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www.porthosp.nhs.uk023 9228 6000Finding your wayto and around...Queen Alexandra HospitalLarge print versionBereavement ServicesBlood TestsBreast ServicesC5CafCardiology Chapel and Multifaith RoomCritical Care D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8Day SurgeryDiabetes and EndocrinologyDieteticsDischarge LoungeE1, E2, E3, E4, E6, E7, E8Emergency Department Endoscopy UnitENTEye UnitF1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7G1, G2, G3, G4, G5Gynaecology OutpatientsHaematology and Oncology CentreHaematology and Oncology WardHearing ClinicLeague of FriendsMaternity UnitMedical and Surgical Assessment UnitMedical PhotographyNeonatal Intensive Care Unit NeurophysiologyA C D C AC AE D D C D C E C D D B F G D B F D B B C C B D Main entrance North North Main entranceMain entrance Main entrance Main entrance Main entrance Main entrance Main entrance North Main entrance North Main entrance ED entrance (pay and display parking) / North Main entrance North North Main entrance Main entrance North Main entrance Main entrance North North Main entrance East Entrance (pay and display parking) / North North Main entrance North Finding your way around Queen Alexandra HospitalA-Z of wards and departmentsWard/department Level Car parkNuclear MedicineNutrition NurseOrthodontics and MaxillofacialOrthopaedic and Fracture ClinicOrthoticsOutpatientsPaediatric Emergency Department Paediatric UnitPatient Advisory Liaison ServicePharmacyRadiology Day Case UnitRenal UnitRespiratory OutpatientsRheumatology OutpatientsRocky ShopSecurityShopSurgical OutpatientsTheatre AdmissionsTrust HeadquartersUrology OutpatientsVascular TestsX-ray and ScanningC D D C CC C A A C C G C C C A A D E F D C C North Main entrance North North North NorthED entrance (pay and display parking) / North Main entrance Main entrance North North Main entrance North North North Main entrance Main entrance North Main entrance Main entrance North Main entrance Main entrance Ward/department Level Car parkA-Z of wards and departments continuedPHOSPITALQUEEN ALEXANDRASOUTHWICK HILL ROADNORTH ENTRANCEPNORTH CAR PARKMAIN ENTRANCECAR PARKMAIN ENTRANCEEMERGENCYDEPARTMENTENTRANCEEYEENTRANCEEASTENTRANCESOUTHWICKGATEEASTGATESOUTHAMPTON ROAD (A27)HAVANT ROADNORTHERN ROADBUS STOPPEDESTRIAN ACCESS TOHOSPITAL VIA STEPS PASTEUR ROADCOSHAMTOWARDS COSHAM TRAIN STATION REHABILITATIONCENTREDROPOFF ZONEDROPOFF ZONEDROPOFF ZONEDROPOFF ZONEDROPOFF ZONEBUS STOPBUS STOPDROPOFF ZONEBUS STOPBUS STOPBUS STOPCar parking2 car parks / 838 parking spaces There are two public car parks at the hospital, both are accessible via Southampton Road, Cosham (follow signage). Main entrance (multi-storey split for both public and staff parking)Follow signage to Queen Alexandra Hospital main entrance, then follow signs to the main entrance car park.North entranceFollow signage to Queen Alexandra Hospital main entrance, then follow signs to the north car park.Hospital Site MapCar parking at Queen Alexandra Hospital is limited therefore we encourage staff and visitors to use alternatives to driving wherever possible. Please note there are disabled spaces and drop off and pick up points outside all entrances.Main switchboard number 023 9228 6000Patient and liaison service (PALS) - 0800 917 6039www.porthosp.nhs.ukBy RoadFrom the WestFollow the M27 and exit at junction 12 (Cosham). At the traffic lights, follow the road straight ahead (Southampton Road) towards Cosham. Following signage, turn left at the 2nd set of traffic lights and turn right into Pasteur Road towards the hospital main entrance.From the EastFollow the A3M south and exit at Junction 5. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit marked Drayton/Cosham. Follow this road until you reach a roundabout (Cosham). Proceed straight across into Southampton Road. Following signage, at the 1st set of traffic lights turn right into Pasteur Road towards the hospital main entrance. By Public TransportBy BusServices run frequently from Portsmouth city centre and surrounding areas, with some buses stopping within the hospital grounds and may be displayed on timetables as Queen Alexandra Hospital. Other buses stop near the hospital and you should look for stops near Cosham if possible. For further information contact, or or call 0871 2002233.By TrainThe nearest train station is Cosham. This is approximately 10-15 minutes walk from Queen Alexandra Hospital however it is uphill and if you suffer from any condition where this may affect you we would recommend using a local taxi or bus (numbers 8 and 11A). For further information or phone 08457 48 49 50DirectionsBefore your visit, please carefully check the location of your appointment.RC/WFLT 001-0509Queen AlexandraHospitalPortsmouth HospitalsNHS TrustLevel EW3 4872Level ALift & Stairs AreaShopsPatient AdvisoryLiaison ServiceReceptionWAITING AREA CafChapeland MultifaithRoomBereavementServicesPaediatricUnitEast EntranceMainEntranceLevelsB to GonlyLevel B3 48721Ambulance andHaematologyand OncologyPatient Entrance Haematology& Oncology CentreLeague ofFriends CafMacmillanCentreRestaurant Eye UnitEye UnitNeonatalIntensiveCare UnitMaternityUnit (B8)MaternityOutpatientsWardsB5, B6 & B7WardsA5, A6Level C3 48721Level D3 487213 48721Level F3 4871Level G3 487EyeUnitEntranceEmergencyDepartmentPatientEntranceAmbulanceEntranceOnlyNorthEntranceOrthopaedic& FractureClinicMedicalAssessmentUnitRadiologyDay CaseUnitDischargeLoungeMedicalPhotographyOrthotics &Blood TestsRockyAppeal ShopDiabetes &EndocrinologyX-Ray &ScanningNuclearMedicineCardiologyPharmacyRheumatologyVascularTestsWardsC5, C6 & C7NeurophysiologyUrologyOutpatientsEducationCentreMaxillofacial& OrthodonticsBreastServicesGynacologyOutpatientsEar, Nose & ThroatDay SurgeryRenal UnitRenal HaemodialysisRenal OutpatientsWard G5Surgical OutpatientsAudiologyDietetics &Nutrition NurseWard D8 Ward D7 Wards D5 & D6MedicalPhysicsTrustHeadquartersClinicalAdministrationWards E6, E7 & E8Critical Care(Ward E5)TheatreAdmissionsStomaCaretoPathologyCentreWardsD1, D2, D3 & D4WardsF1, F2, F3 & F4WardsG1, G2, G3 & G4WardsG10 & G9WardsG8, G7 & G6WardsF5, F6 & F7(Haematology &Oncology Ward)WardsE1, E2, E3 & E4EmergencyDepartmentEndoscopyUnitThe Hospital building has seven levels and is divided into Lift & Stairs Areas ( - ). Each level is colour coded.1 8OutpatientsRespiratoryOutpatientsNORTHCAR PARKQUEEN ALEXANDRAHOSPITALMAINENTRANCECAR PARKMAINENTRANCESouthwickGateNORTHERN ROADSEVENOAKS ROADPASTEUR ROADSOUTHAMPTON ROAD (A27) HAVANT ROADEastGateTowardsCoshamTrain StationEASTENTRANCEPEDESTRIANACCESS T0HOSPITALVIA STEPSEMERGENCYDEPARTMENTENTRANCENORTHENTRANCE EYEENTRANCESOUTHWICK HILL ROADSEVENOAKS ROADOASISCENTREWCCafInformationPharmacyCafRestaurantLift & Stair AreaShopWC Disabled BabyChangingHospitalDrop OffBus Stop3EntranceWC MaleWC FemalePatient & VisitorCar ParkingWCWard / Departmentnt Level Car ParkA5, A6 A East Entrance (Pay & Display)Audiology D NorthBereavement Services A Main EntranceBlood Tests C NorthBreast Services D NorthC5 C Main EntranceCaf A Main EntranceCaf (League of Friends) B NorthCaf C NorthCardiology C Main EntranceChapel and Multifaith Room A Main EntranceCritical Care (E5) E Main EntranceD1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8 D Main EntranceDay Surgery D Main EntranceDiabetes and Endocrinology C NorthDietetics D Main EntranceDischarge Lounge C NorthE1, E2, E3, E4, E6, E7, E8 E Main EntranceEar, Nose & Throat (ENT) D NorthEmergency Department C ED Entrance (Pay & Display) / North Endoscopy Unit D Main EntranceEye Unit B NorthF1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7 F Main EntranceG1, G2, G3, G4, G5 G Main EntranceGynaecology Outpatients D NorthHaematology and Oncology Centre B Main EntranceHaematology and Oncology Ward F Main EntranceMacmillan Centre B Main EntranceMaternity Unit B Main EntranceMedical Assessment Unit C ED Entrance (Pay & Display) / NorthMedical Photography C NorthNeonatal Intensive Care Unit B Main EntranceNeurophysiology D NorthNuclear Medicine C NorthNutrition Nurse D Main EntranceOrthodontics and Maxillofacial D NorthOrthopaedic and Fracture Clinic C NorthOrthotics C NorthOutpatients C NorthPaediatric Emergency Department C ED Entrance (Pay & Display) / NorthPaediatric Unit A Main EntrancePathology Centre E NorthPatient Advisory Liaison Service A Main EntrancePharmacy C NorthRadiology Day Case Unit C NorthRenal Unit G Main EntranceRespiratory Outpatients C NorthRestaurant B Main EntranceRheumatology Outpatients C NorthRocky Appeal Shop C NorthSecurity A Main EntranceShop A Main EntranceStoma Care ESurgical Outpatients D NorthNorthTheatre Admissions E Main EntranceTrust Headquarters F Main EntranceUrology Outpatients D NorthVascular Tests C Main EntranceX-Ray & Scanning C Main EntrancePATHOLOGYCENTREREHABILITATIONCENTRE