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FAQ /// KEY CODES Play with the number keys and you'll found more. Don't forget to lock your numerical pad first for the ALT code to work Doesn’t work with laptops.…


FAQ /// KEY CODES Play with the number keys and you'll found more. Don't forget to lock your numerical pad first for the ALT code to work Doesn’t work with laptops. Smiley face = Alt, 1 Heart = Alt, 3 Diamond = Alt, 4 Club = Alt, 5 Spade = Alt, 6 Bullet = Alt, 7 Bullet = Alt, 8 Music Notes = Alt, 1, 4 Sun = Alt, 1, 5 /// ID In general, to get an ID you have to: 1. open the page to the person you want 2. right click on the picture in the feed 3. click on properties → in URL address the ID is the last 10 digit numbers 4. go to another character’s page → erase their ID (the last 10 digit numbers) and paste the one you want Also remember that you can locate a person when: -The person is in your house; -You have a post on your wall; 1 -The person have posted on its wall; -You ask to your sisters if the person is in their houses; -You look on the Catwalk; /// VOTING 1. Open My House 2. select the Sisters you wish to vote for and hold down the CTRL at the same time (attention, pc may bug when you chose more than 10 sisters. It depends on your coputer’s) A new tab or screen will open for each stat page 3. Vote and close! N.B: Some sisters do not like votes because they do not enjoy the catwalk due to slaps & attacks from people who otherwise would not be able to see them. /// ADDING A SISTER 1. You have to be friends on Facebook with the people you want to add in your Sorority Then you send an invite. 2. Ask in your house if someone already has that sister. If yes, ask kindly if the person would like to join your house. 3. Go on her wall and look at the posted comments. Maybe the person has already left her email ( and you haven’t to waste $500 for a comment) 4. If there isn’t any FB mail leaved on the wall, you have to post a message. Don’t forget to leave your FB mail or name so the person can join you. F.B: More good players ask for recommendations before adding you, so you can mention in your message if you have sisters in common, or you are recommended by somebody etc. 2 /// INVITES To invite a pesron, you first have to send a Friend request. Once you are friends, you go to My House, chose the name on the list that appears on the left side to the screen and click on ‘Send Sorority Life invitation’. If you have received a Sorority Life invitation and accepted it, you do not need to send an invite yourself. Only one person needs to send the invite and the other to accept for you each to be in both houses. And please, put your are ZETA in the message. Many people are working with tons of invitations and will ignore you if there is no a Zeta word. N.B: If you click on ‘Grow your house even more: Send a message to your friends!’, you only send a message informing your friends that you are playing Sorority Life. That’s not an invitation. /// ATTACKING (to develop) Ladies, always remember the ZETA’s Code of conduct (can be consulted on the group’s page)! And don’t forget that attacks are part of the game! But, No more than 3 fights in a row! In Zeta’s House sisters go to battle for their sisters, don’t forget it! You can be burned, attacked and slapped for defending a sister. I have a sister who attacks another sister in my house 1. Contact the individuals. Do it through a private message on Facebook, rather than leaving something on their wall, or post a message in your chat window when concerned are online. 2. Let them know that you're concerned about their actions/attitudes towards another sister within your house. Let them know that you are not going to take sides, and offer your services to privately and quietly mediate. If they agree, they have to immediately stop with their actions against the sister(s) in question. In general, people don’t want to look bad and will likely end up resulting in others removing them from their houses. 3 3. If that still doesn't resolve things, then contact an Officer and explain the situation. Stress and drama aren’t welcom in the House. Serial attacker / slapper If you are having problems with a serial attacker / slapper: 1. Try to find the reason : you attacked that player on the Fight list and took money you attacked that player on the Burn List and took the Gratitude you was defending a sister and now you are attacked the player is on a low level, or you are stronger and he/she can only slaps you this is a non loyal player who don’t care about rules leave a kindly message, asking why that attack/slap ( if you still don’t know the reason) 2. If it doesn’t works peacefully, just save a log to the attacks/slaps /// BURN LIST (to develop) Bounty hunter We have so,e bounty hunters in the House, but it's important to be a well balanced player. /// TD (to develop) /// ZETA LOGO No one in Zeta House will be judged about being or not an artist, so don’t hesitate to do your own picture and share with us. If you think you really can’t do graphics, sisters are here to give you a hand, just ask! (For more details, please refer to the topic ‘Pledges logos’ in the group’s page) In all situations, you have to respect Zeta’s values and Code of conduct! You CAN: 4 - Use existing picture with ZETA logo (exeption of: main profile picture for Zeta House Mother, Zeta Pledge – New recruits and Zeta Elite house members) as your profile pic ( go to ‘How to upload a ZETA picture with logo?’ ) - Incorporate the logo into something new Add your creations in the group’s section for pictures (recommended ) so other members can use them ( go to ‘How to share my creation?’ ) Officially forbid the use of your creation by clarifying that under the published photo You CAN NOT: Modify the original logo if you have not the permission to the House Mother Use the logo for other purposes How to upload a ZETA picture with logo? 1. go to the one you want 2. right click & save it to your computer 3. upload it to your facebook profile album 4. choose it as your profile picture How to share my creation? 1. go on the main (first) page to the group 2. scroll down to photos 3. click on Add photos 4. upload /// OFFICERS AND BIG SISTERS If you want to know the real names and the nick names of all Zeta Officers and Big Sisters, please go to the group’s discussion board and chose the topic ‘Zeta Pledge - New Recruits Officers Sl Name vs Real Name’. /// TOPICS 5 To post a new topic, you click on ‘Start New Topic’ on the right top side to the discussion board. Please, pay attention when you post a topic, maby it already exist. Chose a name that clearly shows your need or idea so the other sisters can quick understand the title and reply. 6