Finding And Evaluating Websites

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1. FINDING AND EVALUATING WEBSITES 2. CRITERIA FOR EVALUATING A WEBSITEAuthorityCurrencyAccuracyObjectivityContent 3. AUTHORITYIs the author stated? Does he/she have the necessary education or experience on the subject? Is the page part of an individual's site or part of an organization's site?Who is the sponsor? How reputable is the sponsor? Is contact information available for the author or the sponsor? 4. ACCURACYIs the site free of obvious errors? Are the facts valid compared to other reliable sources? Does the author give proper attribution to borrowed information or knowledge? 5. OBJECTIVITYDoes the author have a bias, taking a position on an issue, or giving only one side of the story? Is the site designed to promote or sell a service or product? What's the purpose of the site? To what audience is the author writing? 6. CURRENCYDoes the web page show when it was last updated? Is the information up-to-date? How current are the links? Have some expired or moved? 7. CONTENTDoes the site offer something unique that is not found elsewhere? Is the subject well-researched and covered comprehensively? Is the information well organized? 8. GOOGLEWe know our students are using it but we can show them how to be better users of it.Advanced Google searching techniques 9. ALTERNATIVES TO GOOGLEThere are many search enginesthat we can show our students and even require that they use for an assignment 10. GOOGLE SCHOLARA scholarly version of Google, finds primarily journal literature as well as Theses/dissertationsBooks from scholarly publishers Preprint databases 11. GOOGLE BOOKS3 categories of booksIn print and in copyright-preview & purchase options (links to Amazon, Borders, etc)Out of print but in copyright- available online for preview and purchase.Out of copyright-can read, download and print 12. DIRECTORIES/INDICESYahoo directoryLibrarians Index to the InternetDMOZ 13. CLUSTERING SEARCH ENGINESKartOOQuintura 14. METASEARCH ENGINESZuulaDogpile 15. SUBJECT SPECIFIC SEARCH ENGINESScirus-scienceHealthline-health informationAgriscape-agricultureMathSearch-math 16. DOMAIN SPECIFIC SEARCH ENGINESSearchedu.comGoogle US Government Search 17. CONTENT SPECIFIC SEARCH ENGINESClipBlast & Blinkx-for videoMuviBee-music & music videos 18. WANT MORE?Try search engine directory/guide 19. Find and explore a search engine that interests youThink about an assignment that incorporates the use of this search engine & meets one or more of the IL standards.