Friday 5/8 A-day Monday 5/11 B-day Warm Up Vocab Summative Practice SOL Part 2 Book Clubs.

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Friday 5/8 A-day Monday 5/11 B-dayFriday 5/8 A-dayMonday 5/11 B-dayWarm UpVocab SummativePractice SOL Part 2Book ClubsComplete the warm up in your journal then study for your vocabulary testDIRECTIONS: Determine the meaning of the words in italics using context clues within the passage.One day Timmy was walking home from school. He had had a long day because his mean English teacher had made him write a superfluous amount. Timmy did not understand how it was necessary that they write so much! It just seemed like overkill. Then when his teacher had graded his writing she had been so fastidious. Did she really have to be so picky? Who cares if he forgot to capitalize his own name? Timmy got home and played Xbox and tried to forget about his mean English teacher.Superfluous most likely meansEasy B. UnnecessaryDifficult D. Normal2. Fastidious most likely means A. Particular B. InsaneC. Reasonable D. RequiredBook Club Check-InsWorks the same as last quarter 3 check-ins = 1 summative gradeThere will be three that are requiredCitation in Set 1Golden Quote in Set 2Theme in Set 3Vocab SummativePUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR TESTRead the directions carefullyWhen you are done turn it in to the tray and pick up the released SOL pt2SOL PracticePlease complete the next section of the released SOL when you finish your vocab. Treat this like a real SOL this a SILENT INDIVIDUAL activityPlease write your answers in your journalsDO NOT WRITE ON THE TESTS!When you finish bring the packet back to me and get your Book Club Check-in Menu. Please complete your first check-in 1A


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