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    To celebrate the bicentennial of the French Revolution, the French Cultural Services through its Service DAction Linguisti- que has commissioned and assembled a variety of materials and organized many cultural events.

    These materials and events will help schools, school districts and teachers of French, Social Studies and History to incor- porate this important cultural commemoration into their cur- riculum and will support the teaching of historical cultural and cross-cultural understanding. The materials are made available to all and provide ready made teaching units and audio or written authentic documents along with many pedagogical suggestions. They include special teaching kits in both French and English, audio-visual kits to supplement classroom activities, light and more substantial exhibits as well as special issues of many journals and magazines. Some of these materials are free, some can be purchased or organized for a minimal fee.

    For further information and to obtain a complete listing of all these materials and events, write:

    Service D Action Linguistique 972 Fifth Avenue

    New York, NY 10021 Telephone: (212) 570-4400