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Salesforce - Corporate Presentation TemplateFind Your Dream Job and Grow your Career Using Trailhead. (Spanish Session) Garcia-BovenmyerSr. Developer, IT Applications Teresa Garcia-BovenmyerSr. Developer, IT Applications4X Salesforce Certified143 Trailhead BadgesAbout the Presenter2012 Began my Career as a Salesforce Administrator2012 - 2013 Completed 3 Salesforce Certifications2013 Started working as a Developer at Nationwide2015 Attended a Dreamforce Session in Spanish2015 Commenced my journey with Trailhead2015 - 2016 Completed 135 Trailhead Modules2016 Attained 4th Salesforce CertificationSession Takeaways How you can utilize Trailhead to help grow and develop your Skillset.How to Up-skill and Cross-Train using Trailhead within your organization.How is Trailhead a useful tool on the path towards Certification?Best Practices to help Market your new skills and find your Dream job.Trailhead BasicsOverviewAnyone can learn Salesforce with TrailheadHands-on challengesSelf-paced learningBite-sized modulesEarn points & badgesFree to useKey Takeaways: Trailhead provides bite-sized, self paced learning modules. Follow a learning path or choose learning modules that are specific to what you want to learn. Earn points & badges. Its free to use!Talk Track:6Why Trailhead?Literally the greatest thing ever!Allows you to take control of your career & up-skillingMakes learning fun, rewarding & easily accessible at any levelFits your schedule & your budgetBadges allow you to show off your knowledge on your resume & social mediaTrailsIncluyen una variedad de topicos que te ayudan a mejorar y desarollar las habilidades del usuarioLa major menera de empezar un topico nuevoProvide a more in depth hands on training on a given topicThe best way to learn is by doingExposes you to real life scenariosGreat way to showcase your knowledge & skillsetModulesProjectsSuperbadgesUna coleccion de modulos relacionados a un topico o tecnologiaTe ayudan a creecer tu conocimiento en cuanto a differentes aspectos de SalesforceHow Does it Work?Salesforce Platform BasicsGet introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build your first app.CRM BasicsGet started with navigating Salesforce CRM and personalizing your experience.Reports & DashboardsBuild real-time reports and charts to visualize key business metrics.Data ManagementImport and export data in Force.comData SecurityControl access to data using point-and-click security tools.Trailhead para AdministradoresTrailhead is life-changing for many Admins who are looking to get started fast.-Cheryl FeldmanSenior Salesforce Lead, GSD CompanyKey Takeaways: Here is a short list of some of the content that is great for Admins in Trailhead. 9Trailhead para Desarolladores I wish there had been something like Trailhead when I started out with the platform 6+ years ago. Keir BowdenCTO, BrightGenSalesforce Platform BasicsGet introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build your first app.Apex Basics & DatabaseUse Apex to add business logic and manipulate your data.Apex TestingWrite robust code by executing Apex unit tests.Apex TriggersWrite Apex triggers to custom database actions.Visualforce BasicsControl access to data using point-and-click security tools.Key Take Away: Here is an example of some of the content we have available for developers. Talk Track10Trailhead for UsuariosEmpeze con Trailhead para satisfacer mi curiosidad personal, pero encontre que lo que aprendi me ayudo en mi trabajo. Danny RamosAssociate Account Executive, ReadyTalkSalesforce BasicsGet introduced to Salesforce and Lightning.CRM BasicsGet started with navigating Salesforce CRM and personalizing your experience.Leads & OpportunitiesLearn how you can power your sales process with leads and opportunities in Salesforce.Salesforce User BasicsGet started with Salesforce and learn how to make it work for your bottom line. Salesforce User TourGet hands-on with the features that put the sales in Salesforce.Key Take Away:Business users, including sales, find Trailhead to be useful to learn the basics of Salesforce and how to sell faster with Lightning.Talk Track:11Create a new Developer Sandbox to Navigate the Trailhead WebpageBadges, Sharing & CommunityYouve Earned Your First Badge, Now What?Look at the difficulty level of the Module or Trail to determine where to start (I.E. Beginner Admin or Intermediate Developer)Continue with topics that interest you and dive in deeper by completing all related TrailsFind ways to implement what youve learned on your TrailsOpen up a dialog about Trailhead and how to implement what youve learned in your orgCreate a Personal Learning PathTrailhead TipsBookmark the Trailhead Page for easy accessMake Trailhead a Weekly habitUtilize the community to help with questions you may haveNever Stop learning, earn ALL the badgesBefriend Astro, the Trailhead mascot!Share Your SuccessMake sure to Share your new badge on: TwitterLinkedInYour Salesforce OrgJoin the Salesforce Community!Log into the Success Community and join user groups, including your local User GroupIf you cant find one, Create one! a Trailblazer now, help others by answering questionsYour new friends are waiting@Trailhead @SalesforceAdmns#AwesomeAdminsCross TrainingUsing Trailhead as a Training Tool InternallyTrailhead for Cross-TrainingCross-Training is the fastest way to get your team on the same page by removing knowledge silos Define current problems & general areas of improvementSet a specific goal for your teamMake time for trainingDiscuss what you've learned as a teamTraining & Up-skillingAs youre learning, build a Trailhead Training guide for new usersKeep your audience in mind, start with the basics and work up from therePractice what you preach, make sure to take the trails you are recommending, to help field questionsFind ways to improve and better your own Org with the knowledge youve acquiredCertification & Personal BrandingYour Path to CertificationEasier & faster with TrailheadHelps to reinforce the Certification Study GuidesThe more you practice the easier it will be to pass your certificationTrailhead is its own practice testDont forget to get the latest release badgesPersonal BrandingShow off your shiny new badgesUpdate your Resume & LinkedIn profile to show the number of Badges & Superbadges youve earnedDont forget to add the Certifications youve acquired thanks to TrailheadHave an online presence on Twitter & the Success CommunityYour Salesforce ResumeTrailhead & Success Community Profile = Your Salesforce ResumeEnsure you are using your production org login when doing Trailhead.The page is visible to all Salesforce userConsider adding a section to your personal resume that showcases your strengths based on topics like Apex, Visualforce, Process Builder, Pardot.Certification & Personal BrandingSet & Achieve your GoalsDefine a goal for yourself, such as attaining a new Salesforce CertificationUsing the Salesforce Study Guide objectives, map out the Trailhead Trails & Modules on the topics listed to develop your Training PlanTrain anywhere at any time with TrailheadGradually build up your Skillset & Share your KnowledgeI want to be Salesforce Certified.I will earn all the Trailhead Badges!Trailhead Badges make you stand out from the rest of the packReinforce your online Presence & Personal BrandingBadges show your commitment to continuous ImprovementHow Will Trailhead Help me Find my Dream Job?DevelopersAdministratorsMarketingUsersBringing it all togetherTrailhead provides you with continuous Upskilling Badges & Super Badges reinforce your Salesforce knowledge to others Trailhead helps to prepare you for your Salesforce CertificationsThe knowledge youve gained can be applied immediately in your OrganizationFinally, put your new skills to work for you by finding your Dream JobThank Y u