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First Capital Connect St Albans City & District Council Overview & Scrutiny (Public Services) Committee 13 July 2011. Neal Lawson Managing Director First Capital Connect. Larry Heyman Integration & Partnership Manager First Capital Connect. Trains on the Thameslink route. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


First Capital ConnectSt Albans City & District Council Overview & Scrutiny (Public Services) Committee13 July 2011Neal LawsonManaging DirectorFirst Capital ConnectLarry HeymanIntegration & Partnership ManagerFirst Capital ConnectTrains on the Thameslink routeAbove: Class 319 86 x 4-carriage unitsLeft: Class 377 Electrostars 23 x 4-carriage unitsFCC TL Performance Period 3 201191.99% of trains arrived on time in Period 3 against a target of 90.24% and 88.22% last year and 91.22% in 2009/10Period 3 ending 25 June 2011Moving Annual Average (MAA) PPM at end of Period 3 is 88.78% compared with 86.55% last yearChart10.91579313140.92147260470.90460.91746468760.90069663510.92266428250.90630.9242682850.91216216220.88215380680.90240.91985775070.87735299830.88136232250.9020.90840233650.93606588290.90420.91574594560.91390306120.90910.86782091870.92214478560.90860.82146673790.83134319120.87270.84119354250.79254158710.84180.64675736120.73713850840.87430.78226407420.89513039180.89690.86128364390.92639940420.89970.91976005650.91093823350.911109/1010/11This Year Target11/12PeriodPPM %Thameslink PPM ComparisonFCCPeriod09/1010/1111/12Target0192.77%93.01%92.67%92.41%0292.38%93.70%92.64%92.20%0393.10%90.44%91.87%91.99%0490.95%89.49%91.81%0593.13%93.40%92.16%0693.25%91.87%92.35%0790.40%92.32%92.00%0886.88%84.13%87.05%0985.84%83.42%85.63%1072.96%73.38%89.05%1185.00%90.04%90.40%1288.41%90.52%91.83%1392.63%92.68%92.33%Average PPM over the year to date is 92.40% compared with 92.41% last yearPPM MAA Period 3 2011/12 is 89.32%PPM MAA Period 3 2010/11 is 89.35%FCC000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009/1010/11This Year Target11/12PeriodPPM %First Capital Connect PPM ComparisonTLPeriod09/1010/1111/12Target0191.58%92.15%91.75%90.46%0290.07%92.27%92.43%90.63%0391.22%88.22%91.99%90.24%0487.74%88.14%90.20%0590.84%93.61%90.42%0691.57%91.39%90.91%0786.78%92.21%90.86%0882.15%83.13%87.27%0984.12%79.25%84.18%1064.68%73.71%87.43%1178.23%89.51%89.69%1286.13%92.64%89.97%1391.98%91.09%91.11%Average PPM over the year to date is 92.05% compared with 90.92% last yearPPM MAA Period 3 2011/12 is 88.78%PPM MAA Period 3 2010/11 is 86.55%TL000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000009/1010/11This Year Target11/12PeriodPPM %Thameslink PPM ComparisonGNPeriod09/1010/1111/12Target0194.65%94.29%93.85%94.01%0295.63%95.72%93.04%93.78%0395.57%93.32%91.72%93.42%0495.39%91.31%93.36%0596.17%93.00%93.82%0695.44%92.44%93.89%0795.20%92.47%93.67%0892.64%83.52%88.74%0987.60%88.34%87.59%1081.64%73.94%91.36%1192.00%90.85%92.86%1291.59%87.95%93.68%1393.37%94.77%93.61%Average PPM over the year to date is 92.89% compared with 94.44% last yearPPM MAA Period 3 2011/12 is 89.91%PPM MAA Period 3 2010/11 is 92.77%GN00.942932784200.938506920800.957155730300.930369324900.933173434800.917165429700.913131971000.9299870045000.9244363696000.9246939433000.8352090032000.8833965003000.7394183445000.9084884822000.8795247088000.9477162952009/1010/11This Year Target11/12PeriodPPM %Great Northern PPM ComparisonYTD11031203YTD Position06/0707/0808/0909/1010/1111/12 YTD11/12YTD vs 10/11FCC88.13%90.57%91.05%89.43%0.00%0.00%0.00%GN91.49%93.58%93.62%92.96%0.00%0.00%0.00%TL85.56%88.18%88.96%86.54%0.00%0.00%0.00%TL Delay Minutes Responsibility Period 1 % Variance of Total to targetFCC: 4130, target: 5,552, variance: -1,42224%-25.6%Network Rail: 10,457, target: 9,722, variance: 73561%+7.6%Other TOCs: 2,540, target: 3,519, variance: -979 15%-27.8%Period 2FCC: 6,215, target: 5,315, variance: 90035%+16.9%Network Rail: 9,009, target: 9,439, variance: -43051%-4.6%Other TOCs: 2,400, target: 3,290, variance: -89014%-27.1%Period 3 FCC: 3,336, target: 5,314, variance: -1,97820%-37.2%Network Rail: 9,562, target: 9,834, variance: -27258%-2.8%Other TOCs: 3,545, target: 3,290, variance: 25522%+7.7%Improving customer informationNew Blackberry App for staff will be rolled out to staff over the summer in order to provide instant real-time information and alternative travel advice to customers. Further enhancements to the website which now saves your details and preferences. Expanding coverage of roving microphones to improve customer information coming to St Albans in approx 4 weeks Established automatic ticket acceptance with all London and South East operators during major disruption so it happens quicker and more efficiently Twitter9am 5pm Monday Friday service launched early MayNow reaching 4800 followersExpanded hours to 7am 10pm and weekends in JuneWill be a major growth area for us and the rest of the rail industry in customer information, as will other social media platforms Cycle Parking in St Albans & HarpendenSt Albans Installed beginning of May 2011 Increased the amount of cycle spaces available by 92 Harpenden New cycle parking opened 4 April 2011 Increased the number of available cycle spaces from 158 to 260 on west side of station New trains from 2015Fixed length 8 and 12 car LightweightWalk-through2+2 seatingCutting-edge information systemsHas to achieve 40,000 MPC before it can achieve final acceptance Our build up to December 2011First 12-carriage trains, in peak: three AM, three PM an extra 732 seats each peak Blackfriars: rejoins the Tube, new entrance on south bankFarringdon: new Thameslink ticket hall in Turnmill StreetW Hampstead: new station building plus footbridge with lifts to all platformsGreat improvements for Thameslink route customersEnd of route closures across London in May 2012The Thameslink route has been closed from St Pancras to London Bridge every night and almost every weekend since December 2008Huge inconvenience for our customers, especially those heading to airports and leisure destinations such as BrightonThe coast is clear in May 2012Network RailMartin Frobisher route directorSAFETYSafetySafety - trends in fatal train accidentsFatal train accidents0123456789101119481950195219541956195819601962196419661968197019721974197619781980198219841986198819901992199419961998200020022004200620082010Train accidents with passenger or workforce fatalitiesAverage number over the preceding 10 yearsHow does our safety record compareto the rest of Europe?Ten largest EU railways (by train km)FWSI per million train km00. Workforce FWSINormalised Passenger FWSISafetyService reliability *Winter Index (freeze days 20yr trend)Presentation title to go hereExtreme WeatherPoints heating improvements100 Km of conductor rail heating10m investment in DC snow & Ice treatment trainsThameslink Project Works Proceed on sight signals Power supply upgrades New crossovers & turnbacksVine StMill Hill BroadwayBorehamwoodThameslink Project WorksLocal operational improvementsFlashing yellow signals Harpenden JunctionRadlett JunctionRevised tripping instructionsMobile operations managers trained to remove obstacles from overhead linesIntelligent infrastructureAny Questions?*Our focus is now on the preparations for Dec 11 when we will be able to introduce the first longer 12-carriage trains.Until the introduction of the new fleet, this 12-carriage service will be reliant on conventional, existing trains.The type of train required to operate on the TL route is particularly specialised, as it needs to run off AC overhead lines to the north of the Thames and DC third rail to the south. The small pool of this type of train is already being heavily used by other operators. We are able to hire one 12-carriage train from Southern. This means we are planning to lengthen to 12-carriages four services in the morning peak and four in the evening. We are finalising our timetable to ensure these longer trains go on the busiest services to address the most pressing capacity issues. They will run fast between St Albans and London St Pancras International There is a lot to do:Blackfriars: test and commission platform extensions, fit out, test and commission the south bank entrance; progressively open further facilities like the permanent ticket officeAt Farringdon: We have the platform extensions and integrated ticket hallAt W Hampstead, the new station entrance at Iverson RoadOperations we have driver training, new signal lay outs Testing trains in 12-cariage formation picture is our Dr Bob checking the stepping distances on the new platform at BlackfriarsMoving to further testing this summer as the infrastructure is completed.*The work has enabled NR to complete work and put major investment into stations, track and infrastructure.Will give us 24/7 services again* British Rail to March 1994; Railtrack to October 2002; Network Rail onwards. Revised from RSSB Annual Safety Performance Report (ASPR) 2008. Note that 2005-06 and 2008-09 are the only period in history where there have been 2 consecutive calendar years with no on-board fatalities from train accidents.Highlights for 2009: There were no passenger or workforce fatalities in train accidents - the fourth year in the last five with no such fatalities. Five passengers died in separate accidents. All occurred in stations. This is the same as in 2008, which was the lowest passenger fatality total ever recorded. One member of the workforce was fatally injured, compared with three in 2008.*Latest ERA report (covering 2004-07); ref ERA/REC/03-2009/SAF Recommendation on the 1st set of common safety targets. NRV1.2FWSI: fatalities & weighted serious injuries involving moving trains as defined in Article 3(d) of Commission Decision 2009/460/ECOn the 2005-2008 data (available on Eurostat) were still second to Sweden.Safety The reduction in safety risk is reduced by 3%Passengers at managed stations 20% improvementWorkforce safety 1% improvement 1 fatalityPassenger Safety Indicator (Passenger safety under control of NR; primarily NR managed stations) = 20% improvementWorkforce Safety (Fatalities and Weighted Injuries) (FWI) = 1% improvement. Although we needed to make improvement of 30%!1 workforce fatality in the last financial year (Period 1: Stewarton)We have now gone just over 1 year without a workforce fatalityThe industry is on track to deliver the 3% improvement in safety risk for CP4 (actually ahead of target).Network Rail tracks its contribution to the CP4 industry targets through the first two measures above (PSI and FWI)Key messages:Despite the 6% improvement in workforce safety in 2010/11, we still suffered one workforce fatality (Stewarton). We have also had a number of major injury accidents that illustrate the need for continued vigilance in this area.The independent review by RSSB into under-reporting of RIDDOR accidents has shown the need for a change in our safety culture. We need to build an open and honest reporting culture where people feel confident in reporting accidents, incidents and close calls.Some of the changes were looking to make:Removing targets for the Accident Frequency Rate. Because we think it may be contributing to under reporting of accidentsRemoving targets for Fatalities Weighted Injuries (middle measure on the slide) at a functional and local level but keeping a corporate target to track our progress against our CP4Importantly: We want to know about every accident so that we can learn from themWe will continue to look at other changes to how we measure and report on safety including changes to our safety leadership and culture.


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