORD SPEED SENSORSFord multi-port fuel injection systems require an 8000 pulse per mile (8 pulse per revolution) generator. Ford computers use thisinput as well as all the other engine sensors to control fuel calibration. Ford transmissions also have a speedometer cable thatattaches below the speed sensor and is part of the sensor. On a stock vehicle the speedometer cable controlled the dash boardspeedometer and the signal sent from the speed sensor went to the engine control computer and cruise control.

    Description Pulse Per Mile Part# Price

    1985-93 GM TBI not using factory buffer (DRAC) 2000 PG-5 $87.00

    1985-93 GM TPI Systems 4000 PG-6A $79.00

    Pulse Gen/Speedo cable drive for Ford AODfor C-4 & C-6, 8000 N/A N/ACheck with your local Ford Dealer

    Late model GM trans mount units 80000 N/A N/A

    1993-97 LT-1 &LS-1 ENGINES

    THE ENGINE OF THE 90SWith or without accessories

    Borg Warner 6 Speed or Automatic


    970 Hwy 202, Calera, Alabama 35040Tech/Info Line 1-205-668-1169 Toll Free Fax 1-800-289-1607

    Visit our website on the internet at http://www.scott.net/~bgraham


    SYSTEMS6050 Peachtree Parkway

    Suite 340-207Norcross, GA 30092

    John Tucker770-416-7649

    Fax 770-453-9583


  • FORD 5.0 WIRINGThis engine was introduced in 1985 asa speed density, multi-port fuel injectionsystem. It used an EEC IV engine controlcomputer for engine management. The5.0 HO engine was used in the Mustangwhile the regular 5.0 was used in the T-Bird, Crown Victoria, Cougar andLincoln Town Cars.

    The major difference is the injectors arelarger in the HO engines combined witha different cam. In 1986 the HO enginewas introduced in light trucks. In 1988Ford switched from speed density inCalifornia to mass air flow on theMustang 5.0 engine and the followingyear (89) all 5.0 engines in Mustangs were mass air flow, The 5.0 engine in Ford's other vehicles remained speed density. TheAOD, AOD-E and manual transmissions were used on this engine. The C4 transmission can also be used.

    12 To Place an Order Call Toll Free 877-968-7842 Or Visit Us on the Web at www.thedetailzone.com

    Description Part# Price

    Ford 5.0 with Mass Air Flow (89-93 Mustang, 91-93 T-Bird) MG-70 $550.00

    Ford 5.0 without Mass Air Flow (85-88 Mustang, 85-90 T-Bird, MG-80 $525.00all Crown Vic/LTD/Town Car/Grand Marquis, 88-92 Truck/Bronco)

    Ford 5.0 with Mass Air Flow Sensor (94-95 Mustang) MG-90 $820.00AODE transmission wiring included.

    Complete Fuel Injection Wiring has been hidden in a center console by Jack Mills of Earlville,Mary-land in his 1949 FordWoodie.

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    OTHER FORD WIRING1993-1996 Ford 4.6 V-8 Modular Engine:This engine was introduced in 1993 in the MarkVIII. This is Ford Motor Company's new modulardesign engine which can utilize some of thesame parts to create a lower horsepower engineused in other Ford models. The 4.6 engine inthe Mark VIII utilizes a thirty two valve, doubleover head cam design to create 280 horsepow-er while the 4.6 in other Ford models is a singleoverhead cam engine that produces 205 horse-power. The Mark VIII engine has intake manifoldrunner control solenoids which operate plateswhich are closed below 3000 RPM so theengine is running on two valves per cylinder.With no air delivered to the secondary intakevalves, economy and emissions are improved atlow RPM. Above 3000 the plates open increas-ing air delivered to each cylinder for more power on demand. The 4.6 engine has two ignition coils with each coil firing four cylin-ders. The 4R70W transmission is used behind this engine. Factory ECM can be used in factory configuration.

    Ford Turbo 2.3 SVO/Turbo Coupe: Found in the T-Bird Turbo Coupe and the Mustang SVO, this engine was typically rated at190 HP.

    Lightning and Pick-up 5.8 Engine: In 1988 the 5.8 engine went from carburetor to fuel injection in most applications. In 1993Ford changed the intake and heads to boost performance and installed the engine in the Lightning Pick-up trucks. The enginedisplaces 351 cubic inches and uses a M.A.F. type injection system. Our wiring kit is designed for the 1993 and newer Lightningengines. The E40D, E40D-E, C-6 and manual transmissions were put behind this engine. The E4OD, E4OD-E, C-6 and manualtransmissions were put behind this engine. The C-4 and 4R70W can also be used.

    Description Part# Price

    Ford 4.6 1991-1992 Town Car, 1992 LTD/Crown Vic Harness FT-92 $675.00

    Ford 4.6 1993 Town Car, LTD/Crown Vic Harness FT-93 $750.00

    Ford 4.6 1994-1995 Town Car, LTD/Crown Vic/T-Bird/Cougar Harness FT-95 $825.00

    Ford 2.3 Turbo 1983-1988 SVO/Turbo Coupe MG-60 $499.00

    Ford 4.6 1993-1995 Mark VIII Harness MK-93 $900.00

    Ford 4.6 1996 Mark VIII Harness MK-93A $925.00

    Ford Truck/Bronco 1993-1995 5.0/5.8/7.5 Harness ML-93 $850.00

    Ford Truck/Bronco 1995-5.0/5.8/7.5 Harness ML-95 $875.00

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    ADDITIONAL FORD 4.6INFO 1996-2003 Ford 4.6 / 5.4 V-8 Modular Engine.Beginning with the 1996 Mustang and 1997passenger cars, Ford began installing PassiveAnti-Theft Systems (PATS) in their ECMs. Shortof installing all the components and sensorsfrom the donor vehicle, the only way to defeatPATS is by reflashing the ECM to completelyremove it. The Detail Zone can perform this foryou. During the reflashing process, we can setup your ECM for aftermarket fuel pumps, elec-tric fans, reduce fan switch on temperaturesand disable certain emission sensors if yourlocal smog laws permit. We are not performingperformance tuning at this time and suggestdyno tuning for these modular motors.

    The early 4.6's had a coil pack for each bank ofcylinders but with the 1997 passenger cars andthe 1999 Mustang, Ford went to coil on plug(COP). The Detail Zone can wire up all latemodel 4.6 and 5.4 engines. If you have ques-tions please give us a call or e-mail us.

    Description Part# Price

    Ford 4.6 1996-1998 Mustang 2 Valve MG-91 $850.00

    Ford 4.6 1996-1998 Mustang Cobra 4 Valve MG-91A $850.00

    Ford 4.6 1997-1998 Mark VIII 4 Valve MK-97 $850.00

    Ford 4.6 1997-2003 Mustang 2V, 4V, Mach 1, Cobra S/C MK-97A $850.00

    Ford 5.4, Truck/Navigator MK-97A $850.00

    Ford 4.6 1996-1997 T-Bird/Cougar FT-98 $850.001996-Up Town Car/Crown Vic

    ECM Reprogramming $350.00

    Pete Waydo at Reen Machines inVentura California uses our kits

    for his Cobra 4.6 DOHC/ ClassicMustang projects.

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    Ford 5.0 EGR Eliminator Plate Totally eliminate the EGR on your 5.0 with this billet aluminum plate. Comes in 75MM andmay require port matching of your throttle body and upper plenum. Uses stock hardwareand gaskets.

    Description Part # Price Ford 5.0 EGR Eliminator Plate EB-75 $40.00

    Ford 5.0 EGR Block Off Plate Billet aluminum EGR plate. Easy way to eliminate EGR but retain the factory EGR plate.

    Uses stock hardware and gaskets.

    Description Part # Price: Ford 5.0 EGR Block Off Plate EB-15 $15.00

    Ford 5.0 Upper Plenum Intake Cover (1985-1993) Dress up your Ford EFI with this billet aluminum intake cover. Comes with a machined finish that is easily polished or painted. Uses stock hardware and gaskets.

    Description Part # Price

    Ford 5.0 Upper Plenum Intake Cover TB-8 $45.00

    Ford 5.0 Upper Plenum Intake Cover (1994-1995) Dress up your Ford EFI with this billet aluminum intake cover. Comes with a

    machined finish that is easily polished or painted. Uses stock hardware and gaskets.

    Description Part # Price Ford 5.0 Upper Plenum Intake Cover TB-7 $40.00

    Ford 2.3 Turbo EGR Block Off Plate

    Billet aluminum EGR plate. Easy way to eliminate the EGR.

    Description Part # Price Ford 2.3 EGR Block Off Plate EB-23 $15.00

    Ford 4.6 EGR Block Off Plate Billet aluminum EGR plate. Easy way to physically eliminate the EGR. Fits most 4.6and 5.4 modular motors. In most cases ECM reprogramming will be necessary toeliminate codes.

    Description Part # Price Ford 4.6 EGR Block Off Plate EB-46 $15.00


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    Ford 5.0 Wiring System for Direct Fit 1965-1970 FordMustangs & 1966-1977 Ford BroncosWe are pleased to introduce this stand alone Ford fuel injection harnesssized exclusively for both Mustangs and Broncos. Designed with RJMTechnology, this kit is a direct fit and is finished off with hi temp zip loomand harness wrap tape. Works with mass air flow equipped 302 and 351engines. System includes a firewall grommet and complete instructions.

    Part Number: Price: TDZ-75 Price: $550

    Ford 5.0 Wiring System Universal fit For Cobra Replicas,Street Rods & Hot RodsThis harness is designed specifically for Cobra replicas, street rods and hotrods that have room under their dash to locate the Ford ECM. Works withmass air flow equipped 302 and 351 engines. This harness is partially fin-ished off with wrap tape but can be slightly reconfigured for reroutingwires. Kit includes complete instructions and an install kit consisting of zipties, firewall grommet, wrap tape and four sizes of hi temp zip loom.

    Part Number: Price: Cobra-75 $475.00

    Ford 2.3 Turbo Engine Swap HarnessNew from The Detail Zone is this harness designed for swapping Ford's2.3 Turbo into other late model Fords (though it's a good replacement forfactory equipped 2.3 Turbo vehicles as well). Engine harness is completewith circuits for electric fans, fuel pump, diagnostic port, water temp/oilpress and alternator. Comes with enough hi temp zip loom and harnesswrap tape to complete once lengths and layout is verified. System alsoincludes a firewall grommet and complete instructions.

    Part Number: Price: MG-65 $450.00


    Check out our website for more new productswww.thedetailzone.com or go direct to this section at


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    EV6 to EV1 Injector Harness Adapter Convert from late model EV6 injectors to early EV1 injectors withoutcutting into the factory harness. Plugs in between the factory harnessand an EV1 (D Style) Injector. Built right with quality parts from the cor-rect manufacturers. Quality checked for guaranteed performance.

    Part Number: Price: INJ-8 $12.00/ea

    Intake Air Temp Sensor ExtensionNecessary when swapping late model 4.6 Cobra Mass Air Flow Meters or

    relocating the IAT Sensor.

    Part Number: Price: PH-18 $10.00/ea

    Mass Air Flow ExtensionNecessary when swapping or relocating the Mass Air Flow Meter on late model 4.6 Cobras.

    Part Number: Price: MA-36 $20.00/ea

    Firewall GrommetReplacement grommet for many fuel injected Fords. Fits factory firewall hole for the

    injection harness. Hole size is 1.25 inches, panel hole size is 3 inches by 1.5 inches.

    Part Number: Price: GA-50 $10.00/ea


    Check out our website for more new productswww.thedetailzone.com or go direct to this section at


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    Oxygen Sensor Harness ExtensionsThese 24 inch harness extensions allow oxygen sensor reloca-tion when using long tube headers. Our extensions are yearspecific so that you do not have to modify the connectors onthe oxygen sensors. Totally plug and play. No modificationsnecessary.

    Description Part# Price

    1987 to 1993 Mustang HE-87 $49.95/set1994 to 1995 Mustang HE-94 $49.95/set1996 and newer Mustang HE-96 $49.95/set

    Mustang Oxygen Sensor HarnessesThis section of harness connects the two oxygen sensors and oil level sensor into the main harness. Manufactured with factory

    correct connectors and terminals, quality crosslink automotive grade wire and high temp covering. Factory dimensioned foreasy, trouble free installation.

    Description Part# Price

    1986 and older Mustang FH-021 $79.95/ea1987 to 1993 Mustang - Automatic Trans FH-025 $79.95/ea1987 to 1993 Mustang - Manual Trans FH-026 $79.95/ea

    Extended Mustang Oxygen Sensor HarnessesKill two birds with one stone. Same as Mustang Oxygen Sensor Harnesses above but with an additional 24 inches built into the

    harness to accommodate long tube headers. Eliminate the need to add extensions later.

    Description Part# Price

    1986 and older Mustang FH-021E $89.95/ea1987 to 1993 Mustang -Automatic Trans FH-025E $89.95/ea1987 to 1993 Mustang - Manual Trans FH-026E $89.95/ea



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    WIRING AIDSWEATHERPAK CONNECTOR KITSAvailable in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 gang configurations.These connectors provide a weather resistant seal. Come in complete kits with a couple extra terminals.

    Description Part# Price

    1 Gang Connector TK-1 $4.95

    2 Gang Connector TK-2 $5.95

    3 Gang Connector TK-3 $6.95

    4 Gang Connector TK-4 $7.955 Gang Connector TK-5 $8.95

    6 Gang Connector TK-6 $9.95

    CORRUGATED SLIT TUBINGAvailable by the foot in four sizes: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 & 3/4 inch (ID)

    Description Part# Price

    1/4 inch CS-14 .75/ft3/8 inch CS-38 .75/ft1/2 inch CS-12 .75/ft3/4 inch CS-34 .75/ft

    CABLE TIESAvailable in 4 & 8 inch, 50 in quantity.

    Description Part# Price

    4 inch CT-4 $5.008 inch CT-8 $6.00

    GM 5 PRONG RELAYUsed on most Telorvek fuel injection kits. Can be used for fuel pump, electric fans andmore. 40 Amp rating.

    Description Part# Price

    40 Amp Relay RL-5 $7.95

    FUSE ASSORTMENTReplacement fuses for your Telorvek wiring system.Includes 4 fuses in 5, 10, 15, 20 & 30 amp rating. ATC style.

    Description Part# Price

    Fuse Assortment FS-20 $7.95

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    RON FRANCIS EXPRESS WIRING KITComplete Ron Francis XP-99 Express wiring system includes stateof the art fuse panel, wiring from headlights to taillights includinggauge wiring and a headlight switch. Dimmer and ignition switch-es are NOT included. Color coded, computer generated instruc-tions guide you all the way. Complete enough to drive the vehicledown the road and pass NSRA type inspection. Totally compatiblewith all of our Telorvek Fuel Injection Kits. The purchase of this kitrequires additional information about your vehicle. Please give usa call for more information or see our website as these questionsare asked upon checkout.

    WIRE WORKS BB-99 BARE BONES WIRING KITHere is a complete wiring kit for Roadster owners and rod-ders with the need for only a simple electrical system. If youdon't plan power windows or A/C, this is the right kit foryou. The system comes with a small panel with 8 fuses anda horn relay. Each circuit is simplified and reduces theamount of wire and connections to the basic engine, dashand lighting, yet this system is high tech enough to be com-patible with electronic fuel injection. The kit includes aheadlight switch, plugs for GM columns and all wiringneeded for gauges, complete engine, dash and lighting. Kitcomes with printed and color coded, fire proof wire andcolor instructions.

    Description Part # Price

    Express Wiring Kit XP-99 $429.00

    Description Part # Price

    Bare Bones Wiring Kit BB-99 $359.00

    Ron FrancisWIRE WORKS

    We carry a complete line of Wire Works Parts.If you dont see what you need please give us a call.

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    Ron Ginn:This 1932 Ford Roadster is

    owned by Ron Ginn ofAlbuquerque, New Mexico. TheTelorvek system is smooth run-

    ning plus it allows you to runthe wires where ever you wantmaking for a clean installation.

    Russell Wade:Russell Wade of ColonialHeights Virginia used our

    Telorvek Wiring Kit for his LS-1powered 1939 Ford Coast to

    Coast car.

    Tom Ulrich:Tom Ulrich's 1962 Merc

    Monterey made a big splashwhen it hit the scene and pulled

    in several awards. Tom usedour Telorvek system to wire upthe 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6

    and 4R70W transmission.

    Bob Fisher: We caught up with Bob Fisher

    at a local car show here inWilmington, Delaware. His Ford

    Woody is sharp. Bob used ourspeed density Ford 5.0 wiringwhich enabled him to mount

    the computer under the passenger seat.

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    Fuel Injection Wiring Systems & Much More!

    Ida Automotive / Rob Ida Concepts chose our Cadillac Northstar wiring kit to wire up their award winning "Lower 48" Tucker project.


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